The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter Five☽

I had the feeling of waking up, and I truly on my life did not want to. It was the worst thing to know that I would have to enter hell again.

It hurt so much to think about. I think I might even pass out again just from the thought of it.

There was a fast beeping sound next to me, matching the rhythm of my heart. When I opened my eyes, I saw I was in a hospital room and there were police men all around. Next to me was a man, and he put a hand on mine as if he wanted to calm me down.

“You’re safe now.” he said, wanting to help.

No I’m not!

Vixon was in the room, and he was pretending to sleep in the chair next to the window. I was frightened to know that he was still here, that he wouldn’t leave me alone even though I’m hospitalized. My heart was still racing as I looked at him and everyone else in my room.

“I-I-” I couldn’t even speak.

“Its fine, no one will get you here. We have the whole place under surveillance.” the man said, wrinkling his mustache as he laughed with superiority. “Its a likely chance we’ll have that Ripper killed before he sets foot in this hospital.” he said with assurance.

He’s sitting right behind him. And I swore I saw Vixon’s lip twitch into a smile.

We’re all going to die.

“That was quite a scene we found you in.” he said.

I...My family was dead. Vixon killed my parents and my sister and I...I don’t know what to do. They were all I had.

I didn’t answer the man sitting next to me, I just stared at my hands.

Police officials were going in and out of my room. I wanted to be protected from Vixon but he would be able to kill all these people just by a flick of his wrist. He’d make it a game too. I wanted to be protected but that’s a fantasy. I will never be protected. No one can save me.

The man took a small breath, trying to get my attention because I was too focus on my thoughts. “You are the only survivor we know of right now.” he said. “Whatever you said or did to that Ripper must have worked because you’re alive now.” He just has no idea what’s going on.

I looked up at him. He’s an old man, probably someone who does not deserve to die. With the atmosphere that Vixon was creating just by being here, I knew this man was on the list. Vixon won’t hesitate to kill him if he needed to. If he wanted to.

“Do you mind if I ask you some questions?” he asked, finally showing me his badge. I didn’t answer as I looked down at my hands. My skin was paler than normal. The IV in my hand made me seem even whiter. I’m not sick, just traumatized.

I forgot about the wound at my torso. I barely felt it. But I haven’t moved yet.

That’s right. Vixon made a hole in me.

I forgot.

I didn’t want to answer any questions.

“Did you see what the Ripper looked like?” he asked me.

Except that one.

“Yes.” I answered too quickly.

If I say something, would they be able to take Vixon away from me? Would they be able to kill him? The second I say he’s a psychotic vampire, they won’t believe me at all. I was just so hopeful that I couldn’t stop myself.

“He’s my height.” I said, and I felt like I was shaking. “His eyes are dark brown, and he has black hair that...-”

I had to stop talking.

Vixon was looking at me, and he shook his head slightly, warning me to keep my mouth shut. I glanced back to the man who was asking me questions. He wanted to know so badly about Vixon, but I can’t finish what I need to say. He waited anyway, and I could feel Vixon’s glare piercing through me just like his hand did before.

My heart raced as I remembered everything that happened. He’s killed my family and friends, and people that I knew. Everyone that he killed flashed before my eyes. Their bodies mutilated, their heads far from where they’re supposed to be. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it.

I didn’t go back on Vixon’s warning, I kept my mouth shut.

“Its okay, no one will hurt you.” the man said in response to the monitor beeping too fast.

Vixon is still here and he will hurt me.

“We’ve arranged for your new place. We know you put a down payment on a small apartment out of state, so right now, we’re moving your things so you can get away from here.” the man said.

That was the best news I’ve heard. But Vixon is here, and there is a likely chance he will follow me. Sure, I heard the greatest thing ever, but the Ripper will be joining me on my move to a new place. I didn’t feel better, I felt worse.

“C-can I be alone?” I asked quietly.

Maybe Vixon would leave me, then again, he likes to play around. When I looked over to him, he went right back to pretending to sleep. The man got up, and I saw that we weren’t finished here.

“Sure. Get some sleep, we can continue this later.” he said, and the rest of his police men bundled together, leaving my room just like he did.

Now its just me and Vixon.

His eyes opened and they flashed red as he turned his head to look at me. There was an evil smile on his face. It was like looking at the devil.

“Did you do this for me?” he asked, faking the surprise.

I didn’t answer.

In the blink of an eye, he was right next to me, standing by my bed side as he looked over the heart monitor. I didn’t respond to his movements, I didn’t even ask what he was doing.

“I told you to consider yourself lucky.” he said as he ripped off the cords. The monitor was shut off and that was when my heart started to speed up.

He’s going to do something.


“That was a close one, wasn’t it?” he asked as he grabbed my neck, pressing me down into the bed. He was choking me. The nurses would never know. No one can help me. “What did you think? If you told them who I was, it would help?” he asked me quietly, staring me in the eyes as he choked me.

I grabbed at his hands but they were tighter than what I’ve felt. It was strong enough to bring tears to my eyes as I fought to live, but not enough to kill me. He’s always doing that to me. I begged for air, I tried so hard, but his hands only got tighter.

“I hope you know that I would kill you before you got a tiny chance of getting away from me.” he hissed. “Don’t get hopeful.” he warned me.

I struggled to breathe as he took out his anger on me. I couldn’t try anymore to stay alive. He put his hand over my mouth and now I really couldn’t breathe. Vixon doesn’t care about killing me. My death is just another one he can add to his long lists of deaths. My vision blurred, going black as he kept me from breathing.

I stopped struggling when I could barely hang on. Vixon only wanted to put me to sleep violently.

I jolted out of sleep, shaking and sweating as I tugged on the gown I was wearing. I gasped for air as if I was still being choked. The feeling of Vixon’s hands were still on me and it made me cringe. I sighed finally when I saw that he wasn’t here, and he wasn’t killing me. I’m still alive. My hands pressed around my neck, feeling the wounds where Vixon’s fingers dug into my skin. Someone came in my room when I was sleeping and fixed everything Vixon broke. My neck was still sore from constantly being choked, but my bruises should heal I guess.

I was alone.

I finally got my peace for once and I didn’t have to be scared of it. All I wanted was to be alone for a while, and I mean not having Vixon around either. I was glad he was gone too, then again, he’s probably out killing people. The silence was good enough for me, at least for now.

I got out of bed; my stomach felt sore, my hand pressed at my torso, feeling the tight bandage that wrapped around me. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. Then again, I have no idea how long I’ve been out. I should consider myself lucky only because I’m alive. But I’m still stuck in hell. I removed anything connected to me except for the IV. I would have to drag this giant metal object around because it held the IV bag.

It was uncomfortable

I left my room seeing a few police officers around.

“Finally up?” One of the nurses walked by me.

“He needs to go back in his room.” An officer was about to make me go back to stay in my room although I didn’t want to.

“He needs to walk around with the injury he’s had.” The nurse said abruptly to him. “Go ahead, sweety. Get moving.” she smiled at me and went into the next room.

I didn’t have to say anything. I don’t think I could find my voice. Was Vixon still here? It felt like he was somewhere around here. I was the only one that noticed the eerie atmosphere.

I walked down the hallway of the floor I was on. I took slow steps. It became exercise at this point. I took deep breaths as I continued to move around. I kept my IV with me, too. It feels like I haven’t been up in days.

There was another voice I heard, coming from the last room in the hall. The windows showed how dark it was outside, but there was a light coming from the room. The voice sounded panicked, like they were begging and and choking on a scream. I wonder if a nurse was trying hard to sedate the patient. I walked closer to the door, and saw that it was ajar.

Something red was dripping from the ceiling, and then more red hit the wall next to the door. I hesitated because I knew it was blood. The scream almost made it from the person’s throat but I heard more blood hitting the floor. I opened the door slowly, hearing the tearing of flesh.

Vixon was straddling over someone. No, its not a someone anymore, it was just pieces of a body. He wasn’t even trying to contain his hunger anymore, there was blood everywhere in the room. It was practically stained red and so was Vixon. Blood dripped from his hands and face as he looked over my way.

The person was dead for sure. They can’t survive being in pieces. His arm was on the floor, but his hand wasn’t attached to it. His leg was bitten off at the thigh, chunks of it missing. Blood gushed from the open wounds of the dead body. And the man’s face...he was an old man, just about ready to die but Vixon wanted to make it fun instead. He ripped up an old man and he was smiling about it.

My body shook uncontrollably, making me almost fall from weak knees. How could he just do that so easily? My stomach churned in an unsettling way, making me want to vomit.

“What are you doing, Darcy?” Vixon asked me, and he smiled. “You shouldn’t be out of bed.” he said, moving his hands on the person’s head.

Bone cracked and Vixon was able to push the person’s head off the bed and to the floor. It splattered blood on the ground as it rolled, coming my way.

I couldn’t scream. My throat closed up and the tears were blocking my vision, but the pain I felt and the emptiness didn’t stop me from vomiting. I can hold in my sickness as much as I wanted but I was going to throw up just from the sight of seeing someone’s head fall to the floor, let alone hearing the sound it made when it hit the floor or how his eyes didn’t look right, or how blood oozed from his face in ways that it shouldn’t.

“One day, that will be your head on the floor.” Vixon laughed. That only made me feel even worse. I can’t keep throwing up if there’s nothing there.

I breathed heavily as I wiped my mouth. The only thought I had was getting out of here and asking for someone to help me before I pass out from the dizziness.

Vixon’s laugh rang in my ears, and he didn’t stop. He kept laughing and laughing and I couldn’t stand it.

“Your face is perfect.” he was in front of me, holding my head up to look at him. “I’m sure if I took your head right now, your face would stay the same.” he whispered quietly, twirling my hair with his bloody fingers. “Your expressions are perfect.” he said quietly.

He will do it.

He will rip me up and keep my head. It will be like a prize for him, like something that shows he can torture his victims longer than just twenty minutes. I bet I won’t even be food for him, he will have fun ripping me apart. Just thinking about it gave me the thought of vomiting again.

I covered my mouth as I ran away from him, feeling the IV rip from my hand as I rushed off. His laugh was still in my head, just with the picture of his bloody face. He would joke around and say how great it would be to see my shocked face cut off from my mutilated body. The sight of that man’s head falling to the ground came into my mind. The sound it made when it fell made my skin crawl and my stomach do flips. I thought I couldn’t throw up anymore, but my body won’t cease to amaze me.

A few nurses met up with me, and noticed that there was blood dripping from my hair to my neck. One of them stayed with me as a few more went down the hall from where I came. I grabbed tightly on my clothing, feeling my body not be able to take any of what I just saw. The terror will never end, and I will keep getting sick if this doesn’t stop.

I physically couldn’t handle it anymore.

My stitches ripped and I was bleeding. The pain was sharp but I didn’t scream. I’ve suffered worse. I’ve felt worse. But I fell and the nurses handled me gently to get me on the ground without me getting hurt.

I couldn’t explain what I just saw.

I was distracted by all the noise all of a sudden. The nurses were shouting, the police officers were running around. There was so much going on at once.

The pain in my stomach was what made me pass out. It wasn’t the vomiting or the headache or the fact that I saw the most horrific sight that I could see in the past hour, the pain made me pass out. It just hurt so much.

I would rather be asleep than continue to suffer.

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