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Day to day musings

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Here I am going to share my random thoughts, or just pick up any topic and express myself.

Thriller / Mystery
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Glimpse of childhood memory

"Always ends up with wet eyes and cheerful smile
Whenever I wander through the chapter of my childhood life"

So it's was any random morning

Mom was trying to wake us up. Me and my younger brother, who is only two years younger than me.
Those mornings used to hit different because the only worries we have been going to school and what to play. We were not even worried about the homework.
The day started with a fight between me and my sibling regarding 'who bath first?'.
Every morning there was a rush of excitement that we got to see the same faces again. The mind always runs around what will happen today, how we going to spend our day. What new story we get to know.
With this enthusiasm, we got ready for school and went to the stop where we wait for the school bus. That was a huge place in front of our house covered with soil and few trees owned by us.
As we fought a lot about who steps up on the bus first, to solve the conflict we settle on a rule 'whoever reaches the spot first, will get the chance to step up first ' simple.
That's the place where six buddies gather every day, that was not just the place for us but it was a special location that gave us priceless recollections that never fail to curve our lips.
Those were the days where we don't know how to be angry with someone for a long time, where we don't know how to be mean and the smile makes things all good. We don't hold grudges of yesterday, we don't even worry about tomorrow. We live in the present and that makes every moment perfect with countless memories, impossible to forget.
Every day all of us reach the place 30 minutes before the arrival of the bus. At that time we utilize to perform just one task that was playing.
We play different games like police and the thief, ice and water, wood and iron, long-chain and many more.
That was time we spent with real people in the real world instead of sitting indoor just like today's generation with gadgets and the virtual world. They will never know what they are missing.
Most of the time we play police and thief. It was one of our most played games. We made two teams the girls vs the boys. 3 girls and 3 boys. We are cousins, not closely related but distant ones only in the definition of societal relationships. We were far more closely than that. Our hearts beat together. We spent almost the entire day in each other's company.
Sometimes hours feel like minutes, time flew so quickly and yes actually time moves so fast. Things are different now, totally different than we expect.
After the arrival of the bus, we scatter to sit at different places, during school we used to meet during lunch breaks and after reaching home reunited, wohoooo.
After we changed the uniform and having lunch again, we ran towards my grandfather's room so that we can watch our favourite shows on television. Mom used to scold us that it's afternoon, it's hot outside and you will disturb your grandpa's afternoon nap and so on, but who cares we were the little rebels, ready to fight anything that comes between them and their fun time. After that, we rescue the other two cousins from their mother's trap so that we all watch the shows together. Then, the six of us gathered in the same area to play outdoor games. Most of the time we played hide and seek and cricket. Two of our favourite games.
I still remember how we placed the 10 bricks one over another as our wickets. Again girls vs boys but sometimes we intermixed the teams.
During hide and seek, we have the entire village to hide but with some conditions. This game always thrilled us because it's fun to hide anywhere, sometimes we even exchange the footwear or jackets during winters and hide in such a way that we get caught and resulted in spitting the wrong name by the seeker then we all shouted in pure happiness and joy. That was fun.
There was an abandoned place which was sort of school not too huge but just like two rooms. That place still gives spooky vibes, but there is nothing to scare. I think the condition and growth of wild plants make it looks like this. It is connected with our buffalo's shelter with a window, sometimes we jump through the window and hide there. It becomes hard for the seeker to find also because we switched the places within minutes so that the person cannot spot us.
After that, we used to play cards, with little cheating during shuffling and distributing but that can be easily spotted and then begins all the hooting and shouting, giggling and loud laughter which makes our day perfect and then cached up with each other about what's going on or what happened today.
We woke up the next morning with the same emotions and same intentions

But one day we woke up and nothing was the same anymore. Not the people, not the place, not that waiting thing for the school bus, no fights, no cricket, not the melodious sound of our laughter, no joy, no excitement. Nothing.
Everything went silent because all of us fell apart
But we still own the most beautiful gift, the treasure which no one can seize 'the memories'.
The memories make us feel still connected while currently, we are miles apart.
Still hope we will meet someday at the same place, waiting not for the school bus though but for each other. Shouting names from distance, catch up with what's going on and relive the moments again with fresh memories.

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