The Lost Souls

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Chapter 3

Her school days were the most awkward ones.

Everybody called her ‘buffalo buffoon’.

As days passed, she got more damn done with her own life.

Not even one student at Kingsworth liked her. Everybody hates her for no reason.

She was bullied by as many students at school, especially one named Rose.

Isabelle’s POV

One day, the teacher told me to come and meet her after the class.

When I went to Miss Angelina, she started

“Oh, dear Isa. I know, you have something wrong. If you tell me about it openly, I might be able to help you. At least, I’m your class teacher, dear.

Tell me, what is the problem?”

“I have no problem,” I said bluntly.

“Why just lie? Tell the truth.”

“Miss, I have to go home, and I have many homework today.”

I quickly got out of the classroom and went home.

Later, many teachers asked me about the same. I don’t want anyone here to know that, my parents are separated and, I am all alone.

Many asked me about it, but I never told them anything.

My sorrows only affected me. The absence of my parents affected me very badly. I don't even have the attention to study.

Every day, the teacher argued with me for not scoring good marks in-class tests.

One day my teacher came to visit me at home.

The doorbell rang.

I opened the door and was astonished to see my teacher there, in front of my house.

"Hi, Isabelle,"

"Good morning mam"

"I came to visit you. Can I come inside?"

"Oh yes please."

I cleared the way to get inside. She went inside. I followed her still amazed.

"You never expected me to be here, did you?"

"No, I didn't"

"I came to see your parents."

I grew pale for a minute.

"Isabelle, everything alright?"

"Oh yeah, mam."

"I need to talk to your parents. Go call them."

I stood right there."Go.", she compelled me.

I told her, "Miss, they are not here, they went out."

"Tell me what it is, and I'll let them know."

"OK but I can wait until they come."

"Miss, I bear a bad headache and I wish for a nap."

"Then I am leaving. Tell your parents about the forthcoming seasonal celebration at Kingsworth."

"Ok ma'am"

She left. I felt eased.

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