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I was a normal teen who fell in love with a white girl, now my life is fucked. Everything was average until I was taken and put into slavery. Will I ever escape this torment? Only time will tell...

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Interracial relationship

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Racial discrimination
Sexual acts

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Isbn number: 978-0-620-97184-3

"Ssh" she whispered from under me as the sounds of heavy footsteps made their way up her staircase.

I tried holding it together as her warm pussy clenched tightly around me.
Why are they here?
They were supposed to be in Miami.

I was so close to coming that I felt my toes curl and my cock twitched inside her. It begged for a release while my stomach muscles knotted up. "Baby" I whispered against her neck trying to get her attention back onto me.

"Dahlin, my parents are home!" She said through clenched teeth. I placed my hands on either side of her and looked into her light blue eyes. I moved my hips slowly in and out of her which caused her beautiful face to look flustered. Her sweet moans filled up my ears as I unintentionally hit her spot.

"Honey, Roselle, are you asleep?" He shouted. He placed his hands upon the door knob and my anxiety levels shot through the roof. I shut my eyes and waited for her 6'8" father to walk through the door and catch me with my cock deep inside his daughter's forbidden hole.

She lifted herself up and let out a moan which barely reached my ears. "Relax, I locked the door," she whispered against my sealed lips.

Not only was this girl incredibly beautiful, she was intelligent too. I gave her access to my tongue which craved her passionate kisses.

Mrs. Griffin's slurry voice calling out to him could be heard from down the hall. "I really wanted to give her the gift we got in Miami!" He said before letting out a loud sigh and walking towards their room.

She placed her hand behind my neck and caressed my tongue with hers. My body automatically responded to her and I found myself penetrating in and out of her moistness once again.

She fell back against her white continental pillow and held onto her face as my strokes became harder and deeper. "I want to see your face when you orgasam Rosey" I said as I gently forced her hands away.

Her soft moans turned into loud ones as soon as I picked up pace slamming deep into her perfectly tight pussy.
I covered her mouth making sure that her parents wouldn't hear her and start breaking the door down.

With each deep satisfying stroke she called my name into my hand making it harder to control myself. I pounded faster in and out of her until her eye rolled back and her juices mashed with mine.

My tired body collapsed against hers and she wrapped her arms around me until our breathing went back to normal. I rolled onto my back and like always she placed her head upon my chest. "Why are your parents back so soon?" I asked as I stroked her curly red hair.

"I'm sure they probably had a fight now they are working their frustrations out" she said as soft laughter left her perfect pink lips.

"That's disgusting Rosey" I said with a bit of laughter.

"What? We just did the same thing" she said as she lifted her face. Her blue eyes twinkled and her lips curled into a smirk.

Knowing that look I picked up my phone and set it to vibrate in the next two hours which caused her to raise her brow at me. "We have class in a few hours baby I can't be walking around with a sore dick" I said.

She laughed softly as she hopped on, it didn't take much for her to get me excited all over again. This girl was amazing, just her laughter set my soul ablaze.

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