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Chapter: 3

Class was in the next hour and she refused to let me out of the house. I picked up my phone and she yanked it away, "get to your room!" She shouted holding my phone up at eye level.

I sighed softly, thank God it's locked.

I slowly strolled towards my room wondering what my Rosey would be thinking about me not pitching up.

"Fuck!" I shouted as I gently plopped myself down.
"She's probably going to think I got abducted, I should have texted her when I got into the cab."

Who is that man anyway?
I rested my head on my pillow and allowed the pain to subside until her ringtone started playing.

Please hang up…
Please hang up…

"Hello!" my mother shouted into the phone three times forcing my love to hang up.

"Who is Rosey Posey?" She shouted from the passageway before shoving my door open.
"This better not be some girl coming in the way of your future Dahlin" she shouted louder.

Roselle is the love of my life, not some girl but I couldn't tell her that she was already enraged.

"She's a girl from school, she probably wants to know if I had done my part of the assignment."

She rolled her eyes at me and practically threw my phone at me and walked out. Thank god for my fast mind.

I waited until she entered her room and closed the door before I called.
"Are you ok baby?" She asked in a concerned tone before her voice changed into an aggressive one.

"Lucas is going around telling everyone he had beaten you up!" She shouted.

"Rosey not so loud, I have a splitting headache no thanks to those cousins of yours" I said softly.

"I'm going to have them reported, how dare they!" She shouted once again.

"Roselle, please" I begged her, which brought her to her scenes.

If anyone had to find out the two of us were dating it would bring a whole lot of trouble knocking on both our doors.

Her father being the mayor of Razavuare Hills meant no stepping out of place especially when it came to dating. Just imagining the look on his face caused a little chuckle to escape my lips.

"I don't see anything funny about this situation Dahlin James Porter!" She said, causing me to laugh loudly.

"Dahlin, who the hell are you talking to?" My mother shouted from her room.

"No one mum!" I shouted back.
She let out a long hard sigh. "I know baby things will get better soon I promise, I love you with all of my heart and soul" I whispered into the phone.

I made a promise I could not keep just to make sure she stayed happy, all I wanted was to see my Rosey happy. She pressed her lips against the speaker and sent me a kiss which lightened my heart.

"I love you more baby, will I see you tonight?" She asked hesitantly.

"Would you want to see this face?" I joked.

"Of course you have a handsome face, I can't wait to sit on it," she teased. The day went by pretty fast and my mother was getting ready for work. "You better stay in this house Dahlin" she said sternly as she combed her beautiful black curly hair and tied it into a stiff bun.

Her light brown eyes stared at me through the mirror as she waited for my response.
I nodded my head in approval and walked her out. She kissed me goodbye and hopped into a cab.

I paid closer attention and noticed a smile form on her face, he rolled his window down and waved at me before taking off.
"Oh!" I whispered "that's how he knows her."

As soon as the car took off I made my way towards the shower and dressed in my black jeans, white Nike shirt and matching sneakers. I called up a cab and had him drop me a few houses away. The moment they hopped into their mustang I knocked on the door.

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