The Lost Souls

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Chapter 5

It was the school's annual day. When she went to the other side of the school to fetch some water, Rose came over there.

“Hey, Buffalo buffoon. Fetching water?”

Isabelle ignored her.

“Didn’t you understand what I asked?”


“Did you came to fetch water?”


“Did you fetch it?”


“Then do one thing, fill my water bottle.”

“I have to go. Please fetch it for yourself”

“Hey, you.Fillmybottle, or else you are done.”Rose told in a warning tone.

But Isabelle was not willing to fight, and she pleaded,

“Please, let me go.”

“Fetch some water for me, and you may leave.”

“Please, Rose. Don’t create a mess. Just leave me. I have to go home.”Isabelle again pleaded.

“Youhavetogohome?Wait. Let me ask, Do you have a home to go to?”

Isabelle went speechless.

“Come on, Isabelle buffoon. Do you have a home to go to? Or, do you have anybody to wait for you to come back from school?”

"Rose, get out of my way, please.”

“You wanna leave? You are not going anywhere.”

Isabelle begged, but to no avail. Isabelle tried to get out of there, but Rose blocked her and pulled her back.

Isabelle pushed Rose to get rid of her.

Rose fell down.

Then, Rose became very angry at her, and she went and hit Isabelle

and she fell to the ground.

When Isabelle got up to get rid of the mess, Rose grabbed her by the legs and pulled her down.

They pushed and shoved each other.

In between the fight, Isabelle pushed Rose away, and she fell on an iron rod. The rod pierced through her body. Isabelle saw it and was afraid. For a second she stood there, and then, she came and pulled the rod out of her body. Rose sighed and took her last breathe in her arms.

Isabelle stays there silently. Suddenly she felt that someone was coming.

Circumstances made her a murderer.

She felt that no one should know about this accidental death.

She dragged the corpse to a river which was near the school.

She threw the body into the river and got out of the school unnoticed.

She was terrified that someone would find it out.

She did not sleep that night.

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