The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter Three☽

I won’t be able to take much more of this torture.

If my own apartment isn’t safe, where am I supposed to go? I can’t just go outside, its more dangerous. It doesn’t even matter since he’s already tagged me, he will do anything to me now.

I can’t get away from him.

“I need you to do me a favor.” he said quietly behind me.

We were surrounded by people. No one would know who he is, or who I am, or what will happen. I thought being surrounded in the city would make this easier on me, but it would never stop him. He would kill me eright here if he needed to.

A shiver went down my spine just knowing that he was so close to me, that he could probably snap me in half, or kill anyone right now. He wants me to do something for him, and I know it won’t be good for me, or for anyone.

“I’m really hungry, and unless you want me to just use you, you’d do this for me.” he made it sound like I only had one choice.

I had the thought of running or starting a scene but his hand gripped my arm tightly as he kept me in place. I wasn’t going anywhere right now.

“I want her.” he pointed to a brunette that was crossing the street.

She had her hair tied up in a side ponytail, and had on a brown coat. Just like everyone else, she was covered up to keep warm. When she turned, I could see her pink cheeks from here, her eyes, her lips, her nose. Her face.

That wasn’t just any girl. That was my sister.

My heart sped as I tried to think of something to do to lead vixon away from her. Anything. I can’t let Vixon get away with killing my little sister. I covered my shock quickly, but my body began to shake; my hands balled up tightly in my jacket pockets, and I swallowed the fear that I felt.

I have to change his mind about who he picked.

I was urgent and scared but I needed to make this quick. “Are you sure you don’t want-”

“I can have anyone I want. But for right now, I want her.” he said and I know he will never change his mind about someone he wants. He wants everyone and he can have just that. It doesn’t matter. I have to understand I’m dealing with a killer, a psychotic vampire killer, and I can’t get out of this.

He let go of my arm, and when I turned around, he was gone. He’ll be watching and waiting on me. No matter where I looked, I couldn’t find him. There’s too many people walking around right now. The last thing I want to do was get my sister killed.

If I don’t do this, he will kill me. If I do this, he will kill her.

I don’t want him to kill my sister. I would never want that. I would risk my life for her. Its not like she asked to be targeted. If anything, I just have to talk to her, just make her walk away from here and find a way home. There would be nothing worse in my life than her being killed by Vixon.

I swallowed down all my fear just to get by. There were so many people around, maybe I could get away with what I was about to do. It was worth a shot. I walked through the crowd of people, getting to my sister as she crossed the street with everyone else.

“Melissa.” I tugged on her coat. She turned to me and smiled, almost laughing. I think I was too sick just to fake it.

“What are you doing here, Darcy? I thought you don’t like being outside.” she joked around as we walked to the other side of the street.

“Um, can you do me a really big favor?” I asked her seriously, ignoring her laughing. She stopped when she noticed I wasn’t changing my expression. “Can you please just go home?” I asked.


“Its not a joke.” I meant it. I needed her to do this one thing for me. She looked at me seriously, losing the smile on her face.

“What happened?” she asked.

I couldn’t answer her. I couldn’t even try to. My mouth opened but nothing came out. I could feel as safe as I wanted around all these people but it will never be enough. I want Melissa to go home and stay there. I wasn’t going to say how much danger she’s in because she wouldn’t believe me. Right now was enough because she was actually paying attention.

“Darcy, please.” she wanted to know.

“I’ll tell you after it happens.” I said, lying to her. I just want her to know its serious enough that she could be killed.

“Okay, I’ll go home, but make sure you do, too.” she said as she put her phone in her pocket.

I wish I could tell her what I got into, or what happened to me, but I couldn’t. She wouldn’t believe what I have been going through. I just wanted her home for now, maybe I can tell her later if I live that long. I would have to escape Vixon but that won’t happen for a while probably.

I waited till Melissa was gone far enough. There was still a crowd of people around, and I was relieved that I could just have some time for myself.

When I turned around, I had to stop myself from moving forward. Vixon was right in front of me, and I wanted to scream, too, but I held it. There’s too many people around. His eyes were bright red as he stared at me, and I bet I knew what would happen next.

“You’re going to pay for that.” he said and smiled. That frightened me more than if he had glared at me. I saw his teeth in his mouth, his sharp fangs that he rips people apart with.

“Don’t hurt my family, please.” I begged.

“I don’t know about that.” he said slyly as he turned away and it made me sweat. He was going to kill my family. I would never want him to do that, no one would ask for that.

I would try my hardest to make sure he doesn’t hurt my family, or anyone I care about. I already lost a friend, I don’t need to lose more people. If it costs me my life, I would do it, but how would I know he wouldn’t continue with his killing spree.

“I’ll do anything else, just please, not them.” I said quickly, shaking.

“You can pick someone else,” he suggested.

I don’t want to put someone to their death. Not today, not ever. But he will kill me if I don’t. He’ll kill anyone anyway. I looked around, feeling the pain in my stomach as I tried to find someone he would like. Its not like he wouldn’t like anyone.

“Come on, I don’t have all night.” he said, making me rush.

“There.” I pointed to a blond girl across the street, waiting for the light to change green. When he didn’t respond, I turned to him.

He was smiling as he thought. He didn’t care to hide his fangs from the world, no one would pay attention to them anyway. I didn’t feel too well to see him smile, to know he was picturing how he was going to kill her, or how much he wanted her blood. I was going to throw up. I’m leading a girl to her death.

I wanted to stop him from doing it too.

When I moved, he was gone. More people just walked around me as I looked around for Vixon. He was already near the girl, talking to her and being the charming murderer that he is. She didn’t notice, in fact, I bet she liked that he was flirting with her. He looked normal, not like a murderer. If only she knew.

He used to be normal I bet.

They started to leave and I needed to find a way to catch up. With all these people here, I would just get mixed up in the crowd and get lost trying to find those two. I tried to stay close behind but as the walk light turned green, a swarm of people divided me from Vixon and I couldn’t get to him. That girl is going to be killed because of me. This is all my fault.

I desperately tried to keep up. But I ended up being lost as I got further and further away from where all the people were in the city. I lost them. The bright lights were dimming and all that was left were the street lights. This is where the Ripper leaves his victims, this is where no one tries to go alone. This is where Vixon is with the girl.

I ran on the sidewalk, trying to find anywhere they could be. Then I heard a scream so painful that it made me want to curl up and cry. I could run as fast as I wanted to, but I won’t make it fast enough.

In my mind, I thought I could make it, I thought I could save the girl like I saved my sister and everything would be okay, but it wasn’t. It never would be. As it got darker and darker till it was just the stars in the sky lighting my vision, I found myself getting closer to where I should have been minutes ago.

There were sounds of struggling and muffled screams but I knew I was too late.

And then I found him, and he had the girl’s body, holding her so tight that I thought she would snap. She was already dead, I saw it from her glazed over eyes. Vixon was actually doing what I thought he wouldn’t. Her feet didn’t even touch the ground by the way he held her. His teeth dug into her neck and I felt the pain in mine. It hurt.

I heard the snapping sound that came from the dead girl’s neck.

I covered my mouth with both hands as her head fell from her body, rolling on the ground until it stopped. The hair didn’t cover her face; her eyes were still open and her skin was blood stained. Her head was just there on the ground. Her hazel eyes were staring right at me.

I couldn’t save her, now she was headless in an alley.

Vixon dropped the limp body, sighing as he turned to me. There was blood on his hands, so much blood that it dripped from his fingers to the ground. And his mouth was stained red as blood dripped from his chin. He smiled at me which made it all the more scarier. He wanted me to see this didn’t he?

I backed away as the sight of him made me freak out worse.

There were so many things I couldn’t do.

I turned to run but he was in front of me then, grabbing me by my neck and pinning me against the concrete wall. He was getting that girl’s blood on me, it made my skin crawl to know he was going to cover me in it.

“Don’t double cross me, Darcy.” he said in my ear. I shook as I tried my hardest to get him away from me. “I will kill you.” he whispered.

“P-please. P-please, let me go.” I cried. I didn’t want him touching me, but he was doing it, and it made me cry.

There was blood everywhere. I could smell it on him and it made me nauseous. My hands were shaking as they gripped Vixon’s at my neck. My fingers felt warm from the blood I could feel on him.

It was that girl’s blood. And I was touching it.

I wanted him to stop but I couldn’t fight him. I wanted to breathe but he wouldn’t let me.

“If you’re too loud, someone will come find us.” he covered my mouth with his bloodied hand. I cried harder. I could taste that dead girl’s blood on my lips.

He let go of my neck as he licked my cheek, getting the blood on my face. I know what he was going to do, and it was going to make me cry even harder. His hand got tighter on my already bruised face just to shut me up.

“I should have killed your sister,” he said, regretting it. “She smelled so good, just like you do.” he said as he smelled me. I closed my eyes and hoped he wouldn’t bite me again. I can’t take this anymore.

The tears kept coming as I tried to make him stop. He wouldn’t let me go no matter how hard I tried; he kept me against the wall as he tried to make me shut up.

“I don’t know if I would be able to control myself.” he said. I don’t want him to hurt her. He smiled as he looked at me.

He would turn my sister into that girl on the ground. Her head wasn’t even near her body, it laid three feet away and it was just as lifeless as her body. I cried harder as I shook my head. My sister shouldn’t have to die like that. No one should.

“I’ll kill her one day.” he said as if he longed for it. “And I’ll make you watch.” he laughed.


He laughed as if it was the greatest idea. Knowing him, he will do it because he finds it fun.

He let me go and I fell to the ground. I didn’t even try to hold myself up, I didn’t have the strength to.

That girl’s blood was on me, on my face, in my mouth. All I could focus on was him killing this girl and my sister. He would make me watch and I would have to watch her head fall off or her body crumbling.

I didn’t stomach the idea.

I couldn’t stop myself from throwing up. Thinking about this made me so disgusted with everything. As I vomited, he laughed at how weak I was and how he was going to have fun with me. Just by the sound of his voice, I knew he was amazed. It was sickening and it didn’t stop me from throwing up. The fear made me sicker. Knowing that this was my reality made me sicker.

That girl’s body was just laying there. Vixon walked by me, picking up the head that was too far from her body. I covered my mouth, coughing as he walked by me again. He had a smug smile on his face as he brought the head back to the girl’s body. He made it seem like she was a toy he could set against the wall and play with. Her body stayed propped up against the wall as he made it sit straight; he placed the head on her neck right where it was ripped off.

Its not like she would be able to magically come alive again. But her eyes were still open and they were staring right at me. My fingers tightened on my face as I felt my stomach churn violently.

I couldn’t stop throwing up.

“You had to pick someone so innocent.” he sighed and shook his head.

I put my hand to my mouth and swallowed what tried to come up. All this was making me tired. I don’t know how much I could take. “Everyone you kill is innocent.” I said under my breath, keeping my hand over my mouth.

He didn’t look at me, or show any kind attention towards me for a while as he stared at the girl. His cold face showed no remorse. He just stared at the girl plainly as if he was bored.

“Before I easily took her life away,” he started, rolling his eyes, “she asked me if I heard of the Ripper.” he said and looked my way, smiling and showing me his fangs. “She made it so easy.” he said.

And he liked it.

He took the blond hair between his fingers and lifted her head up, holding on to it for a little bit as he stared at the lifeless face. I brought my hand back to my mouth as I saw the hair slip from his fingers. With a small flick of his wrist, he lightly tossed the head on the ground, and it rolled, coming near me.

The sound it made when it hit the ground killed me. My heart stopped as I tried so hard to keep my stomach under control. But seeing the bruises and blood oozing from the head made me sick again. I retched, vomiting again until it physically hurt me to. I can’t handle seeing a mutilated face. Why can’t Vixon let the dead rest in peace?

“I like humans who fight for their lives.” he said, laughing darkly at my suffering. My hands shook as I tried to hold myself up on the ground. Sweat dampened my hair on my forehead as my vision blurred. “I also like the ones that make it so easy for me to torture them.”

I can’t take what he’s doing to me, what he’s making me do, what he’s making me see. My heart ached and I felt weak, physically and mentally. Vixon seemed to like that.

When he said he liked the ones that made it easy for him to torture them, he was talking about me because it was just that easy for him.

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