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Chapter: 4

My beautiful queen stood in the open doorway wearing a pink see through nightgown and fluffy pink slippers turning me on immediately.

I shoved her through the door forgetting that I was beaten up the night before and wrapped my arms firmly around her. "Is it time for dessert?" I asked seductively as I placed soft kisses upon her exposed neck.

She forcibly shoved me away and shouted "no!" Leaving me standing at the entrance in shock. She walked towards the kitchen and waited for me to follow her, "sit!" She shouted as she pulled a chair out for me.

What the hell's going on…?
I took a seat and watched as she took out two plates and walked towards the oven and removed a huge roast and baked potatoes. She smiled sweetly as she placed it down and pecked my lips.

"I made dinner my love" she whispered into my ear before taking a seat next to me. "Oh thank god, I thought I had done something wrong" I whispered underneath my breath.

"You have!" She said as she lifted up a knife and sliced through the roast. I raised my shoulders waiting for her to tell me what I had done wrong but instead she placed a piece of roast and potatoes onto my plate.

"You never eat food," she said with a smile on her face. "I always tell you to eat but you don't, there's always something else on your mind instead of food" she said with a wink and a bit of a smirk on her face.

As soon as we ate she did the dishes and searched for a movie online, the night was perfect until we heard their car pull into the driveway. She slapped her hand on her forehead and shouted "fuck my life" as she pulled me up and dragged me behind her.

We rushed into her room, she shut and locked the door before opening up her window. "Wait, why do I have to leave?" I whispered.

"Baby, apparently they have something they would like to tell me," she said as she shrugged her shoulders and rolled her beautiful blue eyes.

"Out with you before we get caught" she said softly before pressing her lips against mine.
"You owe me!" I whispered against her lips and made my way down.

She made her way out and met them downstairs where they waited patiently on the couch. "Take a seat my darling" he said as he patted the right side of him.
"Roselle we have fantastic news!" Her mother shouted as soon as she took a seat.

Mr Griffin gave her a stern look immediately wiping the smile from her tired looking face. "Honey, your mother and I had decided it's time to move on, I got an offer to be head of security at the Chamber's in Greenville!" He said, a bit of excitement formed in his eyes.

She jumped up and stormed out leaving the two of them boggled on the couch.
"Roselle Griffin get your ass back here this instant!" He yelled as she walked up the steps. She turned around and eye-balled him until he got up and stormed towards her.

Before she knew it he slapped her straight across her face. "How dare you walk away from your mother and I?" He yelled into her face which now had tears in them.

"We moving next Friday, that's final!" He said as he stormed back to her mother who looked dumb founded. He took a seat beside her and placed his head into his hands. "Where did I go wrong with that ungrateful brat?" He said softly, letting out a long hard sigh.

"Gerald it isn't your fault neither is it her's
We all need time to adjust to the situation" Mrs. Griffin said before taking his hands into hers.

"Emily we have worked so hard for this, it will be a fresh start in a new place with our kind, it's time" He said which got Roselle to raise her eyebrow.

Our kind…
What is our kind…?

She sped up the steps, nearly dislocated her ankle and slammed the door behind her. She paced up and down a couple of times then plopped herself down.

I was almost on the highway when my phone rang. "Baby I need you" she whispered into the phone, her voice filled with anxiety and breathing became heavy.
"Rosey what happened?" I whispered back as I looked around me.

Three shadows approached me in the darkness of the night.
"Oh fuck!" I whispered before pretending to bend down and tuck my shoe lace in.

"What's happening young blood?" The man on the left asked. I lifted my head up and looked directly into his black thirsty eyes, "Dahlin" she called out. Her voice barely escaped my jeans pocket.

"N-nothing I was just on my way to see my girlfriend" I said as I tried holding it together. His fingers brushed over the long scar across his left eye. "Ok we will walk you there!" He said sarcastically.

"Maybe she has a sister or two!" The one in the middle chuckled. He wrapped his arm around me and took a few steps forward. "So where does your girlfriend live young blood?" He asked.

I shut my eyes for a couple of seconds, "she lives in the Bronx!" I shouted.

"Oh fuck no!" The man with the dark eyes shouted as he walked closer towards us. "Let the boy go, he has nothing that interests us!" He said as he removed his hand from my shoulder.

That was close, imagine if they found out where my Rosey stayed.
"Oh shit Rosey!" I reached my hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone which still had the screen light on. "Hello" I whispered into the phone.

"Baby are you ok? What was that?" She asked, sounding a bit panicked.

"I'm ok my love, that was just some punks looking for trouble. I will see you in ten minutes" I whispered before switching my phone off and walking back in the direction of her house.

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