The Lost Souls

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Chapter 6

The following day, she went to school very scared.But for the others, that day was as usual as always.

There was nothing wrong that day, according to others.

But the next day when she went to school, the first thing she saw was a police jeep.

It terrorized her so much.

In between the class, a police officer came in.“Sorry for the inconvenience. Can I spare a minute?”

“You may,” said the teacher.

The officer continued.

“I came here to inform you that I have received a complaint that a child name Rose Judson, studying in this class, is missing. Do you know anything about it? It has

been two days since the child went missing. Her parents told her that she did not return home after the seasonal academy day function.”

A girl named Miley spoke out “Sir, Isabelle knows about it.”

“Isabelle, who is it?”

The teacher called her.“Isabelle, stand up.”

She got up.

The officer asked Miley “Why?”

“While the seasonal academy day function was going on, I saw Rose searching for Isabelle in the whole school campus,” Miley said.

The officer called, “Isabelle, come here.”

He started to enquire here in front of the other students.

“Did you met Rose?”


“Where did you met?”

“Near the school water filter.”

“And then what were you doing there?”

“She asked me to fetch some water in her bottle.”


“Then.....I filled her bottle.”

She was trembling while telling it.

The officer continued to question her. “Did you get back to the event then?”


“Were you together when you came back?”

“Yes, we were together.”

On hearing this, one of the students suddenly said, “No, she came back alone.”

The officer looked at her suspiciously.

Isabelleturnedandaskedherteacher. “Ma’am, can I use the washroom?”

“Yes, you may.”

She quickly walked out of the classroom and ran into the washroom.

The policeman stared at her suspiciously.

The teacher told the officer, “That girl has been like that for a long time and never talks to anyone. No matter what anyone asks, she says emptiness.”

Later, when she came back from the washroom the officer was not there. He'd left.

Everyone looked at her suspiciously as she walked into the classroom.

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