The Lost Souls

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Chapter 7

the next day Isabelle, on her way to school, saw a crowd of people and a police jeep by the river.
After that, when she entered the class, the talk of all the children was that the dead body of Rose was found in the river near the school.

She was afraid she would be caught. But
luckily the police didn’t come to the school for inquiry anymore.
Later, the topic of discussion became Rose’s death.
The next few days were a relief for Isabelle, because the cause of death could not be ascertained.
You know, no matter what we try to cover up, it will not last long, it will be quickly caught.

And it was.
The police found out who the killer was.

Although they knew who the murderer was, they did not reveal it.

The police went for Isabelle to her house. When they got there,

they came to know that Isabelle had left the house two months ago.

When Isabelle went to the school the next day, she heard Miley shouting, “Hello everyone. There’s a piece of good news. The police had received information aboutthekillerofRose, and they said that the killer would be caught ASAP.”

Isabelle got terrified on hearing that.

And Miley added, “The cops are circling the entire city to catch the culprit.”

She was very depressed as she had no one so close to share her sadness with.

Isabelledidn’tleavetheschoolafterclass, because she was terrified if the police would catch her if she came out.

When all the children returned after class that day, Isabelle hid somewhere in the school campus without being noticed by


The police were waiting outside the school campus for Isabelle to come out of the school to arrest her.

She was afraid to be alone there at night but decided to stay there for fear of being caught by the cops.

She sat in the generator room.

After a long wait, the police decided to go inside and search for Isabelle.

Suddenly, Isabelle heard the officers who were standing on the other side of the generator room giving instructions to each other.

She shivered with fear.

When the sound of the policemen began to recede from the generator room, she slowly crept out from there and quickly ran from the school.

Suddenly, the police officers heard a noise as if someone was running.

They ran in the direction of the sound.

The main gate of the school was found open.

The police realized that there was someone else besides them and that they ran away when the opportunity arose.

The police officer commanded, “Quick to the CCroom.”

They went there to check the CCTV visuals.

On watching the visuals, they found out that the one who ran out was the murder, Isabelle.

The officer commanded, “Quick. Search the whole city. She is unlikely to leave this city. We need to catch her as soon as possible. Quick spread out.”


At the sight of the police jeep coming, Isabelle ran into a forest.

It was a terrible as well as horrifying forest.

The locals have fabricated many myths about the forest. No one knows if that was true.

But to date, no one has ever confirmed that it is just a mere myth.

It is said that those who went to prove it, did not return back.

People also say that the more you go inside the forest, the less is the chance to come out.

It was a massive mountain forest, which looked dark.

People also called it 'THEBLACKROCK' as it was deep dark in the forest even during the day.

But for Isabelle’s misfortune, she was unknown for this.

She got into the forest with the intention that she can come out of the woods when the police leave the place.

But, due to her bad luck, the police stopped their jeep where she was hiding and started to smoke from there.

In order not to catch their eye on her, she moved back a little.

When she stepped back, she unknowingly broke a dry stick lying on the ground with her leg, and that sound reached the ear of the policemen, and they noticed it. The police started to walk in the direction from where that sound originated.

When she heard the footsteps of the cops getting closer, she

hid behind an enormous tree and didn’t move a word. They stood there for a while. No sound could be heard again, so they decided to leave.

She was standing behind the tree shivering due to fear and holding her life in her hands.

She was afraid if she would be caught by the cops.

It was not an ideal situation for a fifth grader to handle.

She stood there half alive.

She was out of the woods when the police went away with the jeep.

The cops saw someone standing in the empty path behind the jeep through the rearview mirror.

One of the cops said, “Stop the jeep. Someone is standing there alone.” The other one said, “Yeah, Let’s find out what the matter is.”

The cops took reverse.

To her fate, she was standing at the beginning of the 'BLACK ROCK'.

If she had gone ahead she would’ve escaped. But it was impossible for her to run in that direction, as there was the jeep coming towards her.

There was no other way, so she had to run to the dark big forest to escape the police.

When the cops returned, they found nobody else there.

They did not get there much because they knew the stories of the forest well. And they left.

She ran into the forest thinking that, the cops are following her, and lost her way.

With a hope to find a way, she ran into the dark and disappeared.

The poor girl didn’t knew any stories about that forest

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