The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

I could not wrap my head around spinning room. I felt like I was in a dream and Sheriff wasn't really in front of me, but instead a ghost of my nightmares. I blinked over and over hoping that he would soon disappear, but nothing happened. My mother looked in a daze, confused, and frightened by what was happening. I didn't understand what he would gain from this, but what his twisted mind and mine, I thought I had a good idea of his level of insanity. 

    "So Matthew, where is my daughter right now?" he asked me, with a very triumphant look on his face. 

    "She is safe and fine in a place she agreed to be - not locked in some dungeon by some vicious monster like you" I respond angrily 

    "So, she's not in your car outside with the doors locked?" he asked me, again with a victorious type of look on his face. 

    "...she is waiting for me...we came here together" I respond 

    "As you dragged her against her will?" he asks, clearly making assumptions out of something he knows is nothing 

    "I didn't do anything against her will. She wants to be with me" I respond through my teeth 

    "Hmm" he continues, "I don't believe you're her type Matthew - especially after you'll be arrested. My daughter doesn't date criminals" 

    "I am not a criminal!" I yell at him, losing my temper. I eased closer to him so I could look him in the eyes. I wanted to take my fist and smash it against his face

    "You know attacking an officer is against the law, right?" he asks me with a smirk

    "And so is beating your wife and daughter, but you don't seem to have a problem with that" I say as his smirk soon fades off of his face

    Before he could respond my mother's caregiver comes back in, 

    "Is there something wrong here officer?" he asks with worry on his face 

    "Sadly I'm going to have to take Mr. Johnson here to the station" he tells him and I shake my head disagreeing 

    "Sherriff, you can't take my son" I hear my mother say with terror in her eyes, "He didn't do anything wrong" 

    "We'll debate that in court ma’am" Sheriff replies and my mother starts going on a rampage. Her body starts to shake and she starts to scream at the top of her lungs. I didn't know what to do or how to calm her down. More officers came in as Sheriff forcibly placed handcuffs on my arms. Her caregiver ran toward her, with some type of syringe, placing it in her arm as her body slumps onto the bed. 

    "What did you just put inside her?!" I ask him, fuming with anger 

    "It'll help her sleep - she's having another episode" her caregiver responded to me, but there was not much more I could say as I was practically being dragged out 

    As I'm being pulled through the hallway many times roam through my mind. People were staring at me and this was possibly the first time I actually cared because in this moment my whole existence was made to seem as if I was a kidnapper, a delinquent - a criminal. If I were to ever get arrested, I would want it to be because I actually did something to deserve it and I wouldn't care what anyone else thought.

    Moving further down the hall Sheriff has a tight grip on me and he says to me in a stern, harsh breath

    "No one makes a fool out of me" he continues, "Not you - not anyone. You shouldn't have ever come here"

    I respond back, being the jerk that I am at times, "No one can make you a fool if you already are one"

    Sheriff twists my wrist and I cringe in pain at the feeling.

    "What was that?" he asks me angrily

    "Hey - save it buddy, we'll be at the station soon" another one of the officers said. I was glad for him stopping the madness, but I didn't want to know what they planned on doing with me at the station. With so little evidence against me I find it hard for them to keep me, but with little power over these policemen, they could do whatever they wanted a not a soul would bat an eye.

    More people stared at me as we made our way out of the building. Suddenly, Suzanne charged out the vehicle, wide-eyed and confused.

    "Dad, what is going on?!" she screams at him

    "I'm only trying to help you sweetie" he responds

    "What- what're talking about? Let him go now!" she screams again

    "I have to take him to the station"

    Before Suzanne could respond one of the officers that trailed us went over to Suzanne, hugging her tightly against her will exclaiming "It's so great that you're okay! Your father was so worried". I assumed she must've known her through her father.

    "Get off me!" she yells and continues, "Dad, you can't take Matthew to the station he didn't do anything wrong"

    "Yes he did. He assaulted me and kidnapped you. That's a crime" he responds, as if she didn't know that was all a lie.

    "Dad, you attacked him!" she says

    "Yes, because he would not allow me to see you - because he was holding you hostage" he tells her

    "Dad, you cannot do this. You are insane!"

    "If helping you makes me insane then that's what I am" he responds

    "So, who's going to protect me from you then? Maybe I need to put you in jail" she tells him, hurt in her eyes

    He simply ignores her and moves on to taking me into the police car. I try to fight away, but it was no use. I was outnumbered.

    "Dad, I'm never going to forgive you for this" she warns, as he's forcing my body into the back seat slamming the door.

    He again ignores her as if she had never spoken. Suzanne comes over to the window of the back seat and reassures me, "Don't worry - I'm going to get you out of this...we're going to finish what we started"

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