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Chapter: 6

Her beautiful blue eyes stared at while her face carried a shocked expression. "What the hell, Dahlin?" She shouted.

"Baby I came inside you!" I whispered down to her.

She plunged her face into her pillow and let out a muffled scream. "You almost gave me a heart attack baby. I thought we were stuck. You know the way Kenny and Jennifer got stuck like dogs last weekend?
That was hilarious." She said with a bit of laughter.

"Rosey you are seriously the worst" I said letting out a bit of laughter remembering the recording which travelled around our school.

"Wait there's nothing funny about what just happened baby I came inside you, what if…?"

She cut me off by saying "what if nothing, I went on the pill a while ago."

I held onto my heart and sighed loudly.
"I almost had a heart attack!" I said as she climbed on top of me and stared into my eyes. "Round two" she whispered as her soft hand caressed my limp dick.

She bent down pressing her perfectly sculpted breasts against my chest and planted a soft kiss against my lips followed by a more passionate kiss. Our tongues danced around while she stroked me until my cock rose.

"That's more like it!" She whispered into my mouth as she lifted her plump ass up and toyed with my hardness against her moist opening. She gently lowered herself down causing her warm pussy to wrap itself around me.

"Oh baby" I moaned as she lifted herself up and gently slammed herself against me. Her slow motion was quickly replaced by fast grinding. I wrapped my hands around her waist and gently lifted her up, her beautiful blue eyes stared into soul before I slammed her down.

She let out a loud moan and bent her body back. Her long nails dug into my thighs as she moved her body up and down faster and faster. She was so close to her climax, her body tensed up and her nails dug deeper.

This time I would not stop her from coming "Dahlin" she moaned sweetly as her pussy slammed against my hard dick over and over again until she released herself.

Her long blond hair fell upon my chest as she panted rapidly. "My turn" I said softly as I lifted her up and slammed her onto the bed. An amazing sexy smile formed on her face as she laid waiting for me to devour her.

I took her pink nipple into my mouth and sucked down hard causing her to squirm beneath me. I held her in place and did the same to the other one. I moved my mouth from her breasts to neck and sucked down hard "good luck hiding that, my love." I whispered as I slithered my tongue from the red stop all the way back down towards her sensitive nipples.

I took them into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them as my hand travelled down south. Her soft moans filled up my ears as I rubbed my fingers against her swollen clit.

I inserted my middle finger into my most desired place and pumped in and out of her wildly. "Give it to me harder, Dahlin" she moaned as my finger worked its magic.
Hmm, my queen likes being fucked hard…

I removed my finger and licked her juices off before turning my attention towards her closet. As soon as I hopped off the bed she frowned which caused me to laugh softly. "Don't worry baby I am going to please you the way a queen should be pleased" I whispered.

I pulled out leather belts and a tie. "What are you going to do with that?" She asked, still out of breath.

"Hush and turn around!" I ordered.
She giggled sweetly and like the good girl that she was turned around. "Spread your hands and legs!" I ordered and yet again she listened and waited patiently.

I walked around and placed the leather belts around her bed posts. "Come on" I said as I gestured for her to place her hand inside. She quietly placed her hands in and I tightened them firmly against the posts making sure there was no escape.

I walked around and placed each of her ankles into the belts and tied them tightly.
"Baby you said you want it harder, are you sure?" I asked as a bit of concern stuck in my throat.

"Yes Dahlin I trust you" she whispered.
"Safe word will be gummy bears ok, if you want me to stop or you feel uncomfortable at any point use the safe word and I will immediately stop" I said softly.

She nodded her head as I ran the purple tie up her legs and onto her back. "Shit baby you are a sight" I whispered.
I walked around and bent down in front of her. "Don't be afraid, my love" I said as I lifted myself up and placed the tie into her mouth. I secured it around her head and walked back around.

I lifted up the fifth belt and gently spanked her beautiful white ass. Her body jerked forward and it turned a light shade of red before returning back to its original color.
"Is that ok baby?" I asked as a bit of concern lingered in my voice.
We haven't done this before, I've only ever seen it in porn videos, hopefully I will do a good job andshe will enjoy it..

She nodded her head in approval and I struck her a bit harder this time. She squirmed around and my face went pale. Did I do it too hard?
Fuck I ran my hand across my face and walked back around.
I removed the tie and she let out a soft breath. "How do you expect me to say gummy bears with this in my mouth?" She asked with a raised brow.

I laughed softly and pecked her now swollen lips. "First we have it my way, then your way lover" I said as I placed the tie back into her mouth. I placed a soft kiss upon her butt as I lifted it into the air. "I want to taste you here, but not now baby when we get married is that ok?" I asked.

She nodded her head in approval, that was the most attractive thing about my Rosey, she was never afraid to try new things with me. I hopped onto the bed and angled myself at her opening.

Her beautiful scent hit me the moment I opened her up. "You always so tight my love" I whispered as I plunged deep inside of her. She placed her face upon the pillow and soft muffled moans could be heard from behind the tie.

I spanked her ass hard and she clenched around me causing me to lose my mind. My lustful cock pounded in and out of her sweet juicy tight pussy until I was ready to come.

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