Project 481

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"What are you? You are magnificent-- my only success. You are a lethal weapon designed to kill my enemies. I give you the name Deianira, destroyer of man. You will answer to me and only me. If you disobey me, I will punish you myself. Is that understood, little thing? "Most importantly, you are mine." ......................................................................... Dade, the dark prince of Ynoga, orders his scientists to experiment and make a female creature to do his evil biddings. After 480 failures, the royal researchers have finally presented him with a perfect result. She's tiny but lethal, her beauty a perfect distraction for her victims. But, what he didn't expect was for Project 481 to form an unbreakable attachment to him. After breaking and branding his new weapon, Prince Dade realises that his enemies aren't out on the battle field, but right in his own court.

Thriller / Fantasy
Avyanna Fè
Age Rating:

01 | A Success

With my hands in the silk pockets of my suit, I follow the small blue-haired servant through the dark halls of my castle. The soft light from the chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings reflects off the gold lining the crevices of the hallway. Black curtains cover the windows and stop the cold draft from nipping at the ankles of the servants who roam the halls when I’m not around.

As the Dark Prince of Ynoga, everyone fears me. They quake when I walk into the room because of my ominous power. Even the girl leading me down to the labs underneath the castle shivers and holds herself when my gaze lands her back. Her soft flats make no noise of the freshly waxed floor, the only sound filling the air is the heel of my shoes hitting the tiles.

We make it to the heavy arched iron doors when a set of guards surround us. The girl seems to relax a bit as they heave open the doors and lead us down the long winding stairs. Impatient, I check my watch for the third time and sigh heavily. I have to attend a meeting with the Lords of the western half of the kingdom and go over the new territory gains in about an hour.

Once I step through the last set of thick doors blocking off the labs, the blue-haired servant runs off. My guards spread out around the room, two staying behind me as I stand in the middle of the stark white room. Several silver tables lined with medical instruments and vials filled with dark substances and potions are pushed against the walls. The door at the end of the room opens up to reveal a red man with long horns protruding out of his forehead.

“Ah, Prince Dade! You’ve made it just in time, your majesty. We’re just finishing up.”

Eli, the head scientist of the Royal Labs, claps his red hands and adjusts his white lab coat. Casually, I walk over to the door and peer over his square head to see an enormous cauldron sitting on top of the industrial burner. Eli leads me into the room, shutting and bolting the door back before stepping in front of me. The dim lights above allow me to see the splatters of black ichor lining the rim of the cauldron as whatever inside bubbles and lets out a delightful stench.

“You summoned me with a promise of good results yet you are not finished?”

“Well, you see, your majesty. We’ve completely changed the formula and the tests we’ve run have all come back magnificent. I know for sure this time, it’ll be perfect.”

“Do you, now? If I’m not satisfied I will feed you to Larcus.”

The man shudders at the mention of my two-headed dog. I’m known to feed him well with people and creatures who displease me.

“Yes, my Prince, I am aware.”

“Now, get on with it.”

“I would like to present to you: Project 481.”

The red man claps his hands and sends out orders to the other scientists to get the weapon ready. Switches are flipped and lights dimmed further as the cauldron begins to boil rapidly. I narrow my eyes as a hand pops out the black liquid and grips the edge of the pot. Another does the same and pulls a body out of the liquid. The creature slips out of the cauldron and lands on its feet, dripping ichor onto the tiles.

I watch in minor surprise as it appears in front of one of the pale twins and sinks its pointy teeth into his throat. Blood gurgles in his mouth as the new creature rips out his throat and drinks the blood running down his open wound. The corner of my lip begins to curve upwards as the creature releases the dead man and stumbles away. Its creators scatter around, trying to get out of the way of my new weapon as it searches for more food.

As the creature tilts its head up to the ceiling to sniff the air, the ichor slowly drips off its body to reveal smooth pale skin, ample breasts, and wide hips. Sharp poisonous nails drip with Ichor as it leaves her thick legs and runs down her calves. Just a few more adjustments and she’ll be perfect for what I need. She twirls on her bare feet, settling for the scent of a tall lanky worker with dark eyes and blue hair.

Running my tongue over a sharp canine, I grab a scalpel from off the table next to me and approach from behind. I make a deep incision down my wrist with the pointed edge and flex my arm to get the blood flowing. The creature freezes as I place my hand over her closed eyes and let my dark red blood fall onto her lips. Her pointy teeth flash before digging into my skin with a sharp slice. Breathing deeply, I pull the creature into my chest, despite the residual ichor leaking onto my suit from her dark hair.

The feeling of her feeding from my wrist sends delight coursing through my body as I reexamine the way she moved earlier. Heightwise, she’s generally tiny compared to the females I’ve courted. But her first kill was nearly as tall as I so I suppose it’ll have to do.

“I want her to look more natural to deceive the enemy. Add marks on her sides, thighs, and hips.”

“We’ll have to scar it but otherwise, your thoughts?”

“She’s… fine.”

She’s more than fine, I think to myself as she slowly releases my wrist, blood covering her mouth and dripping down her chin. Tilting her head to the side, I allow Eli to approach and sedate her to do more testing.

“When you’re done, clean her and take her up to a room.”

A guard in golden armour takes her from my hands and brings her back into the all-white room. I teleport up to my lavish room and change out of my dirtied clothing into a fresh dark blue three-piece suit. Twisting the golden band around my brown finger, I contemplate how long it will take for her to be ready to leave the castle. Of course, for her to do infiltration missions, I’ll have to brand her so no one can take her from me.

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