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The Story About Wingston City

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This story is based on a city called Wingston. and its underground things. A 16-year-old girl who wants to start her amazing life would be ended up having a bad school year. but also have an exciting year. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Chapter One

The beginning of the darkness

In the north side of America, there’s a small city called Wingston. in that city everything seems perfectly fine. But just like other cities in the country, Wingston has darkness too. People in that City called it Muggers. The outside of the town called it Deadston or Gangster of blood. Here’s what happened. In this small city, there’s a scary thing called Underground. And it has four groups of gangs. 1st group is called Nine-tenths. The Nine-tenths is a group of teen gangsters who are attending high school this year. 2nd one is Street slugs. This group is a little bit scary because they use violence and drugs to make money. And 3rd group is the Red triangle circus. They are the ones who do the most of the illegal things. The last but not least one is the Headlock. They are the mastermind in these so-called underground things like drug deals, rape, violence, alcohol, murdering. And with all of this, A 16 years old girl gets ready for her amazing life to start Abby Chole is a 16 years old girl who gets ready for her high school life with her best friend, Stella Smith. Abby’s mother. Ashly chole is a police chief in the Wingston police department (WPD). Her father. Nick Chole has murdered by the leader of Headlock. Ashly knew everything about her husband’s murder, but she didn’t have enough proof to prove it. A little by little murder case got cold. Without any movement, the case got closed. Most of them happened to be a lot of tragedy for both of them. That’s why her mother insists go to see a therapist. As for the high school Abby will attend to The Wingston High School, where’s the four underground gangs are attending. The night before high school starts, Abby was so excited for her first day of high school. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that the next day would be horrible.

The next day morning Abby went to school. She finds her best friend in front of the gate waiting for her ” Hey, I have been waiting for you here for decades, ” Stella said. ” Oh! I’m sorry I got up a little bit late, ” Abby replied while hugging Stella. Here is the first time they hugged each other after a long winter break. Abby hasn’t slept a bit since last night because of the excitement. ” I hope that we get the same classes so that we can spend time together, ” Abby said while walking close to the announcement board. ” Yep, The same thinking, ” Stella replied while looking at the board. They both were surprised and also happy because they got the same classes. Unfortunately! The first gangster group Nine-tenths is also taking those. The Nine-tenths gangster leader is Tyler Cooper. He was very popular among girls when he was in wingston middle school. However, Abby saw him and his crew just passing by and got very curious about them. So she asked Stella, ” Do you know these guys? ” while pointing at them. Stella replied, ” well, I know that those guys were in some of the underworld gang and probably isn’t good, ” hearing it, Abby got a little upset. ” what about that guy?” Abby asked while looking at Tyler. ” I don’t know much about that guy but, His name is Tyler and, same age as us. He has a sister who’s a year younger than us, ” well, as you suspected, Abby got more curious about him. So she decided to get close to him, she starts talking to him about those things that both of them didn’t know, The first time. Abby tried to talk to him, Tyler ignored her. Abby always makes time for both of them to get to know each other more, But she didn’t know that the worst thing would happen because she met Tyler. ” I’m so glad that I met you, Abby. ” Tyler said while walking toward the gate, ” Me too, Tyler then, see you tomorrow, ” Abby said while waving her hand ” Yeah, see you, ” Tyler said while waving back, Then she came home. Abby went to her room, closed the door, and start writing her diary. Abby wrote about happy things that happened today, especially meeting Tyler was her priority, and finally hugging and meeting Stella.

Now, to the dark time. Tyler is 16 years old teenager who has a 15-year-old younger sister named Bella. His father was the leader of Nine-tenths back in his time. Nine-tenths don’t do any illegal stuff because they have a vow to them. It’s ” stay together, and become stronger, ” which means Nine-tenths got each other back and going to become stronger without doing any illegal stuff. But a big misunderstanding leads them to a big fight with the other three groups of gangs. I forgot to mention before those four groups hate each other. Any time those guys are waiting to start a war between them, then Tyler met Abby. He thought she is a kind and sweet girl who wants to get to know him. Abby and Tyler have darkness deep inside their heart that they didn’t notice. After school, Abby was going back home. But she heard two people are arguing in the back of a building. Suddenly a scream of a man too. She quickly looked there to know what happened. She got shocked. She saw a man lying down the street in a bath of blood. She also saw someone standing beside him. It was Tyler. Abby almost passes out there. She could barely speak, ” Tyler, What did you do? ” Abby screamed. Tyler got shocked hearing her voice. ” Abby? What the hell are you doing here? ” Tyler asked. ” I was passing by and heard a scream. What are you doing? Did you hurt him? Did you kill him? ” Abby was freaking out. Tyler came close to her, ” Abby, don’t freak out. I didn’t do anything. I also came here hearing the scream. But the murder was already gone.” Tyler said while comforting her. ” What should we do now? ” Abby asked because she couldn’t think straight. ” We should hide the body, ” Tyler said. ” hide the body? No! we should call the cops. I’m calling my mom. ” Abby, said while dialing her mother’s number on her phone. ” No! please don’t call cops or your mother. If you do, we may get into trouble. Just think about it. We are the only ones who saw this. Without any witnesses, we will be guilty of this. Do you want to go to jail for a crime that you didn’t even do? ” Tyler convinced her not to call cops. Both of them decided not to call cops. And they start to think about where could they hide the body. ” how about we burn it? ” Abby asked. ” That’s a good idea. First, we have to clean here, destroy any evidence and, we have to get our self-clean too, ” Tyler replied while starting to move that body. Just like that, everyone’s nightmare starts to begin.

End of chapter one…

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