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Chapter: 7

Slight tapping came from her window followed by soft whistles.
"What the fuck?" I shouted as I pulled myself out of her and turned my attention towards the window.

"Don't stop now young blood, the party is just getting started!" He said with a bit of a slur.

I got up immediately and rushed towards the window, my intention was to close the window and his intention was to get in at any cost. "Fuck off!" I yelled as he gripped the bottom trying to keep it open.

Without thinking I reached my hand out and shoved him away. His body fell backward and a loud crash followed by a car's alarm which could be heard all around us.

I rushed towards my queen who was still tied up and loosened the belts and tie as fast as I could. "Roselle!" Her father screamed at the top of his lungs.

Our clothes lay scattered everywhere, too panicked to care. I got my jeans and t-shirt on as fast as I could and hopped through the window. "Fuck Rosey I love you, I didnt think those fuckers would follow me here!" I said as I climbed down.

Her fathers banging could be heard from the other side of the door. She quickly slipped her pink fluffy gown, "Roselle Griffin if you don't open this door in the next five seconds I will break it down." He shouted louder this time.

The moment my feet hit the ground I came face to face with my worst nightmare. Mrs. Griffin's big blue eyes stared straight at me as I fumbled backwards. She jumped up and down and started screaming like a complete lunatic "his here, his here, Gerald get your shotgun this man and his friend tried breaking into our daughter's room!" She screamed.

My mind was all over the place, I turned and saw the man who was trying to force his way into the room squirmed around and screamed in pain. Without thinking I shoved right past her and sped down the road only stopping on the highway.

I walked a few feet until a cab pulled up, "get in!" A stern voice shouted from the half open window.

"Oh fuck!" I said under my breath as her hazel brown eyes stared daggers at me while I got in.

"Are you fucken kidding me Dahlin? Out of all places you choose to fuck around in Razavuare Hills! Have I not told you time and time again to stay away from those people?" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Those people…?
I knew better than to argue with the woman who gave birth to me. She had always said she had given birth to me so she could take me out at any time.

My heart ached not because she had caught me but because she had used the words "those people" more than once.
Why was everything and everyone so fucked up?

People saw being with a different race as a problem and I can't understand why…

I lowered my head in shame and kept my words to myself, "Phillice, please calm down, I'm sure he went to visit a friend" the driver said.

"Henry, stay out of this. You always do this!" She shouted from beside me.

"What's going on?" I whispered trying not to add any more anger to her blazing temper.

"You be quiet, I will deal with you once you step your feet through my door!" She shouted as her eyes stayed focused on the man she referred to as Henry.

He pulled up outside our gate and I rushed in. I needed a few minutes to call my love and check up on her as well as time to get my story together. Her number went straight to voicemail. The front door slammed shut and I knew exactly what was coming.

She stretched her arm out and stared at me until I placed my phone in her hand. Next she ripped my playstation four out of the socket "No!" I shouted as she lifted it above her head, without blinking she threw it on the floor and walked out.

"What the fuck!" I yelled and instantly regretted it the moment it left my mouth.

"What did you say?" She shouted as she shoved the door wide open.

Oh shit here we go…
"Firstly the only person who cusses in this house will be me, secondly I bought that playstation as well as everything in this house and thirdly if I ever catch you on the upper side again I will cut your balls off!" She said as she dangled her finger in my face.

"Yes ma'am" I said with my eyes lowered. Looking into her eyes meant I was challenging her and god knew, I didn't need that right now. We all know never to look an angry mother dead in the eyes.

She walked towards the door and I lifted my head, the look on her face was more disappointment then anger. I let out a loud sigh, how the hell did I let all of this happen?

How the fuck did I not notice them following me?
I'm so dead, if her father doesn't kill me those gang bangers sure as hell will…
My mind went crazy as I paced my room a million times until my feet hurt trying to find a way out of this whole mess.

What will he do to my Rosey if he finds ouy that we are together?
Fuck my life...

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