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Chapter 13


The only reason that light exists is because darkness must have a counter…to every yin a yang

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Northern Range Trinidad, W.I.;

It had been a year and a half since William had left the nightmare of those months behind him but the emotional scars still remained. Since then he had spent his time between Miami and his homeland studying forensic pathology and behavioral science being quietly groomed for the FBI’s sex crime unit.

His mother succumbed to her wounds two months after the incident and it nearly drove him over the edge. As faith would have it he met a childhood friend and she somehow found her way to his heart, still he guarded his emotions. It seemed that nearly everyone he held dear was destroyed because of him and he could not bring himself to sacrifice anyone again.

As he walked along the trail he could pick up the faint scent of a porcupine whose smell is better experienced than described. He heard the sweet song of birds in flight and could feel some semblance of peace for the moment. On these short trips home he spent most of his time alone and often wondered why he made the trips since it often reminded more of what he lost instead of how far he had come. But this was still home.

It was his last night here at the nature centre. At 4:30am in the morning he would already be up preparing to catch the first flight back out to Miami to complete his degree and then begin his training. She would be going back with him, and about this he felt very guarded. But he was happy to have her around, she reminded him of who he was and how it truly felt to be home. He knew he was distant at times but she allowed him his space and relied on their solid friendship.

As he made his way back to the main building he could see her sitting on the patio overlooking the lush vegetation. Birds fed from hanging feed stations and water baths as large iguanas ate fruit at the base of the steps. As she spotted him coming up the trail she smiled at him and waved and he waved back feeling the weight of past tragedies lifting, just a little, as his heart raced with the anticipation of what he hoped was a peaceful new beginning.

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