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Chapter: 10

I laid awake staring at the blank television, "most people turn the tv on" she said softly with her body leaning against the door frame.

My heart raced wildly in my chest as her yellow mini skirt hiked up to her thighs, wait she wasn't wearing that when she left here…
She noticed my confusion about the whole outfit change and pushed herself off the door frame like a sexy porn star.

"I'm an exotic dancer, you wouldn't tell on me now would you Cougar boy?" She said as she model walked closer towards me.
My heart felt as though it were about to explode in my chest.

"What is it with the whole Cougar boy thing?" I mumbled.
She was so close to me that if I reached my hand forward I could touch her.

Her perfume mixed with a touch of liquor hit my nose and I inhaled loudly.
"Do you like what you see?" She whispered seductively.

"N-no!" I whispered back as she ran her red fingernails up and down my blue jeans.

"Liar, I can smell the lust oozing out of every pore of your dreamy chocolate body!" She whispered into my ear. My hormones were on overdrive, I've never been with anyone other than Roselle.

She cupped her hand into mine and lifted me off the couch. My mind told me not to move but my dick had different plans.
I love Rosey, I love Rosey… I thought to myself as I followed behind her like a tame little pug.

She opened up her black room door which had a splash of silver and leaned against the frame. "Force is a crime!" She whispered. My stupid legs carried me through and I stood in pure amazement.

Her walls were painted black and a dim red light surrounded us. She gently pushed the door closed as I inspected her room. There were sexy pictures of her in lingerie hanging on the walls and a silver pole in the dead center.

"How does your father not know you're a stripper?" I questioned as I fiddled with her collection of perfumes.

"I prefer the term exotic dancer, it gives me more power!" She says with a bit of a giggle.

I looked into the oval mirror in front of me and before I knew it she was behind me. She wrapped her arms around me and ran her nails up and down my chest. "Do you want me?" She whispered into my ear, getting my lustful cock excited.

I took in a deep breath as she spun me around to look into her captivating big green eyes. She smacked her red lips against mine and like a fool I gave her access. Our tongues danced around one another's while I gently moved her closer to her round bed.

"I prefer my sex couch!" She whispered into my mouth.
"Perfect" I mumbled into her's as I changed direction.

Really, perfect? I've only ever seen this shit in porn videos…
I hope I can last…
Damn she's sexy…

She spun me around and forcibly shoved me onto the couch, "don't worry Cougar I will take care of you" she whispered down at me. The bulge in my jeans grew bigger, she seductively licked her lips and rubbed her hand across my now stiff front.

"Hmmm" she moaned as she stroked me up and down "I hope what they say is true!"

"And what is it they say?" I practically moaned up at her.

"Once you go black you ain't going back!" She whispered into my ear.

Oh fuck...

She pushed herself upright and walked towards her drawer, "ready?" She asked as she spun herself around showing off a pair of cuffs and a blind fold.

My eyes widened, "should I be afraid?" I asked, causing her to giggle sweetly.
"Not at all, after this you will be coming back for more!" She said as she slowly walked towards me.

She placed the blind fold over my head and everything went dark. She walked behind me and ran her fingers down my chest. My heart raced wildly in my chest as she gently placed one cuff onto my left hand, she pulled back and lifted my right hand. As soon as I heard the clicking sound and felt the restriction behind my back I knew I was fucked.

She helped me to my feet and unbuttoned my jeans, before I knew it my jeans hit the ground and she cupped her hand around my stiff shaft.

She pumped her hand up and down a few times before dropping my boxers. "Mhan on man I'm going to have a mind blowing night" she said as she shoved me onto the couch.

She placed her hands on my thighs and separated my legs. I licked my dry lips and waited in anticipation. After a few seconds I grew inpatient "are you just going to look at it?" I questioned.

She wrapped her warm mouth around my huge shaft and cupped the rest with her hand. She moved her head back and forth while her hand worked my bottom half which couldn't fit into her mouth.

She worked her tongue around the tip of my dick a couple of times before grazing her bottom lip against my vein. "Fuck" I moaned, my head tilted back as she worked her mouth against my hardness.

"I'm guessing you've never had a blowjob before?" She mumbled with my dick still in her mouth.

She worked me slowly, stopping every now and then to catch her breath. My stomach began to ache and I was so close to coming in her mouth when she stopped completely.

She lifted herself up and I heard her searching around for something, "what's going on?" I asked still out of breath from the amazing blow job she had inflicted on me.

"Ssh" she whispered.
A light plopping sound could be heard followed by a warm sensation around my shaft. "Oh fuck!" I moaned as it seeped into my skin.

"That will make us both feel triple the effect" she whispered as she got back onto her knees. She ran her tongue from my base down my shaft and back up again before plunging her mouth onto me.

My head rested back as she pleased me, the feeling of her hot mouth against my dick felt amazing. I imagined my hands around her ginger hair and my dick slamming into her dirty little mouth as she picked up the pace.

"I'm touching myself thinking about your monster cock being plunged in and out of me Cougar '' she moaned. The vibration of her moaning with me inside her mouth got me harder. If that's possible.

"Come for me, I want to taste you!" She ordered as she worked her mouth faster and faster while she rubbed her fingers harder against her heated up clit. My stomach muscles pulled stiff and before I knew it my cum shot into her mouth.

She gulped down hard while she still played with herself, "I'm about to come for you" she moaned loudly. A soft breath left her lips and just like that it was over.

Without time wasted she placed soft kisses on my inner thighs getting me worked up again. "That's it Cougar, be a good boy and stand for me!" She whispered as my dick rose.

She poured some of her amazing lube onto her hands and rubbed it up and down my shaft before turning herself around. She placed her legs on either side of me and teased my dick against her opening.

She gently lowered herself and gasped loudly, "fuck you're huge!" She moaned as my dick dug deeper and deeper.
Her fingernails dug into my sick as I stretched her tiny pussy.

"So big" she moaned as she tried adjusting to my size. Her little pussy wrapped tightly around me as she moved herself up and down. As soon as she got used to my monster she slammed herself down hard and moaned loudly.

"Yes, give me that tight little pussy!" I moaned as she picked up the pace slamming herself faster and faster against me. I couldn't hold back, the feeling of her tiny walls rubbing against my lustful dick made it hard. "KC I'm going to cum" I moaned as the sound of her butt hitting against my thighs filled up my ears.

"I'm almost there. '' she moaned loudly, sending me into a complete frenzy. My dick rose a few more inches and as her pussy gripped tightly onto my dick I exploded inside her.

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