The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter Four☽

Tw: rape.

I wanted to believe that I could wake up and everything will be fine, but it won’t be, it will never be. I didn’t leave my room for a while, I was scared of going somewhere else even in my own apartment.

I should just go stay at my parents house for a while till I could settle in my new place out of state. I was serious about moving, I never said I wouldn’t. If I could just move away faster. I had to think about everything, and it was stressing me out because it would be hard to leave so quickly.

I had just woken up in the alleyway I passed out in. When I finally opened my eyes, I realized how cruel the world really was.

That girl from before...she was still sitting on the wall. There was a trail of blood leading right to her body. And her head sat perfectly on her shoulders. Her eyes were still open, but they were dead. Her glance was lifeless. I barely had enough strength to pick myself up off the ground. All I could see was her, and that’s what frightened me. She wasn’t moving.

She was dead.

There was blood on the ground around her body.


My hands moved on the ground and I got myself up on all fours so I could stand. My body was sore and I was still tired. Mentally, I think I’ve already cracked and went silent. My phone was dead so I couldn’t call for help. It was still dark outside but I had a feeling it was early morning.

I looked around for cars but there was nothing near by.

We’re close to the city square but I know everything is closed.

I should...just go home.

The pain in my neck got worse as I walked quietly. I forgot about the blood that was on my face and hands. That dead girl’s blood is on my clothes and skin. I didn’t have much left to get sick with.

There was nothing else I could do.

So I went home.

When I opened my door to my apartment, I saw how my living room was stained red. There was blood everywhere. There was much more blood than what I saw earlier. I stared at the walls and the furniture, seeing the splatters of blood everywhere.

I didn’t know what to do about this.

I was stunned.

There were two people on my couch, two girls just sitting there quietly. They didn’t even move to me opening my door and showing myself.

The first thing I thought was that Vixon was here, and he still wants to play games with me. My suffering will never end as long as he’s alive.

I took a step forward, avoiding the blood splattered on the floor. Me moving was enough to upset the balance of everything. The second I put my left food down, one of the girl’s head rolled right off her neck and on to her lap.

I swallowed the scream that was about to come out.

I’ve seen this before.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

But the way her brown eyes were looking vacantly up at the ceiling freaked me out. I hesitated to take another step. I didn’t want the other girl’s head coming off.

Vixon brought dead bodies to my apartment. No, he killed them here. That’s why there is so much blood everywhere. The furniture, the carpets, the walls, everything had blood splattered all over it.

The other girl’s head fell, too, and it rolled on the floor. Their bodies were still just sitting there on my couch, dripping blood from their skin.

They were just killed.

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even call for help. I won’t be able to walk past those bodies knowing that they’re dead. Their eyes were still open, and I don’t want them watching me.

“You kept me waiting.” Vixon said loudly as he walked by. There was so much blood everywhere, yet he was spotless, not a drop of blood on him or his dark clothes. “I didn’t know what to do with myself.” he sighed and sat down between the two girls.

I didn’t...Is he serious?

“I mean, they were fun. Amber, she’s the one with the frizzy hair-” he pointed to the girl’s head that was on the floor, “-I think she was kinky. I don’t know.” he shrugged. “And Nia was weird but she was fun for five minutes.” he began to smile.

I completely snapped. I went off, forgetting that Vixon just wants to kill me if I step out of line. I was so ready to start yelling but I...

I didn’t hold it back.

“You killed two girls here?” I was shouting.

“They were too easy. I’m still hungry, too. I thought you would never come back.” he said, relieved.

He could’ve dragged me back, but instead he left me there with a dead girl, only for me to find two more dead girls in my apartment. I just didn’t understand what was the point of it all. Why would he think this was okay? I don’t care that he’s a vampire. What’s the point of all this? I think I was mad, mad enough to snap worse at him if I don’t bite my tongue.

“Would your head come off if I bite too hard?” he asked as if it was a serious question.

Then he was in front of me, pushing me down to the floor so I couldn’t get up. I didn’t see it coming; one second I was up, then I was back on the ground with a pain at my side from before. When I blinked again, he was on top of me, and he had a wicked smile on his face.

“How loud would you scream before I kill you?” he asked the same way again, a wild look in his eyes. “Would you beg me to stop?” he asked.

I turned my head away when he got too close to me. But he moved my head back, grabbing on to my face tightly as he smiled widely, showing me his white teeth. He grabbed me hard, his fingers digging into my skin.

“I wonder what you would do just so I wouldn’t touch you.” he said slowly, cocking his head to the side as he looked at me.

“Stop it.” I said when I felt his other hand on me, moving through my shirt.

I didn’t want him to touch me like before. I remembered how he violated me, how he laughed at me, how he made me scream. I don’t want to take that pain again, I can’t handle it. I don’t know why he would want to do this to me, I never asked for it.

He doesn’t like it when I cry, but he’s making me. He doesn’t like it when I beg, but he’s making me. Does he expect me to just swallow the pain like it’s nothing? I wanted to, just so he would get this over with, but I won’t be so lucky.

“I wonder, Darcy,” he started, “are you scared of me?” he asked.

I didn’t answer.

“Clearly not because you don’t even feel like answering me.” he said, pulling down on my pants. I didn’t realize he was undressing me.

I didn’t realize how much he was able to do in the quick second he said something. He already was moving my legs apart as I struggled to keep them close. I was still in pain from the before, feeling my bruises and soft spots hurting me. He was going to do this again, I saw it on his face.

“I’m s-scared of y-you.” I said, stuttering over my words because I could feel him.

“Are you really, Darcy?” he asked, teasing me as I felt him moving against me slightly. It made me tense, my face heating up as I tried not to think about it.

“Please not here.” I begged quickly.

There’s blood everywhere, not to mention heads in the wrong places and he wants to rape me here. I don’t want him to do this. I don’t even want him to do this here. I feel so uncomfortable knowing there are two headless bodies sitting not too far from where we were the floor.

“Does it make you want to scream?” he asked me, letting go of my face just as he pushed himself inside. I clenched my teeth down as I shut my eyes tightly, trying to avoid thinking about the pain.

He wouldn’t let me get away with that. His fingers pressed on the sides of my face, causing me enough pain that I would open my mouth in desperation to make me stop. And when I had the idea of controlling myself, his thumb pressed down on my tongue.. I was startled, I opened my eyes in panic just as he moved his hips against me. I couldn’t hold in my cry of pain, he kept my mouth open as he stared down at me with his bright red eyes, watching me tense with pain.

“Do you want to beg me to stop?” he asked.

No, I didn’t. He wouldn’t listen if I did.

“Or you could scream.” he suggested, smiling widely.

I couldn’t respond. As he kept moving inside me, I knew I had to give up. There will come a point where I won’t be able to hide anything from him. He sighed and moved his hand from my face, pulling his thumb from my mouth just as he straightened up.

“You’re a lost cause.” he said, just a bit disappointed by my silence as he held on to my hips, pulling me harder against him as he moved roughly, actually making me cry out in pain.

I’m living a nightmare. I can’t endure the pain, I can’t take it when he takes advantage of me.

I can’t take any of it.

Its not fair.

I wanted to get out as fast as possible but I would never be able to escape Vixon, he’s showed me that much. He will never let me go, he will torture me until I crack and he can do whatever he wants. That’s how it always it.

That’s how it always is, right?

It makes sense he wants to break me.

He won’t stop till it isn’t fun anymore. By then, I think I might actually be dead.

When he was done violating me, I knew I couldn’t stay around anymore. I was going to die here if I didn’t leave. But how do I get away if he’s following me, if he’s watching me? He knew that I had a sister without even trying. What else does he know?

I can’t stay here.

I can’t be here when there’s so much blood everywhere I turn.

I didn’t take anything with me.

There was nothing I needed to take. I just cleaned my face and skin of the blood I had from earlier and changed my clothes.

“Going somewhere?” Vixon asked behind me as I walked down the stairs of my apartment building.

My heart buzzed in my chest as I tried to find the will not to cry.

I couldn’t even answer him.

“I’m just going to warn you now, you don’t really want to go where you’re going.” he said, and it really was a warning to me. He had some plan and it made cave, not being able to breathe as I thought of everything he could have done.

“I can’t stay when there’s dead bodies in my apartment.” I snapped. “And there’s blood everywhere.” I said bitterly as I continued walking down the stairs.

“A little blood doesn’t hurt anyone.” he said behind me and I could hear the smile in his voice. I stopped walking and turned around on the step, looking up at him.

He smiled and rolled his eyes as he put his hands in his pockets. It made me so uncomfortable just to know that he’s joking around with me.

“I would tell you to be a little cleaner but you’re a psychotic murderer so it wouldn’t help.” I murmured and turned around. I know this is a lost cause. All I need to do is get away for a while. What’s the chance that he’ll follow me? Maybe he will go terrorize other people while I find a safe place to stay.

I continued to walk down the stairs and he laughed behind me, finding what I said amusing. He finds a lot of things funny. Screaming, crying, begging, he will laugh at it all. I was terrified of him and annoyed by him. I wanted him to leave me alone. He’s been my worst nightmare.

I made it downstairs, and he walked behind me, being rather quiet, like he was waiting for me to notice something.

Was there something to notice?

As I walked by the desk where the owner of the apartment building sat, I noticed that she was unusually quiet. She sometimes says hi to me and starts conversations with me. But she was quiet at the moment. She never sleeps at her desk. Never. I turned towards her and wondered what she was looking at.

...Is she alive?

I looked at Vixon quickly.

“Did you...” I couldn’t finish my sentence. He smiled widely, showing me his fangs as he walked over to the desk.

He walked around the desk and stood right behind the lady’s chair. “I knew you’d complain about the blood everywhere, so I just wanted to show you that I could be clean.” he said.

Between his fingers was blonde hair, grey and blond hair, and it was holding up a head of the old lady that sits at the desk. Vixon killed her. He used her as an example. I swallowed the lump in my throat, trying to hold in my nausea as he held the lady’s head as if it was something worthless. She was human.

She was a human person and she never hurt anyone.

“I guess I can be clean when I want to.” He said as he lifted her body in her seat again to make her sit up straight, placing her head right between her shoulders where it belonged. But it doesn’t matter because she’s dead. He sucked her dry and ripped her head off just for the fun of it.

I was going to be sick. But my will to run out of here was the only thing stopping me from vomiting. If I run now, he would catch up, there was no doubt about it, but he wouldn’t run after me because that would be too easy.

I turned to take off but I bumped into him instead, hitting his hard body which blocked me from the door to outside. I staggered back as I held on tightly to my key. I wanted so desperately to get out of here.

“I wouldn’t go if I were you.” he warned.

Why? What is he hiding? What does he not want me to know? What will he do to me if I do go? I was going to leave anyway.

He didn’t stop me from running away. I ran as fast as I could to my car and I didn’t look back. I just wanted to get out of here, I wanted to leave, I wanted to not be here right now. Vixon will drive me into a mental hospital, with all I’ve seen, I should be there now.

He killed that lady just to prove a point to me. Her head was ripped clean off without any blood spilled anywhere, as if he just cut her head right off. His hunger for humans is just a game.

He’s doing it for sport at this point.

I drove to my parents’ house. I was so uneasy and scared. My family was not going to believe anything that I’ve gone through in the past few days. Everything was making me paranoid. I was sweaty, my hands sliding on the wheel because I was just so scared. I need to stay with my parents until I’m able to leave. This is my only safe haven for now.

I basically never have to use the key to the house. My mom always comes to the door when I knock. I knocked this time, but no one answered. That’s when I pulled out my key. There is no way my family would be sleeping at this time, Dad would be shouting something angrily even in the silence. Melissa had school. Mom would always be making her breakfast.

I walked in the house, the silence giving me chills.

Vixon warned me not to come here. What did he do?

“Mom?” I asked through the silence. No response. “Dad? Melissa?” I asked louder.

No one was home. That’s not weird, but the chilling silence made me stay.

I walked into the kitchen. The lights were on and there was a tray on the floor. There was a mess of eggs on the wood floor as well. I paused for a moment, then moved behind the kitchen counter.


She laying on the floor, unconscious. I got down beside her and pulled on her so I could turn her body over.

The first thing that happened was that her head detached. It hung on by a sliver of skin. Her neck was almost ripped off, just barely. I saw the large bite marks on her skin.

I got up quickly, backing away as her head stayed twisted on her body the wrong way. Her eyes were still open and I bet she was taken by surprise. I covered my mouth tightly as I held in my scream.

If Vixon did this to her, what else did he do to my family?

I pulled out my phone quickly, my fingers fumbling and shaking as I tried to focus to call nine-one-one. I was trying not to cry but my mom was murdered and I don’t...I was freaking out. I didn’t...She didn’t...What did I do wrong that this would happen?

“Nine-one-one, what’s your emergency?” the woman over the phone asked.

“My mom’s been killed. Her head won’t s-stay on her...her head is...her...” I didn’t know how to say it. I didn’t know if I should say it.

“Calm down, sir.”

I paced around but I couldn’t calm down. My other hand moved in my hair as I tried to find a way to breathe normally. I can’t calm down. So I continued to walk throughout the house.

I went into the living room as I gave my address to the woman over the phone. She told me to stay calm but I really had a hard time.

It got worse.

Dad was sitting there on his recliner chair like he always is when I come here to see him. He was quiet, too, but his eyes were closed as his body almost drooped over the chair. I rushed to him to wake him up, but the first shook I gave his body, his head rolled off his head to the floor.

I screamed as I backed away.

My phone slipped out of my hand.

His body just about fell apart. His arms couldn’t stay attached to his shoulders. His mid section basically was the half between his body. He was ripped apart.

There was no blood. Vixon was going to keep clean just because I complained, and he used my parents to show it.

I was going to be sick.

As I kept walking back, I thought of the last person in the house, which was my little sister. She wasn’t downstairs. I was hoping that she wasn’t home, I prayed that she wasn’t. I ran upstairs to make sure that she wasn’t here.

There was red liquid coming from the bathroom. It spilled into the hallway, overflowing on the floor. It wasn’t blood, or maybe it was just bloody water. I was hesitant to step in the growing puddle but I did. I opened the door to the bathroom slowly, frightened of what I might see.

I tried so hard not to scream.

My hands flew to my mouth just so I could keep my voice in.

There was blood on the walls, the floors, the mirror, everywhere.

Vixon had my sister, his face on her neck as he sat in the tub, in a sea of blood. The water was a bright red color and it was spilling on to the floor. He had her in his hands, and his fingers were holding her so tight that he was about to rip her apart. My fingers pressed harder on my face so I could keep everything in. This is just a game to him. That’s what it is for him. He didn’t stop because I was here. He kept feeding off of her.

Her body was red as the water dripped from her naked skin. He didn’t even wait till she could get out of the bathroom. I heard Vixon sigh but he didn’t let go of her. My sister’s head rolled off his shoulder and into the water, splashing the red liquid on to the walls as it started to float.

“Well that was not supposed to happen.” he seemed upset that her head fell off from him destroying her neck.

I couldn’t move. My body felt heavy as my throat closed up. My sister doesn’t have her head. It was floating in the water, and it hit the edge of the tub before it turned over. I was in shock, and I was terrified. As I breathed, I felt like I was being poisoned, there was so much blood, I could smell it. It burned my nose and my tongue and almost made me throw up.

I backed away against the hallway wall and tried to keep myself quiet. If I scream, he’ll come shut me up.

“I did warn you.” he said as he turned my way, his bright red eyes spotting me. His mouth dripped of blood, my sister’s blood, and it fell into the water, drop by drop. “And I told you that you would pay.” he said.

This is revenge for before when I told my sister to get away from the city. It was no use, he got to her anyway.

Tears wet my face and touched my hands as I kept my mouth tightly covered. I can’t say anything, yet I wanted to scream and cry for what he did to my family.

“I hate it when you cry.” he was right in front of me now, pinning both my hands on the wall as he looked down at me, his red eyes watching my face.

“Please stop, please.” I cried harder. I can’t stop crying. I wanted to but all this hurt too much. I’m losing everyone to him.

“You try too hard.” he said, not entertained. I don’t want him to see this as a game, or a performance. I wish he would understand what he was doing to me and to other people. Its not fair. “Maybe if I warned you harder, you would have listened to me.” he sighed.

There was a sharp pain in my stomach, sharp enough to make me scream. He was just digging through me with his hand; my body went into shock from feeling his hand in my stomach. For a second I thought I could fight him; I wanted to make him stop, to make the pain stop. I couldn’t breathe from the pain. His other hand grabbed my neck, pinning me against the wall to keep me from moving as he made the pain worse inside me.

He was tearing me from the inside out. I could feel the hole he was leaving inside me, his hand twisting as he grabbed things that he shouldn’t have.

“If you think you could get away from me, think again.” he threatened. I couldn’t listen to him. The ringing in my ears was the loudest thing I heard.

If he moves his hand from me, he’ll pull out organs. He would kill me here, just like my family. Soon, my blood would be on the walls just like Melissa’s.

I clenched my teeth down as I closed my eyes. He won’t let me breathe or at least beg for my life. The pain was too much to take, it was excruciating that I couldn’t stop crying hysterically. He hates it when I cry and that’s why I think he was treating me this way.

“You should consider yourself lucky, Darcy.” he said lowly in my ear. His breath was on my face, and he was getting blood on my neck and probably in my hair. “I let you live longer than I let anyone live.” he said.

I got a chance that no one would get. He gave me a chance, but I wanted to believe that he’s only doing this to make the end result more fun for him.

“Don’t ever provoke me.” he said quietly as he moved his hand further, breaking something. I felt it, and it made me want to scream. I just couldn’t. I tasted blood in my mouth, there was so much that it overflowed and spilled from my lips. He’s killing me.

Vixon has made himself clear. I won’t ever get away with what I did again. I can’t help people or save people. He will kill me. I felt terrible that he was going to let me live now because I should just be dead.

He killed my parents. I had to see my sister’s head fall from her body and into her own blood. I had to come home to both my parents dead when they told me nothing would happen.

Vixon knew, and he basically destroyed my world because I did something I shouldn’t have done.

I felt his mouth on me, his tongue licking the blood that spilled from my mouth. I didn’t have the strength to ask him to stop. When his hand tightened on my neck, more blood spilled from my mouth.

His other hand twisted even more. I could hear him squeezing what he shouldn’t, breaking what he shouldn’t. More blood spilled from my mouth, but not as much as what was coming from the hole in my body. My clothes were staining from all the blood, I could feel my pants getting soggy and blood leaking on to the floor.

“I can’t wait for the paramedics to find you.” he whispered. “They’ll fix you, make you better, and you’ll be just like new so I can break you all over again.” he licked the side of my face, getting the blood that was on my skin.

He let go of my neck and moved his other hand from inside my fresh wound. I wasn’t conscious enough to feel myself hit the ground. My body gave out just before.

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