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Chapter: 9

As soon as I stepped my foot onto their land my phone rang. I quickly removed it from my jeans pocket, "god what now?" I sighed.

The moment I answered she started yelling that I should come back now or else there would be hell to pay.
Fuck it I am already trapped in hell…
I ended the call completely ignoring what my mother had said and stopped outside the Griffin residence.

"Come out and face me you fucker!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I paced their driveway. My phone began to ring, I looked down and my Roselle's number popped up. I answered and placed the phone to my ear.

Complete silence could be heard, "Rosey baby are you ok?" I whispered into the phone. As I looked around the neighbors stood scattered around just staring at me like I were an alien.

"Baaaby" she whispered, her voice filled with pain. I held onto my face and took in a deep breath. "My love I will be there as soon as possible, please try to get some sleep" I said as I swallowed the huge lump in my throat.

"Hey boy, get off the Griffin property!" A short man with glasses shouted as he pointed at me. The red headed lady next to him shook her head from side to side while her blue eyes stared at me in complete disgust.

"Dahlin, please come home. They aren't worth ruining your future over" she whispered.

I shoved past them and stopped on the pavement. Distant siren's could be heard, "run!" A voice in the crowd shouted. Without turning around I took to my heels and sped down the road. My bruised ribs cried out for me to stop but my mind knew that was a bad idea.

A few streets down and I was out of breath. "Hey! Hey you, Cougar's boy. Come here!" He shouted from the other side of the road.

I let go of my knees and looked up at the same man who had saved me from those
Willson boys the night before. "Come here!" He said through clenched teeth as he looked down the road.

"You wanna get killed?" He shouted as he stepped closer towards his open door. "Fine, have it your way" he said as he held onto his cream colored door.

"No, wait sir!" I shouted as I dragged my tired body towards him.
I should have slowed down while walking ten thousand miles to this place…

The sirens grew louder as I stepped onto his porch. He yanked me inside and shut the door behind him. He placed me on the couch and walked through two white swing doors. What if he's a serial killer and chops me into tiny little pieces? They will never be able to find me…
Shit I should have listened to mum but instead I let the rage take over…

He walked out carrying two cups and placed it on the glass coffee table in front of me. I picked up the green cup and placed it on my lips. A loud bang rang through my ears causing me to spill a bit on my jeans.

"Did you get him!" A squeaky voice shouted followed by light banging. She popped her head through the opening and removed her left black boot and tossed it on the ground.

"Oh thank God, for a second I thought you were a goner!" She shouted a bit out of breath.

"I'm Mr. Peters, that beauty over there is my daughter K.C" he said.
"Be careful, she has a sharp tongue!" He whispered as she slowly walked towards us. Her ginger curls fell perfectly upon her shoulders and her pink lips pouted out as she said hi.

I swallowed hard and extended my arm out. "Hi," I said softly.
Her big green eyes stared at me as she licked her pink lips. "Uhm, what were you doing on Mr. Griffin's lawn screaming like a lunatic?" She asked as she awkwardly let go of my hand and turned to face her father.

"He's lucky I told him to run dad, if he stayed there a moment longer they would have slaughtered him" she said dramatically as she turned her head around to look at me.

"I told you she has a sharp tongue," he said over her shoulder.

"Oh come on dad you know how those buffoons act, once one fool starts the whole community becomes pitchfork carrying monsters!" She shouted, turning her attention back to her father.

She walked towards an oak table against their white wall and pulled out a red lipstick. "Anyway I'm late for work, I'll see you later dad and as for you Cougars, keep yourself out of trouble" she whispered before popping her newly red colored lips together.

She looked around the lounge and found a pair of black high heels, bending down so that her ass was directly facing me she reached down and picked them up.

She then plopped herself down across me and placed them onto her feet. "Bye dad" she shouted as she got up and rushed out the moment a car honked outside.

He cleared his throat, getting my attention, "don't get any ideas young man!" He said sternly as he made himself comfortable on the single couch.
Mhan I'd like to bend her over that couch…

I got up immediately, causing him to flinch a bit. "Thank you Mr. Peter uhm I should be going now" I said with a dry throat.

"Look son, why don't you stay the night instead of going out there and risking your life" he said, his voice filled with concern.

The image of what her naked body looked like being slammed against the couch popped into my head. "N-no sir I couldn't" I said nervously.

My phone rang in my pocket. I pulled it out as fast as I could and ended the call. Shit my mums going to be a wrack..
"Call your parents, I will have a chat with them and let them know that you're perfectly fine," he said in the same concerned voice.

As soon as I hit the dial button he yanked the phone out of my hand. "Good evening this is Mr. Peter speaking, your son Cougar will be staying with me tonight," he said professionally.

My eyes shot wide open and my jaw hung, "I do not want to stay the night Mr. Peter I need to get home to my Rosey!" I shouted loud enough for my mother to hear.

"Hush Cougar, I'm trying to have an adult conversation and it is too late for you to be dwelling around in this place!" He shouted.

"Cougar! What a nickname you have given my Dahlin" she said with a bit of a chuckle.

Is she serious? I'm in a stranger's home. He could be a lunatic...!

"Please keep my son safe Mr. Peter" she said softly. I ran my hand down my face in disbelief. He turned around and gave me a thumbs up making the whole situation even creepier. They said their goodbyes without mentioning anything about my Roselle.

He walked over to a huge cupboard and pulled out a big floral blanket and matching pillow.

"There's food in the fridge, make yourself at home" he said as he handed it over to me.

"Why are you helping me?" I whispered.

"You remind me of someone" he said and walked away.

What a strange man, he doesn't know me yet he trusts me enough to stay in his house…
I wonder if his hot daughter will be back…

Fuck what's wrong with me...?
I laid out the thick blanket and pillow and switched on the television, after a few hours of comedy central I picked up my phone and called my love.

"Hello, hello she just fell asleep" my mother whispered into the phone.
"Are you ok my son, did anyone try to hurt you? Mr. Peter seems like a good soul"

"I'm fine mum, I guess he's a good soul for saving me twice" I blurted without thinking.

"Twice!" She said dramatically.

"Roselle's parents will be picking her up tomorrow morning," she said, letting out a soft sigh.

"What?" I shouted loudly, "that's the reason you wanted me to stay over!"
"I should have guessed."

"Is everything ok down there son?" He shouted from the top of the staircase.

"Mum I will see you bright and early," I whispered before hanging up.

"Yes sir everything is ok" I shouted back up at him as I tucked my phone underneath the pillow.
This is going to be a long night...

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