The Ripper's Blood Bath

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Chapter Six

I was still in the hospital when I woke up. I was still alive. Normally I’m grateful I get to live another day, but now its a damn nightmare just to open my eyes. I sighed silently as my eyes adjusted to the bright light.

There were two cops that stood by the door. The curtains weren’t drawn over the door so I could see outside my room; there was an officer talking to someone. I narrowed my eyes to see who he was talking to. The hair was familiar to me.

It didn’t take me long to see Vixon.

I held in my shock and fear.

Whatever he was saying, whatever he was doing, it was complete bullshit. But he’s only having fun. I bet that investigator wanted to ask him some questions about me, and how I got wrapped up in this. I know Vixon would love to give the real answer. I’m sure he would say it on that man’s dying breath.

He was telling that man lies. I know it. If only he was aware that the Ripper was standing right in front of him.

My heart raced and I could hear it on the monitor. I was terrified.The pain in my chest got worse as I tried to breathe. My heart wouldn’t slow, and I was going to turn blue. I panicked.

The two cops turned my way when they heard how the monitor went off. I didn’t need their help, I just wanted to get out of here. I looked away and tried to take deep breaths to calm myself down. Whatever Vixon does, it will put aside this whole Ripper situation, long enough for these men to do nothing so he can have his fun. I’m sure the investigator is smart enough to connect me to the murder last night. Because I’m here, so is the Ripper.

Vixon doesn’t want anyone knowing that it’s him.

That will just make people more aware.

So of course he’s going to do what he can to lead them on to someone else.

The investigator came into my room, and so did Vixon. The cops didn’t stop him, they think he’s a friend or family; I’m sure he persuaded his way through rather easily. My fingers grabbed on to the bed sheets as I walked Vixon walk in behind the investigator. The amused look on his face made me terrified. The man took a seat near me like he did before as Vixon went to the chair by the window so he could keep an eye on me.

“Glad to see you’re rested.” The man said and smiled.

Does he know what I just went through?

I watched someone get ripped apart.

My family is dead.

I don’t want to be well rested, I want to die.

“If you don’t mind. I have a couple questions about what happened the other day.” he said. I’ve been out for a while if its the other day. I didn’t respond to him and I knew he would tell me to take my time. “Did you know that man who was killed the other night?” he asked.

I shook my head slowly.

I didn’t know who that was. The only people I know that Vixon killed was my friend Haley and my family. Everyone else is unknown to me.

“The nurses say you saw what happened. Can you tell me about it?” he asked.

I don’t think I can talk about something as gruesome as that. There was blood everywhere, and body parts. And I remember Vixon pushing a head on to the floor and it rolling towards me. I can’t verbally describe it to him or I’d get sick enough to throw up just like before.

I pursed my lips tightly to keep my mouth shut. I didn’t answer the man’s question and he sighed quietly as he wrinkled his mustache, scratching his head as he tried to find a way to deal with me. My heart had gone up a bit just because I thought about what Vixon did.

I even thought about what Vixon would do.

“Can you tell me what the Ripper looks like?” the man asked again, wondering if I would get hopeful enough to open my mouth. And I did, I was ready to answer.

Then I remembered Vixon was in the room, and he was waiting for me to slip up and say something that I shouldn’t. I closed my mouth quickly because I wasn’t going to disobey, not when my life is on the line.

I want to be alone.

The man noticed my hesitation. “We’re keeping you safe, you don’t need to worry.” he said to me in a rush because I did panic. Those words were a lie and its not his fault that he was lying. “Once you check out, we will have you at your new place, and everything will be fine.” he assured.

It will never be fine.

“Can I be alone?” I asked.

“We need to keep you protected so one of my men has to stay in your room.” he said as he got up. That’s not good enough. I just need everyone out before I make a mistake.

One police man did stay and he didn’t care to stay on duty just because his boss was gone with everyone else. The man kept his hands at his belt, his hands inching towards his gun. Does he believe it’s me? Does he think I’m the Ripper? I played with my hands for a second as I looked somewhere else.

Vixon was quiet which is unusual for him.

He was behaving.

He sat there quietly as he crossed his arms over his chest, staring at the ground. He was agitated. His plan isn’t working out the way he wants it, too. I didn’t think Vixon would get anxious.

That’s new for me to see.

His black hair moved over his pale face, but not enough to cover his eyes. When I stared too long, he looked at me plainly. I was scared because he was thinking something drastic. I know it. He wouldn’t be this pissed off if he wasn’t. I was scared because I knew what he could become. For now, he was pretending to be human when he’s not.

I looked away to the cop and I noticed he had his eyes on me too. I wanted to know why he was staring, why he just looked at me like I really might’ve been a killer. Is he disgusted with me? Does he even care? I’m disgusted with myself so I won’t blame him. But he watched me though, his blue eyes scanning my face as he turned his body my way completely.

“Is the Ripper some friend of yours?” The police officer asked me abruptly.

I opened my mouth to answer, but I couldn’t, so instead I just shook my head.

Vixon ruined my life. I’ve never had a friend who would do that to me.

“You’re scared,” the police officer said. I am scared. I’m scared of what Vixon could do to me right now.

I looked over to him and saw he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at the cop now, his eyes were blood red and he was so angry. His lip twitched as he looked at the man in uniform.

Vixon’s going to kill him.

My heart was racing as I put together what was going to happen in the next few minutes. Vixon was not going to be merciful, I know that.

“Who’s the Ripper?” the officer asked me.

He shouldn’t have asked me. No one should ask me. With Vixon always looming over, everyone that asks me will reach a terrible fate.

I wanted to keep my mouth shut, but I couldn’t.

I...The man wants to know.

So I’ll give him his answer.

I pointed to Vixon slowly, feeling the fear in my body rise; my hand was shaking but it stayed in the air as I glanced at Vixon. I could feel that he was about to kill someone. The man was slow to look. That’s what made it worse. He just doesn’t know.

The words barely escaped my lips. In the silence of the room, I thought I wouldn’t be heard. I thought the man wouldn’t notice. But the words did come out of my mouth. It struck fear through me.

Because today, I was the reason for this man’s death.

“He’s the Ripper.” I said quietly to the officer, holding back every emotion I felt.

I was sorry, but at the same time, I wasn’t. This happens.

It doesn’t matter.

The officer took a second to believe me, but he pulled his gun out quickly, just not quick enough. Vixon didn’t have to match his speed. The man barely believed me; now he just wasn’t sure what was going on.

If only he knew.

Vixon’s growling filled the room, I could barely hear the heart monitor; I know my heart was racing. I could feel it in my chest.

I looked away when I heard flesh tearing and struggled groans. That man didn’t have a chance to scream for help. I couldn’t watch Vixon kill this man. I didn’t hear blood splatter or bones braking. But I could hear Vixon’s hunger as he sucked the man dry.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I wanted to call for help but I couldn’t find my voice. I felt like I was screaming, but my voice, I couldn’t hear it.

I heard when Vixon dropped the body.

He was over me in a second, his hands around my neck tightly as he held me down. I looked up at his face quickly as he choked me, making my heart race even more. My hands grabbed his, but it never works. I just wanted to breathe. He was smiling at me; his tongue ran over his lip, getting the last drop of blood.

This time there wasn’t a mess of blood. He was perfectly clean. I don’t understand what he plans to do. There was a dead body on the ground, they’ll know it’s him. He’s the only one doing this.

“How fortunate.” he said as he kept choking me.

“T-they’ll...come in h-here.” I struggled to say. Its only a matter of time before someone comes into my room to see why I’m so stressed. They’ll see the dead police man, and they’ll see Vixon.

How will he get away from this? He’ll just murder everyone in plain sight?

“And all they’ll see is a traumatized patient.” he said, meaning me. I will be traumatized, I already am if that counts for anything at least. I gripped on his hands tightly but its not like he would let me go.

“They’ll k-know it” I tried to gasp for air but he was trying hard to get me to pass out.

“Think so?”

I couldn’t see anymore. I tried to hold on but I was barely able to make it. He’s so close to killing me, but he won’t do it.


“I’m just an innocent human who happened to get caught up in the Ripper’s wrath.” he said quietly, finally exposing his plan to me. My heart was still beating rapidly as I tried to breathe. I tried so hard but every second he would tighten his hands. He always does this to me, and every time it hurts worse than before. He’s destroying my neck. “I’m not going to ask for your help cause its not like you’d do it.” he finally let go of me.

I gasped for air like I depended on it. More bruises would show up on my neck like before, and I won’t be able to cover it up. Vixon is going to trick these people into believing that all this was done by someone else and I know they’ll believe it too.

“How loud can you scream, Darcy?” he asked me, smiling widely to show me his fangs.

I was confused but it wasn’t going to last long. I saw the evil in his eyes. I shouldn’t answer his question.

He grabbed my hair, making me move my head aside so he could expose my neck. His eyes weren’t red, they stayed a black color as he licked his lips. He’s not going to suck my blood. He’s just going to hurt me.

I felt his teeth on me, but only for a second. The pain I felt hurt much worse than him biting into my skin and sucking my blood. I screamed from having a piece of my skin bitten off. Blood dampened my shoulder and my hair as it gushed on the bed. I’ll bleed out if someone doesn’t help me. Vixon wanted me to scream and what better way to do that then ripping off a chunk of my body.

I saw that he wanted more, he would drink my blood, he wanted to, but I heard someone run in my room, and Vixon wasn’t in front of me anymore. I couldn’t move my head, my neck throbbed violently as I got the feeling of sharp knives at my throat. I could barely even breathe too.

The nurses hovered over as police officials ran in my room.

They called in two dead bodies, but only one of them was actually dead. That was the only thing I heard over the piercing noise in my ears.

I breathed heavily as the pain made me sweat. As more blood gushed from my wound, I felt myself becoming colder. The nurses were already trying to take care of me, but it was going to take more than just trying to close up my wound. I almost had the nerves to scream again, but I clenched my teeth down, groaning as every move they made hurt me tremendously. I couldn’t do this anymore.

They could barely hold me down.

They sedated me.

Hopefully I’ll live, maybe I won’t. I’m sure Vixon wants to find his way out without getting caught, and he’s done it. He used my blood to fake dead. I haven’t seen how convincing he was being.

He can fake a lot of things.

Vixon has hurt me too much for me to not do anything, but what can I do? I can’t even defend myself against him. And he thinks of me as some toy he can chew off. I got a piece of my skin ripped off just because of him. Vixon will come back for me, I’m sure of it. And if he doesn’t, it just means that I’ll die.

When I woke up again, I wasn’t alone. The investigator was back and there were more police men in my room.

I don’t need this, its not like they could help. I was almost annoyed to know they still wanted answers from me. I’m tired of them being here. Only more people are going to die because of him.

I squinted into the light as I tried to wake myself up. It was so quiet now.

Vixon wasn’t in the chair he was always in; in fact, I don’t even think he’s out of the situation he’s in now. Then again, he never ceases to amaze me with what he can do. I can’t doubt him because I’ve had horrible luck, so much bad luck that it got me into this position. I closed my eyes, bringing my hand to my face so I could rub my eyes.

My neck was wrapped up tightly with a white bandage. I didn’t have to look to know. There was a gaping hole before and I wonder if its still there now. I couldn’t move my neck but I didn’t try to. It was just tight and hard to breathe. I couldn’t take it.

How long have I been out?

“You’re pretty badly mixed up in this aren’t you?” he asked.

The last thing I need right now is him asking me questions. I have had it with that. I can’t help with anything he needs now. If Vixon finds out that I said something, he will kill me. If he’s hiding now, I’m sure he’s able to listen from where he is. It doesn’t matter. I still can’t say anything.

“You’re friend...” He started slowly. He was talking about Vixon. “It seems he was another victim of the Ripper.” He said apologetically.

I almost rolled my eyes. After everything I’ve seen, I’m not surprised. Vixon would fake his death. Not only does that remove him as a suspect, but no one would ever think about him ever again. He’s cleared his path again to do whatever he wants. I didn’t answer to the investigator’s statement.

I wasn’t sad, just terrified because Vixon is waiting for me.

What day is it?

How long have I been here?

I opened my mouth to talk, to ask my questions, but I closed my lips instead, wanting to keep to myself. I shouldn’t say anything. It felt like I wouldn’t be able to talk either.

The investigator looked confused and tired. He did his best with me but isn’t getting anywhere yet. So he changed the subject.

“Doctors say that you’ll be able to check out later on in the day. The only thing that you need to watch out for is your neck.” he said to me.

I stared up at the ceiling as I thought about what I’m going to do. I’m not in shape for anything else in my life. I can’t forget that I have no one now. I’m alone. I closed my eyes and tried to at least be peaceful in my own world for a little bit. Talking isn’t something I wanted to do. I hope this man understands that.

There’s no way I can help.

If I could give away Vixon, I would. I want justice as much as the next guy, but what can I do? What can anyone do? No one can just bring him down. He’s too fast to stop. He’s too strong. He’s a vampire. No one will believe me if I say that I’m being tortured by a vampire. Who would ever believe me?

That investigator made sure that no one could go in or out of my room. Absolutely no one. The nurses and my doctor are escorted in by at least three officers. I won’t get any visitors. I didn’t get to see anyone. Vixon wasn’t around which means that for now I can have a little peace of mind. But it won’t last long for me.

I will never feel safe.

When I could finally leave, I was surrounded by police still. That investigator didn’t give me any time to be by myself, at least enough that it didn’t take a toll on me. I was grateful. He kept me from thinking about every thing that has happened to me. If I were to be the least bit lonely, I would cry hysterically to no end. The police stood around the entrance to the hospital as the investigator stopped me to talk a bit before I could leave.

“I think it would be best to put you under witness protection.” he said. I sighed to myself. Its not like that would help anyway. Vixon isn’t that easy to distract or hide from.

Nothing is that easy.

“That’s okay. Its not like it would help much.” I said and tried to smile. If they knew that Vixon was a vampire, they would laugh and say that I was insane.

Its hurts to be crazy.

“I’m sure it would be better if-”

There’s no point to any of it.

I stopped him. “I’ll be fine.” I lied to him.

I have to put a show on for him, he needs to know that I will be fine even though I won’t be. I clutched my jacket in my hands tightly as I tried to not break down and cry. I have to do this or I will regret it.

I don’t want anyone else involved with what’s going on.

He took out a card with a number written on the back, handing it to me. “If you need anything, or feel safe enough to talk, call me.” He said kindly.

I took the card to return the kindness but I was probably going to throw it away later. He’s gotten a lot done for me, and I’m grateful but it’s best if he doesn’t get involved with me.

Vixon was nowhere to be seen and I was hoping that I got away, that I won’t be tortured anymore. I get to go to a new place like I wanted to, and maybe I will be okay on my own. I can start over. Even though I don’t have family anymore, I’m sure I can find some friends and have a social life.

If Vixon wanted to mess around with me, he would’ve showed up by now. I would’ve seen him by now.

I’m being ignorant, no, arrogant. I can’t just believe that I will be safe just because Vixon has been gone for a while. I know him better than that.

It’s obvious he’s not done.

He’s just waiting.

No one needs to know.

The investigator tried his hardest to get me to agree to getting help but I told him that I will be fine on my own. I can try all I want but its only a matter of time before I wake up to find Vixon with me again.

By then, nothing will help me.

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