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I'm not just your average girl with those puppy and rainbows branded into my mind, I'm different, way different. And it's the difference that will be either my downfall or my success. Hi I'm Zoë, but you can call zee. This is my story, or atleast part of it. Caution: They might be watching us, be careful, they hear our thoughts.

Thriller / Mystery
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tracker number 82, experiment 3-4-3, case file 3382, was named Zoë.

A human killing machine.
She was born like any baby, through an egg and sperm fusing. She was placed inside the womb of the head of the case at the time, who also happened to be her mother, Dr. Zarah Montenegro, wife of the director and Zoë's father, Dr. Bernard Montenegro.

Zoë is your average looking girl, with blond-brown hair, green-blue eyes and kissable pouting lips, but there's so much more to her that your eyes dare not see:

The tears behind the perfect smile, her weary mind and constant screams in silence.

She is more than what she might pretend to be, here's the beginning:

She was born in a lab on the 02 April, raised on a warship and trained as a mercenary to protect her country, it all seemed simple, but that's not how things were...

Her good looks mean nothing, her skills alone are kept her alive, she is genetically brilliant after all: a mere experiment created to obliterate whatever or whomever dares to attack The allies, all in the shadows.
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