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Chapter 2: The Escape

Narrator: Himma Yakoob:

As any human would in such a situation, I ran. I was dizzy, disoriented, the sight of that robotic creature leaving my heart pounding, it's hungry gaze warning me that I was next.

Needles pricked my legs, but I ran anyway, up the stairs to where our landlords lived.

Downstairs, the machine that had slaughtered a man right before my eyes tore down the rest of the gate, shredding it like it was paper with the chainsaws fixed as it's arms. It let itself in, it's metallic toes sinking into the blood spread on the tiled floor.

Hurriedly, I banged on the door of my landlords, and when no one answered, I showed an act of disrespect and tried opening it. Fortunately, it was unlocked, but unfortunately, someone was inside.

"What are you doing here?!" The youngest son of the landlords was home alone, it seemed. I cursed under my breath, and pulled the ten year old closer towards the balcony.

"Look kid, we're in big trouble." I said with a shaky tone, and he nodded while pointing outside.

"I saw. Machines everywhere, killing people." His voice held a sob, and I fought the urge to break down into sobs myself.

Right then, we heard the clanking of footsteps on the stairs. "Hurry," I pushed him through the door of the balcony, and very sternly instructed: "Jump."

"Are you crazy?!" The boy looked bewildered.

"Yes, and I also don't want us to die." I joined him at the railing, and by the looks of it, we could make the jump without breaking any bones. The wiring lining the top of the gate was something to look out for, so we needed to jump far enough to avoid it.

"Come on, get onto the railing." Since he wouldn't move on his own, I demonstrated, placing a foot into the white grille, ussuring the kid to do the same.

Reluctantly he followed, and then, on the count of three, we both jumped off, landing in the bed of the front garden.

I coughed as one side of my ribcage hit the ground hard, but got up fast, looking for the boy. He was right beside me, shaking off dirt, and before the machine could notice us, I took hold of his hand, and began to walk out into the road.

"Himma Baji, look at the bodies!" He cried beside me, but I refused to look, too focused on finding safety.

"Don't look and just keep walking." Right when I said that, a hollow high-pitched scream came from behind.

It was that hideous robot, now in full display. One of it's chainsaw-like hands whirred with delight, while the other with the tall blade attached to it clipped open and shut, as if it were a pocket knife. The blood on it was fresh, probably from that poor man it had impaled.

It stared at us with it's triangular eyes, red and glowing, while it's heavy feet clamped forward, leaving footprints of blood.

My heart pounding, I watched it advance, and it seemed me and the boy were the only ones left on its target list. Everyone else was already dead.

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