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Doom’s Day

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The “average” girl. The “average” world. The “average” drama. The “average” society. Some people may say I shouldn’t put these things out there and that these are things people shouldn’t talk about. Well, fuck that I’m going to talk about it right here and right now.

Thriller / Adventure
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Hello, my babygirl!

“Go, Go, Go!” everyone in the hospital is running.
“Honey, it’s going to be okay.” Runner was telling his wife.
“The fucking baby is coming NOW!” Martha was yelling back.
The doctor is trying to keep Martha calm and he has a surprised look.
“Martha, keep pushing. I can see the baby now!” he says while keeping steady focus.
“I love you Runner.”
“I love you too, Martha.”
I’m just joking, you really think that’s how things went? There’s my mother on the bed. She is having a baby but only joke is. My father couldn’t make it and my mom was having a blast doing it by herself. My mother really didn’t know what she was getting into. Even though, what would you do if you were giving birth at the age 18.
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