The Lost Souls

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Chapter 4

One day, Isabelle was asked to stand outside the classroom for being tardy.

While she was standing out, Rose came to her and shouted,

“Everyone please pay attention. This is the outstanding student of our class named Isabelle. Everybody come and meet her, come on”

Everyone laughed at her. She continued,

“Outstanding really sounds good. You are standing out of the class. Dear Isabelle, you are really outstanding, really useless, wasteland. Why are you coming to this school? It is a shame for us that you are studying in our school. Why can’t you just leave the school? Bloody Buffalo Buffoon.”

Everyone went off giggling at her.

So many times in so many ways Rose made fun of her. She made her a hoot in front of everyone.

Once in class, Rose knocked over Isabelle’s food intentionally.

When the teacher came and saw it, Rose told her that Isabelle did it. The teacher scolded Isabelle a lot and then told her to clean the whole classroom. Rose had hurt her in so many ways.

One day when Isabelle was alone at home, as usual, somebody rang the doorbell.

She opened the door and there stood a man. She doesn’t know him. She had never seen him before.

He asked her, “Hi, are you, Isabelle Scott? David George’s daughter?”

“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

“I am David’s friend, Max Daison.”

“What do you want? David is not here.”

“I know David is not here. I just came to let you know about David.”

“What is it?”

“David passed away in an accident last month. It was later learned that David had drafted this house and all his property to his second wife.”

“And so?”

“You know, they do not like you at all, and.. you should leave on your own.”

“Why should I? I am his daughter, and I can stay here.” She said.

“But now his wife is the owner of all his property. And she decides who will stay here, and she doesn’t want you here.” The man said.

She angrily banged up the door.

She was very angry with her dad but she gave up and left the house.

In the night, she wandered around the street like a lost soul, without having space to sleep.

Somehow, her new secret that she is homeless, leaked out on the school campus. Then, they started calling her homeless buffalo buffoon.

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