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A mysterious girl named Dani enrolled herself in a new college in every new semester. Each of these colleges have a dark secret that they kept under wraps, regardless if it was made by the students or faculty. Dani is there to stir things up by playing her tricks on these chosen people.

Thriller / Mystery
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Not all form of lies are bad. Some are good enough to save you but some are destructive to the point where you couldn't turn things around anymore. But powerful people always tell powerful lies. That's how Leah got away with everything. Ever since she won the national singing competition on TV at 12 years old then making a few albums while getting hired to model for brands and starred commercials, she slowly became a whole new person. It's almost like she loses her humility as she grew older.
From all the money she makes from her singing career, she managed to enter a conservatory college called Alma Academy for Performing Arts after graduating high school. And she got in so easily. Rumor has it that she doesn't need to audition because one of the professors happened to be her friend's father. She never confirm nor deny it because she always have people covering up for her. It is said that whoever comes for her or tries to tarnish her reputation will have a price to pay.
The second year has begun and a girl with a sleek black hair is on her way to class that morning. She passes the campus park and the hallway. Her obsidian eyes shine in through the sunlight as she passes the students, going back and forth, either just finishing their class or on their way to one. When she entered the blackbox studio, almost everyone turned their heads to focus on her.
"Hi, is this the Movements for Actors class? I'm the new exchange student and I got kinda lost for a while," she began.
"Ah. So, you're the new one. I've heard that we'll have new addition this semester. Come on in," said the middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair. "Hold on. Before you get to be seated with the rest of them, introduce yourself first."
She stood next to him and looked around the class, immediately flashing a smile.
"Hi. My name's Dani. I'll be joining your college as part of my exchange student program for this semester. I hope to create memories and gaining unforgettable experience from and with every each one of you."
Everyone in the class clapped at her introduction. They are very welcoming.
"Okay. Go ahead and take a seat first because I have some briefings for the rest of you. Oh, and call me Dr. Feldman. I also hope you brought extra clothes because it's a physical class."
"Oh yes. Of course I brought them. Thanks for telling me.
Dani took her seat next to a tousle haired girl in a sporty attire.
"Hi," she said as Dani is seated on the floor with her.
"Hi," Dani replied. "What's your name?"
"Leah. Nice to meet you and I hope you're having a good time here."
"I hope so." Dani said enthusiastically.
"By the way," another voice interrupted them from behind. "My name is Sean. We're friends. And this girl you're sitting next is a big deal. She's kinda famous."
"Stop it," Leah gushed, her cheeks are turning pink.
"But you are!" Sean said. "She's one of the most influential young people in this generation!"
"Sean, now you're getting too much," Leah said.
"I'm just hyping my bestfriend. Nothing's wrong with that," he said.
"You're an artist?" Dani finally asked.
"Yeah. You can say that."
"That's interesting."
Before they could continue with their conversation, Dr. Feldman began the class by briefing the syllabus and what they're expecting this semester. Later on, he brought all the students to start warming up. Dani changed her skirt into leggings for the class. At lunchtime, Leah and Sean invited Dani to with sit with her and her group of friends.
"Who is this?" said a guy with a buzzcut who's taking his seat next to Leah.
"The new exchange student," Leah answered as she gave him a wink.
"Ahh... You're taking Drama with Leah too?" he asked.
"Yeah. It's my major," Dani replied.
"Oh cool. I'm in dance faculty by the way," he said.
"By the way, Dani, this right here is Jay. He's my boyfriend. He's in music," Leah said as he took a seat next to her. "And that's Ralph."
"From dance faculty too," Ralph said as he shake hands with Dani.
"So you're the new exchange student huh?" Jay began. "You must be one of the smart ones. Because it's hard to get here. Even for the rest of us."
"Including you too, Leah?" Dani asked. As soon as she said it, everyone on the table turned to look at Leah who immediately stopped munching her food.
Leah scoffed. "Yeah. The audition process was hard enough."
Dani nodded with a smile. Leah's friends gave each other sarcastic stares after she said that.
"Something's wrong?" Dani asked, realizing it.
"Oh no. Nothing," Sean cuts in. "Anyways, we hope you're having a good time here."
"I know I will," Dani replied.

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