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Chapter: 8

"Dahlin!" She shouted at the top of her lungs snapping me out of the daze I was in. My feet carried me as fast as I could towards the lounge.

"Sit down," she ordered. As soon as I did, my phone rang. She answered, put it on loud speaker and placed it onto the coffee table.

"Did you hear me little N#####. I am going to cut your dick off and feed it to the pitbulls. How the fuck dare you put your dirty dick into my daughter?" She yelled.

I held onto my face as I tried holding back the tears which lingered at the surface of my eyes. "You're dead, boy!" Her father. screeched.

My Rosey's screams could be heard in the background. "Let me out, I love Dahlin" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

What happened next got my blood boiling. The door unlocked and her horrific screams filled up both mine and my mothers ears. "Stop!" she screamed before a loud crash was heard. "Let go of me daddy, you're hurting me" she screamed louder.

He slapped her a couple of times before throwing her against the dining room wall. "Roselle!" She screamed. "Gerald, what have you done?" Her mother screamed before the call ended.

I got up immediately and walked towards the door. Before I could turn the knob her hands held the door closed. "You are not leaving this house for some no good white girl!" She shouted.

I balled my hands into fists, not because I wanted to strike my mother but because my anger was on another level. "That good for nothing white girl is the love of my life, mother!" I shouted.

"I can not just sit here and allow him to beat her to a pulp" I said.

"Dahlin James Porter you will not leave this house or so help me!" She shouted.

I rubbed my hands across my face and sighed loudly. "Mother please, she needs me" I begged.

"No, what she needs is to stay away from your black dick" she said sternly.
"I will not lose another child to those people" she said with a hint of frustration and hurt.

"What?" I questioned, unsure on whether I had heard correctly.

She let go of the door and walked towards the black sofa. Her body sunk into it as she tried relaxing. She dug into her white waistcoat and removed a packet of Rothmans red and a pink lighter. "What, you smoke too?" I said calmly as I watched her place the cigarette to her lips and light it.

"She was just eighteen years old when those monsters took her life!" She said as she took a long painful drag.

"They called it an accident but I know they purposely killed my Amber. She was as beautiful as the night sky and as brainy as the uptown library." She said as she took an even longer pull.

"When did you start smoking?" I asked.
She completely ignored my question.

"It wasn't her fault that a white boy fell in love with her. I mean the wheel is round, history would surely repeat itself."

I raised my eyebrow at her, what doesshe mean, history repeated itself?

"Life has played a cruel trick on us Dahlin and we can't do anything but accept what has happened and move on with our own kind." She said as she got up to throw the cigarette out.

My mind did twenty flips as I stood there wondering what the hell she was talking about. As soon as she closed the door a slight knock came from the outside. She put her finger to her lips and shoved me behind the door. "Who is it?" She asked three times but there was no response, instead a loud banging sound could be heard from the other side.

"Who the hell?" She shouted as she flung the door open. She gasped loudly before dramatically holding onto her mouth. "What is…" my eyes locked onto a tiny little body lying curled up on our front porch. Her red hair covered half of her bruised face as she cried out in pain.

"Baby" she whispered as her body shook uncontrollably. "Rosey! Rosey!" I yelled as I stepped forward. My mother reached her arm out and looked left and right before she allowed me to pick my love up.

Why is she so paranoid?
I reached down and cradled the love of my life against my chest. "What the hell has he done to you baby?" I asked as I looked down at her.

I placed her on the sofa and my mother rushed into the bathroom. She returned with a bowl of warm water and a cloth. "Hush child, you going to be ok" she said as she dipped the cloth into the water and wiped away the dry blood from her lips, eyes and nose.

She squeezed onto my hand and my mother applied an antiseptic ointment to her bust lips. "Baby it hurts" she whispered as she held onto her ribs.

My mother gave me a concerned look, "baby" she huffed as she walked towards her bedroom. "Take this and tell them we will have her drop off in an hour!" She said sternly as she handed me my cell phone.

She placed a pair of scissors against her blue t-shirt and started cutting. "Mum, they will kill her!" I shouted as I tossed the phone against the sofa.

"This little white girl has to go home Dahlin, you heard her fathers threats. I won't be able to protect you the same way I couldn't protect your sister from them." She said with a bit of tears in her eyes.

"Mother please stop it! Her name is Roselle, not a little white girl!" I shouted.

She raised the scissors at eye level, "what did you say boy?"
Apart from Roselle's moaning, nothing else could be heard.

"I thought so…" she said before she went back to cutting the t-shirt.
She lifted her head once the t-shirt was removed. "Pack your bags, you're going to your grandma's!" She said sternly.

I squeezed onto my Rosey's hand rolled my eyes at her, fuck my life! I dont even know my grandma. For all I know she could be sending me to the jungle.

I looked down and noticed purple marks all along her rib cage and stomach. That monster had no remorse for his own flesh and blood.
I picked up my phone and walked towards my room and slammed the door shut. I paced for a while until my mind was made up "he started a war, he sure as hell is going to get one!" I shouted as I lifted my window and hopped out.

My mind was filled with rage and my heart yearned to beat him into oblivion. I walked and walked without thinking, only realizing how far I had gotten once my feet started burning. I crossed the busy highway not caring whether I'd get hit by a car or not and made my way into Razavuare Hills.

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