Patient 590: An 863 Legend

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Several years ago, there was a Biotechnology lab Called Syntec which was founded by Wesley Nathanial and his partner, Nelson Syphus. For the first few Years Syntec was thriving in the medical field and was widely recognized for their humane practices among the community. Nothing seemed off at all for many years, all until evidence was released that showed the bad side of Syntec. Nelson Syphus turned out to be an egotistical madman who always got his way, no matter the situation. Several years before the public was informed of Syntec’s malpractice, a young patient started to document their experience at the facility, hoping to show the world what was truthfully happening. This patient was known as Patient:590. (This is an extended universe based off of the YouTube series, Project:863 and is not affiliated with spellbound inc)

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter One: The experiment

“You heard me! I want to go home!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, as a last resort to what they were doing to me. From across the room I heard Wesley talking to D, he had this worrying expression. “D this isn’t necessary! You’re being too rough and inhumane!”

“Wesley it is too necessary, remember what Nelson always says ; “Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions, be the bad guy to get stuff done. It’s all worth it in the end”

“Speaking of Nelson, I think we need his help!” “Wesley Nathanial, don’t you da.....”

“Call extension 2112, call extension 2112 Nelson Syphus”

Before I knew it, a tall man with glasses and a lab coat came into the room. D started to yell at him to go away but he pushed her off and went to Wesley. “Nelson, she’s being inhumane again.”

“And? Do I look like I came all this way to solve your stupid drama? I know; it’s too late.” “What can I do to at least try to save the patient? You’re the Founder!” “So are you Wesley, just give them some life’s blood and shut the heck up will you?!?” “Can you help please, I promise I won’t bug you anymore!” “Dang it, fine! But if I hear one word about this around the office you won’t hear the end of it Nathanial!” Both Nelson and Wesley walked over to me as I sat there helplessly, hoping they weren’t about to drill into me again. “I know this is a very large and scary injection tool but I promise it will only be a pinch. This is life’s blood, an antidote I created after a certain situation I faced earlier this year. It may help, I really don’t know.” Wesley then grabs my hand and jokingly says “I’ll hold your hand!” On the other side of the table I hear Nelson say “Cut that crap out Wes! What did I say? Not one peep! LAST CHANCE!” Nelson then pulled out this brown little bottle with a snake like symbol on it. As Nelson set it down I once again heard the intercom go off. “Syphus to Gaius subsection, urgent”

Nelson walks over to Wes and whispers in his ear. “I’ve got to go real quick, don’t let them go anywhere! If Deb comes, hide the life’s blood, she’ll destroy it within seconds! I mean it Nathanial!” He ran out the door within seconds after, faster than I could process. Wesley searched around the room, making sure no one was watching. He then started to approach me in a concerned way. “Listen, Nelson is a very evil man and all he cares about is the fame, take anything he says with a grain of salt because he is an egotistical mad man of a liar! I will make sure you get the hell out of here, no matter the case.” I wasn’t surprised by this news, Nelson did seem quite suspicious from the moment I met him. There is now one thing that keeps lingering my mind; when and how will Wesley save me?

I started to become very tired as I sat here staring into a blank blue wall, the only sounds coming from the faint beep of my heart monitor and Wesley playing a game on his phone in the corner. I started to drift

off to sleep but I was awoken by a loud yell from Wesley. “Nelson! You can’t use that on them! They are too fragile, they won’t make it!” My eyes shot wide open to see Nelson and Wesley staring directly at me, Nelson has this giant tool in his hand. Nelson then started to scream at me “GO BACK TO SLEEP DANG IT!” At that moment I have had enough of this, tears started to fall down my face and I started to wail. “Wh..Why are you doing this to me?!?!?!! I came here as a voluntary experiment and now you’re trying to sabotage me??!?! You’re a liar, an egotistical madman!” Nelson had a look of shock on his face as he slowly began to walk out of the room. As he left the room, employees of syntec flooded the room with applause. A young lady with a tall pony tail walked up to me as the applause died down. “You scared off the monster, I’m not even brave enough for that and I work with him on a daily basis! How about I fix you up and get you out of here before he returns?” I I was overwhelmed with emotions, still processing what just happened. “Thank you for the kind words, may I ask your name?” “Oh I’m Deborah or D for short! I’m the lead clinical scientist here”

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