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Chapter 12

Simon swallowed hard as both he and William looked at everything they loved being held before them at knife point. The long six inch stainless steel blades gleamed in the moonlight as William’s mother, Natalie and Jennifer stood before them. Simon clenched his fists and counted six men, three with blades to the necks of the women three more with silencer fitted sub machine guns leveled at himself and William. He could feel his two 9mms pressed against the small of his back, but knew that any attempt to reach for them now would be suicide. The women appeared listless and drawn, none more so than Jennifer and Simon understood that this made sense. Pierre needed to maintain complete control and must have figured that once Jennifer, like they had, understood that there was no way out of this alive she would fight for her life until the bitter end.

“Insurance!” came the familiar voice booming from the left most sedan.

“You do understand that I could take no chances with you two. You have proved yourselves to be highly resourceful and costly to me in particular in the past.”

Zipping open his jacket, Simon removed a large brown manila envelope and swallowed hard before he spoke.

“Everything we have is here…everything, and it’s all yours.”

The laughter came almost as suddenly and lasted what seemed like an eternity before finally dieing away.

“You disappoint me Mr. Franz. You were an interesting, if not worthy adversary up until now, ably assisted by my grandson. But he is no surprise I know the cloth from which he is cut…I am almost saddened by how easy this has ultimately become.”

Simon could see the fury in William’s eyes and understood that even in William giving himself to his rage, his hate for Pierre that in some sick way Pierre had won.

“And now, inevitably I –”

The loud thunder clap stopped Pierre in mid sentence shattering the silence and stunning everyone present. Each moment of the next four minutes seemed an eternity.

The eyes of the three holding the women widened at the blast, and they turned reflexively in the direction of the noise. Michael covered the last fifty meters between himself and the sedans quickly. His first shot knocking the man to the right of William’s Mom off his feet.

Simon crouched and drew both 9mms from the small of his back firing three shots with deadly accuracy. The first tore into the forearm of the man holding Natalie before ripping a path through his neck. Next was Jennifer’s assailant, his head jerked back violently as the bullet entered his right eye and exited a large wound at the back of his head. Cheryl’s tormentor was moving to his right and Simon’s bullet caught him in the shoulder pushing him back but the blade remained fixed at her throat and as he adjusted for the pain the blade drew along her neck. But William was on him. He raced in a straight line to his mother hearing muted shots cracking the soil perilously close to his feet.

Michael was on the move again one shot fired into the air drawing the attention of the two standing gun men. As the man closest to him fired he dropped to one knee squeezing off three shots in succession, the assailant fell forward. The second man squeezed the trigger but the gun jammed and Simon was on him. Dropping his two guns he crouched catching the slim metallic edge of the weapon before it crashed into his skull. He used the momentum of the assailants intended blow and rose taking his body in the opposite direction before catching his neck in the strap of the weapon and breaking it.

He turned in time to see William locking the bladed hand of his mother’s assailant and punching him twice too the face. He broke the wrist, and the blade fell and in one fluid motion he removed one of hid sheathed whazzins and drove the blade through the man’s heart.

In the distance they could here the familiar wail of police and ambulance sirens, it made them all breathe a little easier, but there was still one person unaccounted for. The voice, Jean Pierre. Simon retrieved his 9mms and silently motioned to Michael to cover the other side of the left most sedan.

With guns drawn they swept the inside of the vehicle and almost gagged on the scent of fresh blood. There, in a perfectly tailored suit sat the motionless corpse of an athletic aged billionaire.

“Shit!!” Simon screamed as he banged the top of the sedan “It is you who disappoint me you fucking coward.”

As the squad cars and ambulances generated a cloud of dust and a buzz of activity on the baseball field they were still hours away from realizing that they would lose once more and that Jean Pierre would pull off his most amazing feat yet and return from the dead.

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