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Heavily H.P Lovecraft inspired!

Thriller / Mystery
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History of the Night

Located in the moonlit meadows of Glenshall, a warren of rabbits reside. The spirits of the land roam solely after nightfall when the luminescent orb of the night is at its peak. The speckled sky reflected by the traversing milky lapin, guarded by the towering field encircling the shadows. Peacefully quiet and ever so placid, an ideal whereabouts to compose oneself. A place where time and space are not confined but instead are unlocked. Allowing encounters incomprehensible to the human mind, enlarging our perception of the universe. That is where I found myself on the bitter night of July 14th 1999, the first of numerous visitations. A place only accessible within nocturnal visions, when reasoning isn't vital. All my senses seemed to be increased tenfold, granting the ability for me to absorb the scenery. From the gentle wind carrying the scent of lavender to the sound of the calm small streams running through the grassland.
That is where I spotted it. The ebony black swirling snake, with alarming blood-red eyes, peering within my mind. Reading my thoughts, feelings, and submerging them in a jet black tar-like substance. Consuming the marvellous land in front of me, transforming the night somehow darker. All the shimmering stars dimming to nothing, along with the crescent moon, leaving me in total darkness. The sweet aroma was hastily replaced with the stench of decay, unlike anything I had smelled before.
This was the point in the dream where I expected to awake, yet, there I stayed in the void of nothingness for what seemed like an eternity.
When I finally came too, I could no longer speak. I had forgotten how fresh the air was and how bright was the morning sun. I began to appreciate being alive during the day and dreading the nighttime. The once charming meadows of Glenshall had become the place I feared the most. With every visit, the snake would devour a part of me. Yesterday, when I had my nightly visit with the devil, I felt my soul wither. When I woke, I knew my next visit would ruin me. After that, I did not know. Would I stay there? Would I return to the world of day?
That night, I went to sleep knowing I might not wake up. One would think that it would be frightening, yet, I didn't feel much at all. My soul has, slowly over time been consumed by darkness, acceptance came naturally.
Once again I was met with the familiar scene of Glenshall. The night air felt colder than usual, and the land gave off an uneasy feeling as if to warn me. I stood there, waiting to meet the black snake, but he did not come. Instead, out of nowhere, a figure appeared ahead of me, but it was too dark to make out their features. I yearned to advance, yet my feet were bound to the earth, like roots of a tree. Observing them from afar, they studied the new world around them, as I had for the first time. Abruptly my feet began to tingle, glancing downwards black engulfed my skin, leaving a swirling mass in its place. I spread like sickness across the angelic landscape. Absorbing all the light, the calmness, slowly refilling my soul. I felt somewhat whole again, I wanted more, to feel again! In a matter of seconds, everything was gone, but my hunger had not subsided. There I stayed, starved and restless, waiting for the next visitor of Glenshall.

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