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His precious

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Avaline rose Shepard is a 19 year old abused omega Xavier Reid is the 20 year old alpha king He’s ruthless She’s innocent He’s an asshole She’s a sweetheart Can his pure and innocent mate but the one who softens him up? Can her violent and rude mate be the one she isn’t afraid of?

Thriller / Romance
Mika flores
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Avaline’s POV

YOU CALL THIS CLEAN BITCH?!?” He spat in my ear, and punched me in the face.

“If he wanted the floor cleaned to perfection he should do it his damn self” my wolf whined.

“Mila! He’s our alpha, we must do what we’re told”

“Why can’t you see that we shouldn’t be treated this way” she growled at me.

“We deserve it, we are the reason mama was killed. I don’t like it either but alpha says we deserve it so we do”

“I wanna find mate, maybe he will show you that this isn’t how one should be treated” my wolf whimpered.

“What if he hurts us just like Chris?”

“He’s our mate! He wouldn’t do such.”

“You never know mila! We can’t trust anyone.”

“I’m not having this argument again,” with that, she cut off the link.

I was in the middle of cleaning, not even done, when alpha Chris came storming in the living room. He started saying how I broke his rule by not being done with my chores when he gets back. He usually returns around 9 pm. Its only 7:00.

Alpha Chris has a lot of rules- no that’s not right. There not rules. Their....I don’t even know the term for them. Any single thing I do I get punished for. If I do much as breathe a get the belt. But the absolute one thing alpha hates the most, is when I stutter. When I stutter, I get 20 lashes on my back. And I stutter a lot. And the worst part is I don’t do it on purpose, it’s always out of fear. So I try my absolute best not to. I haven’t stuttered once today and Mila is very proud of me. I am too-

“ARE YOU LISTENING SLUT?!” Alpha Chris yelled while beating me with a belt.

“Owie” i muttered while alpha Chris whips me.


Ive always been like this, naive and childish. Innocent even. I don’t know why I have ‘matured’ as alpha Chris calls it.

Mila growls, “He doesn’t have to use the belt on us for something as petty as this.”

“We deserve it, we can never do anything right, not even clean the floor.”

Im so darn useless. I deserve everything he does to me. That’s what he tells me all the time. I believe him. I cant even clean the floor fast enough. Darn.

“I’m sorry alpha. I accept your punishment for my misbehavior.” Even though This has been happening for 10 years, i still didn’t like his punishments. But I knew what they were so I prepared myself mentally for them. Luckily he never switches up, I knew what my punishment would be based on what I had done. Like right now, he’s gonna deny me food for a week.

He never uses me, or as Luna Aileen calls it “sexual punishments” unless I embarrass him in front of other alphas or guests. Which I suppose I should be thankful since we don’t have visitors very often. I don’t like the sexual punishments because I end up feeling sore down there.

“No food for a week, maybe then it’ll teach you not to defy me. Now go to your room, we’re having guests in 5 days and they don’t need to see your filthy face. You better be obedient in front of them, you know what happens if you aren’t.” He said with a filthy smirk and walked away.

I’m beyond ecstatic. Even if I’m denied food for a week, we have guests in 5 days. That means no beatings for 5 days as well. Alpha doesn’t want our visitors to see my bruises because he didn’t want anyone to rescue me.

“Come on dear let’s get you cleaned up” Luna Aileen said softly.

“Yes Luna”

“Now now dear, I thought we discussed this. You may call me Aileen, since you are my favorite of course.” She smiled while walking us to my room.

We walked slowly and cautiously, careful of the welts that are forming on my back. Some had hit the back of my thighs which made walking hurt even more. Ouch.

Aileen has been a mother figure for me these past 9 years, due to the fact that my mother is dead. Worse part is I know how she died, because alpha chris killed her in front of me.

And its all my fault.

When I was little girl, at the ripe age of 9 the alpha took interest in me, being sweet and loving, giving me anything I wanted. Then he told my mom that he wanted me as his slave. My mom said she would rather die then accept that. And that’s what happened. He slit her throat with in front of me and took me as his slave anyway.

As for my father, mama told me that while she was pregnant with me there was an ambush on our pack. She was in the pack house while father was around the territory. Mama was kidnapped by alpha Chris, which means Silver Moon is not my original pack. She never the name of our original pack, for what reason I don’t know. She told me all this right after Alpha told her he wanted me as his slave, to show me he is a bad man and should never be trusted.

Alpha tells me all the time that my is dead because of me, I don’t know how seeing as how I didn’t physically harm her, but Chris has told me this so many times I started to believe him.

After a year, alpha Chris found his mate, Aileen. She wanted to reject him when she found out what he does to me, but he threatened her life as well as the lives of her parents and younger brother. So she stayed. And as selfish of me it is, I’m grateful she did. If it weren’t for her and her kind nature, i truthfully wouldn’t have made it.

That and the fact that I won’t take my life without my wolfs consent. If I die, so does she, and she wants to find out mate before making rash decisions. That doesn’t stop me from cutting though. While Alpha Chris finds his release in using and abusing me, I find it in cutting. Both very sick I know, but at least my way doesn’t mentally scar anyone for life.

It scars us you asshat” Mila huffed.

“At least i don’t find release in torturing others like Chris”

She cut off our link after that because she knew I was right. While I am a werewolf, I don’t find pleasure in hurting others.

“Dear? Are you alright? I’ve been cleaning your back and I haven’t heard a peep out of you. Even when I used the alcohol.” Aileens eyes filled with concern and worry.

“I’m alright Aileen, just talking to Mila.”

“Hmm well now I need you to sit up so we can ice that eye of yours.” She looks at my forming black eye with a sorrowful look on her face.

“Yes lu-“ she raised an eyebrow, “Yes Aileen.”

“Good girl.”

I always loved praise no matter who it was from. After alpha Chris was done telling me the things I had done wrong, Aileen would make it her mission to tell me all I had done right so I didn’t feel as bad.

She holds the ice pack up to my eye for ten minutes before the ice starts to melt.

“Well now that I’m done, let’s go get you some lunch now shall we” Aileen moves from my bed and makes her way to the door.

“WAIT!” I call out. She turns around and looks at me with concerned eyes. “What is it dear?”

“Alpha Chris has denied me food for a week. If he finds out I ate he will hurt me.” She growls in response.

“My dear you need food, your only 100 pounds,” I don’t understand why she wants me too eat? She said it herself I’m 100 pounds. If anything i need to lose more weight.

Alpha started denying me food when he started denying me the ability to go out and run around the territory. He said since I’m not running, I don’t need to eat. Due to this, Mila hasn’t been out in 6 years, i also haven’t shifted since then.

“Please Aileen, let it go. I don’t want more punishment.” I pleaded. “Please.”

She sighs and looks at the floor, all while still having her hand on the door. “Okay sweetheart, if that’s what you want. Ill take my leave now.”

“Thank you!” I beam with happiness. The fear of having another punishment slowly goes away.

“Mind-link me, should you feel ill, Goodbye.” And with that, she leaves.

20 minutes later, I hear Mila whimper.

“What’s wrong Mila?”

“I want mate” she whines

“We’ll find him sooner or later, don’t lose hope.”

“Im not but I’m getting impatient”

So am I.

Day before guests arrive

I’m in the kitchen washing dishes when all of a sudden I hear a loud crash. I abruptly turn around to see beta Wilson and 20 broken plates scattered around him.

“The fuck is this doing here? Clean this shit up runt.” He sneered. I knew better then to talk back, but something in me decided to be bold.

“It wasn’t there before you came.” I whispered while looking at the floor. And even though it was a whisper, I knew he heard it.

“The fuck did you say bitch?” He slowly and calmly walked towards me, which scared me more then when he yelled because this is when he’s most dangerous. “You DARE talk back to me?!?” He yelled out. In a spilt second, his hands were wrapped around my neck essentially choking me to death.

ENOUGH” Alpha Chris bellowed out using his alpha voice which caused me and beta wilson to turn around and look at him. His hands still around my neck. “You will not lay a hand on the runt, we have guests coming tomorrow and I don’t want them to see her bruised.”

Wilson turned back around to face me. He then got in my ear and whispered, “You got lucky this time bitch.” He sneered, all while giving my neck a harsh squeeze before he pulled away.

“Clean this mess slut,” Chris says while waving his hand in the air in a disgusted motion.

That could have been a lot worse” I said to mila.

That’s sad, you know that right?”

I sighed, “ I know.”

I cut off the link and started to clean the mess beta Wilson made.

I have a theory” mila says


“What if one of our guests is our mate?”

I quickly stop what I’m doing and growl, “don’t give me false hope like that.”

“Who said its false? Maybe I’m right.”

I wish you are.

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