The Ripper's Blood Bath

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☾Chapter Eight☽

Vixon says he doesn’t keep promises, but he held up one of them. I asked him not to kill and he hasn’t. If he did, I would see it on the news, but there was nothing I had to be afraid of. At least for now. And if he did kill someone, it was probably someone who isn’t noticed to be missing. There were no warnings on the news. The title Ripper is practically foreign to people here.

I was able to be alone in my apartment. Nothing was out of the ordinary. If crying as hard as I did last night gave me my wish, then I’ll do it every night just to have peace.

Vixon not being here makes me slightly happier. I won’t have my mentality back, but I was grateful he wasn’t here. I was happy that I could be in silence, and not in pain.

Maybe I can get my life back together today.

For the first part of the day, it was quiet. My job is simple. It helps with the bills I now have. It’s something I have to take my mind off of how terrible my life has become.

I still had to wear the scarf on my neck. My shoulders were covered by my black jacket, but the white collar of my dress shirt didn’t cover some of the noticeable scars. I would bandage my neck, but that would look too serious to some people, so if I have to get made fun of for the scarf, its fine. I can deal with it. After all, I can take the emotional pain.

No one knows what I’ve been through.

I think I’m resistant to humans. They don’t frighten me, they could do their worst and they still wouldn’t frighten me. If they ever meet Vixon, they would know. Vixon scares me, what he does scares me. A human couldn’t compare to what he’s able to do. I don’t think we can be that cruel. Vixon is a wild murderer.

I should be scared.

I should be worried.

I see all these people here today, and I think that if Vixon were to roam the earth, he would get these people before they could die of a natural cause. Its a dark thought, but for me its normal now. Its all I think about.

I’m not here to make friends, because I’d lose them easily. Some people made comments about me. Usually its something about how I look, how I don’t try to toughen up, or be more masculine. Those comments I never care about because I can’t help having a sweet face. The comments I got today were about how quiet I was, how pale I was, how ghostly I was, how I looked I had something tragically done to me, how I always began to day dream or how I looked scared. These comments made me retreat further back into my mind.

I can’t help it anymore.

It didn’t take Vixon long to destroy me, my body, my mind, and my sanity.

I still have to admit that being around normal people didn’t make me feel too terribly bad. I should be working, and doing things like this. Its life. I might have been intimidated, but I was a bit happier.

When someone touched my shoulder, I flinched, almost dropping everything I had in my hands. The pain of being touched didn’t bother me. It was just being touched in general. I will never know who it is behind me until I look. But I forgot where I was so that’s why I was a bit jumpy. I turned to who ever touched my shoulder, holding down my fear.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Katie said to me.

What was the chance that it would be Vixon just about to throw me against the wall? I tried not to think about it because someone actually wanted to talk to me. Maybe she was going to tell me something that I didn’t care to hear or maybe she was going to be nice to me. “You look like you’re having a rough day.” she said and smiled.

Everything has been rough. If only she knew about what was going on in my life, or just in my mind. I would tell her, I want to tell someone but what good would it serve me? I have to keep it to myself at least.

“Just a bit tired.” I lied to her, smiling as I kept the pain hidden.

“Well, since we’re about to check out, how about we get some fresh air?” she suggested. I didn’t know if I was ready to go home just yet. It was getting late, but I would rather stay here than go home. At least I would have some company.

I put everything in my hands down, and I knew I would just have time to take care of it tomorrow. Katie and I were going to go up to the roof together, she says its her private spot to continue with her terrible habits. I didn’t mind. I had to remember that I’m not here to make friends; its easy for me to lose people the way its been happening. I can’t get hurt again.

It was dark outside. The sky was clear and we could see the stars from her. She pulled out a cigarette as she walked around, and light it with her lighter.

“Oh look, a jumper.” she gestured to the person on the ledge. I hadn’t seen them until she pointed it out.

I paused as I stared at the person in the black jacket, standing on the edge. That wasn’t a jumper, and if he did jump, he would be just fine. I pursed my lips tightly as Vixon stood on the edge, his hands in his pockets, as he stared back at us plainly.

“Maybe we should go inside,” I said quickly, wanting to bring her back but she took a step forward anyway, making herself noticeable.

This is not happening, this is not happening. I was about to pull my hair out.

“We should at least talk him down.” she said.

No. We shouldn’t. She doesn’t know what she’s about to deal with. And if she gets any closer, Vixon will surely turn her into meat. She took another step forward before I could grab her arm. I would do anything to make her stop it but its too late.

The cold air burned my lungs as I breathed in heavily; Vixon was the one giving me chills though. Goosebumps rose on my skin as I looked at him, watching his dark eyes as he looked at Katie. What is he going to do to her? He didn’t look at me, he didn’t have to. But when he smiled, I knew he got the wrong idea.

I wasn’t doing him a favor, this happened on accident. This whole thing was an accident. I never knew he would be up here. I breathed faster, feeling like I could blow up or have a mental break down. Its been weeks since I’ve seen Vixon kill anyone. I don’t want to see him do it now.

“Katie, just please-” I desperately wanted to stop her, but if I were to drag her back with me, she would think I was heartless, that I was cruel, that I don’t care about anyone else. I can’t care anymore. I lost too many people when I did that.

She was in arms length; I realized that I don’t care what she thought of me because her life was more important. I went to take her arm, but she disappeared all together. Her scream came from where Vixon was. My eyes darted over to them; he had her by the wrist, and her body dangled over the edge. She wasn’t moving and I thought he killed her. There was blood dripping from her neck, a lot of it. It stained her jacket and her blouse, not to mention the tips of her blond hair was turning red.

“Your taste in victims has been lacking, Darcy.” Vixon said as he looked at her. “Though you never were that good at picking the good ones.”

“Put her down.” I said quickly. Even a request like that was absurd, it showed on his face. He was more concerned with something else than just putting her down.

“I don’t like how she tastes, or her smell. You could have done better.” he shrugged. He wasn’t focusing enough to know that he held this girl’s life in his hand. Then again, that’s why he’s being so casual.

“Vixon please, just put her down.” I begged. My heart was beating too fast. Is there a way to talk Vixon out of killing someone? Would he ever listen?

Katie shouldn’t have to be dropped to her death. That wouldn’t be fair. She has family and friends and people that care for her. Why would he do this to her? She didn’t know this was going to happen.

He was just being stubborn now. Was he doing this to spite me? If I were to be in her place, I wouldn’t care. But as long as its not her, I wouldn’t complain. Vixon would never listen to me, I should have known.

His hand let go of her wrist.

“No!” I screamed and ran to the ledge.

She hit the ground when I looked over. I heard her bones break but it wasn’t just that; it sounded like she popped open. The blood didn’t take long to form a puddle around her. In the faint lights, I could see all the way to the ground and how the dark liquid spread. I covered my mouth tightly. I only knew her for ten minutes, and Vixon takes the liberty to drop her body from a height that could just make her splatter blood and organs every where.

My hands were shaking, and tears flooded my eyes as I tried to think of something, anything that I could do to make this stop.

“Why would you do that?” I screamed at Vixon. He didn’t answer me, he didn’t even look at me; he put his hands in his pockets as he turned away from me. That’s not fair! He can’t just expect me to get over something as difficult as him killing an innocent person.

Why the hell would he do this?

There was a rushing pain against my stomach that made me scream out and shut my eyes. When I opened them, and actually focused, I could only see the sky and I was only getting further away from it. The wind rushed passed me as it seemed like I was moving.

I was falling.

Vixon had pushed me over the edge.

I wanted to scream. But before I could, I felt the pain in my stomach again, the only thing that came out of my mouth was blood. I hit the concrete wall before I hit the ground; I haven’t hit something so hard before. I thought I broke some of my bones because it hurt that much. My body was paralyzed with pain that surged through me. Vixon had kicked me into the wall, and I bet for him it didn’t take much strength but I felt like I was hit by a car.

“Tell me something, Darcy.” he said as he walked towards me, his hands still in his pockets, and his face plain. He wasn’t interested in playing around. He didn’t even choke me. He just stood over me as I tried to see what was ahead of me.

There was blood spilling on my face. My whole body hurt so I didn’t know that I hit my head on the wall. My vision was blurry and I couldn’t see passed the stars and black dots. Everything was spinning and I could barely stay up. If I move, I’ll just fall.

“Why do you care so much?” he asked me, getting down in front of me. He really wanted to know because he was alluded by the fact that I was crying over her. “You barely even know the girl, yet you cry so hard for her.” he said, a bit confused.

He will never understand how humans feel towards other people.

“Its interesting because I bet if she was hit by a car, or stabbed in the heart, or I don’t know, jumped off a cliff on her own free will, the only thing you’d do is offer your condolences to her family and friends.” he said to me, shrugging as he rolled his eyes. “You only care because I’m the one that killed her.” he said.

I spit out more blood, coughing as I felt like I was drowning in it. Vixon moved his boot under my chin, lifting my head up so he could see my bloodied face. I was too tired to say anything, to scream at him, to beg him to stop all that he’s doing. He looked down at me plainly, no expression on his face as he moved his leg away.

He walked towards Katie’s body and got down beside it, lifting it up and setting it against the wall like he does with all his victims.

She was bathed in blood, her clothes were stained red and so was her skin. I saw where her wounds were, where the holes in her body were, where she was bleeding out. Her skull was cracked, and it gushed blood still as I thought a piece of her brain was actually poking out. I covered my mouth quickly and tried to hold whatever was coming up. I can’t take the pain of getting sick. But her body was mutilated from a fall; it made sense that she would end up the way she was because of the height she was pushed from.

Vixon stared at her body just the way he stared at me. He showed no expression on his face, but he was looking at her as if something was going to happen, like he was waiting for it.

I held myself up against the wall, breathing heavily as blood bathed my tongue. I was still nauseated, but I kept it down long enough for it to go away. I just watched him look at her. It was odd watching him stare at her.

“Why do you care so much?” I asked as I wiped my mouth of blood and my face of the tears I had cried. He glanced my way but paid no more attention to me. “You always put your victims back together like they’ll be alive again.” I said.

“Are you trying to understand me?” he laughed.

“I don’t care.” I coughed up more blood. He continued to laugh but it was dying down as he got up. He left the body the way it was against the wall.

“I wonder how I’d feel if I killed you.” he said quietly, but I heard him. I bet he was thinking of doing it, I know he wants to. But the way he said it, it was more insightful than threatening. He truly wants to know something like that.

Would he try to kill me just to know if it would affect him the way it affects me? What would be the point of that?

He was gone, disappearing without anything else to say. I was left alone with a dead body across from me.

And with a small breeze, her body fell over again into the pool of blood, splashing the liquid on the wall and further around on the ground.

I didn’t move, I stayed completely still, the tears streaming down my face, mixing with my own blood. I’ve seen this so many times.

I wanted to say I wasn’t shocked.

I’ve seen this so many times before.

It will never stop.

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