The Lost Souls

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Chapter 2

Isabelle’s POV

It is my first day at Kingswoth international school in the fifth grade.

The teacher was already in the class. I was the first student to enter the class. The teacher smiled at me. I didn’t respond. She was reading our English book. I seated myself in a seat at a corner. It was 8:25, and the class starts at 8:30.

Within five minutes, everybody was in the class chirping like birds. I sat silently among them. The teacher stood up and cleared her throat.

“Excuse me, students, silence, please. I am your class teacher miss Angelina. Good morning all of you.”

“Good morning miss.” many wished

her back.

The teacher continued, “So, I can’t see all of you. There is a change in your position.”

The teacher changed everybody’s position including me. She asked me to sit in the front row.

After that, someone asked.

“Miss, are you any one of our teachers more than our class teacher?”

“What is your name dear?”

“Judson, Rose Judson.”

“Hmm, I am your arts/CW teacher.”

The bell rang at 8:45 a.m. after the prayer.

“OK see you students bye.”

“Thank you mam.” replied some.

The teacher left the class, and there came in another teacher.

The whole class was over at three in the evening.

When everyone left, I was asked to meet Miss Angelina.

I went to her staff room.

“Is there something wrong with

you? I’ve been paying attention since this morning as if something is wrong.”

I stared down without saying anything.

“Isabelle. look at me and talk. Didn’t you hear what I asked?”

My eyes were filled with tears.

I ran to the washroom. I cried from there until my grief was over.

But, it was not going away so quickly.

Then I went home. Being alone in that big mansion, I felt terrible fear and sadness.

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