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#1: always keep a steady breath- #2: keep yourself sane- #3: do t trust the voices- #4: don’t risk your life- #5: DO not listen to the voices

Thriller / Action
Kasey Gentry
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Today wasn’t normal. I can tell you that. It started this morning.
I woke up to the alarm ringing in my ears.”Sheesh can’t you be any louder” slamming my fist on the alarm to make it stop. Hi, my name is Adam, and I’m 15. I live in an ordinary 1 story 3bed 2 bath house. Just plain and simple. I got up this morning and walked into my bathroom cleaning my face then doing all my other routines to get ready for school. “Adam get out here, your gonna be late!” My mom always seems frustrated since we’ve moved here to the city. I walk out to the kitchen and greet my mom grabbing some toast and my backpack then rushing outside to get to the subway for school.
On my way to school I met a strange woman. She came up to me and offered her card for me to become a model for her family store. Strange right? I don’t think I even look good, I’m just wearing my school uniform plain and simple. I turn down the offer of course.
My first day of school and it’s already been horrible. All of the kids have swamped me and tried to become my “buddy” but I tried to keep a distance knowing most of them were probably going to drop out of collage. And get this. The first teacher I met stared at me the whole class time and only talked about themselves and all of their achievements. Although this might not seem strange, it is for me. Most people would try to stay away from me, since I’ve been in that accident that always all over the news. But I’ll tell you about that later.
Towards the end of school, I was in my last class when I heard it. Someone shrieked in the hall and ran into our class. Everyone stared in confusion as she tried to catch her breath. The teacher, miss Mary stomped up to the girl and started making a big fuss.”what are you doing here? Cant you see your disturbing my class!” She yelled at the poor girl that seemed frightened from whatever had happened outside.
Once the girl had caught her breath everyone was in a panic. The alarms were now sounding off and the lights were out. I tried my best to keep calm but more screams from the hall made me panic. So I did the opposite of what I should’ve done and ran out of the class heading for the school entry.
That’s when I first saw the apocalypse creature. This wasn’t no zombie horror, these were true monsters. I only glimpsed it as I ran out. The thing was like a shadow or and animal of some sort with fur all over its black body. It was on the roof. And just like that I was out of the school and into the subway to get home.
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