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Twister county

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Lee is a storm chaser who lives in Liver County, also known as Twister county because of all the tornadoes that happen there. Join Lee and his team in their adventures in twister county as they chase 5 awesome tornadoes!.

Thriller / Action
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Twister county

Lee is a storm chaser who lives in liver county, known as twister county because of all the tornadoes that happen there. The main city is where all Twister County citizens get their weather, in FairField. Lee woke up at 10:00 am, got out of bed, and got ready for the day to chase a tornado.

After getting ready, Lee waited in the parking lot of the FairField Weather Department for his fellow storm chasers. After a few minutes, Lee’s fellow storm chasers arrived. Dale, Charlie, and Dex arrived. “You guys ready?” Lee asked. Everybody nodded, then got into their cars. Lee could see a huge dark cloud in the distance, there was no tornado yet, only a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning. The storm was currently in Coalfell. Lee had a hotspot with him so he could always look at the radar and other things during storm chasing.

When the team arrived in Coalfell, they could all hear high winds from inside their vehicles, Lee then looked at his computer again.


Tornado watch

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

High Winds Warning

It was hailing, there were wind gusts of 60 mph. Lee could hear Charlie speak on the radio. “I’ve spotted an EF1 tornado near the apartment complex” “We are coming your way,” Dale said. Lee started to head for the apartment complex. The tornado sirens were blaring with the howling wind. A powerline fell in front of Lee, he then slammed on the brakes, backed up, then moved around the line. After 5 minutes, Lee finally caught up with the team. “The tornado is heading for the town of Silato,” Dex said over the radio. Lee started to record his chasing. The tornado only got stronger, it got to the strength of an EF2 tornado. The group was currently offroad. Trees started to appear. The tornado ripped through them, blasting them at the group. The group then swerved around the trees to avoid getting hit. The wind gusts were so strong it felt like they would blow the group away. When the group finally arrived in Silato, the tornado started to weaken and the winds. “Severe storm is over,” Lee said. It was still storming, but it was not severe anymore. Lee looked at his radar. There were only a few storms, but no tornadoes. The group called it a day and headed back to the FairField Weather Department. “That was a decent storm,” Lee said. “Yeah,” Dex said “First EF2 tornado of the week, and it’s Tuesday,” Dale said. Usually in Liver County, EF2 tornadoes happen right at the beginning of the week. “I’m gonna take a nap after this for a job well done,” Lee said.

When the group arrived back at their apartments, they went back inside to take a nap.

When Lee got into his apartment, he looked at his watch for the time: it was 12:17 PM. he then went to his couch, turned on the TV, and drifted to sleep.

The sky rumbled loudly, and Lee woke up. He looked at his watch: it was 3:30 PM. He got off the couch, pulled out his phone, and looked at the weather.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

For Liver county. The locations are Fairfield, Coalfell, Silato, Trimar, Acago.

Lee put his phone back in his pocket, then went to his kitchen to eat lunch. While Lee made a sandwich, it started hailing, and he could hear a nearby thunderstrike. After eating lunch, Lee’s phone went off, so he took it out.

Severe Thunderstorm warning

For Liver County. The locations are Fairfield, Coalfell, Silato, Trimar, Acago. Winds of up to 30 mph are possible, as well as hail, and wind gusts of up to 50 mph, the weather team has spotted a funnel with this cloud. High winds could damage trees and powerlines. If you see a downed power line, report it to the utility company.

Warning active until 5:00 PM

Tornado Watch

For Liver County. The locations are Fairfield, Coalfell, Silato, Trimar, Acago.

A funnel has been spotted in a storm, making a chance for a tornado to drop in. Watch active until 5:00 PM.

Lee then put his phone back in his pocket, then went to his car and met the group. Everybody went into their car, then started to drive off. “So where exactly is the funnel?” Charlie asked as she started driving off with the group. “Let me check” Lee opened the radar on his laptop. “The city of Acago, it’s past Trimar, ″ “That means we have to turn around,” Dex said. “It does mean that,” Dale said. The group then turned around.

After arriving at Acago, an EF1 tornado landed, and the tornado sirens went off. “Follow the tornado,” Lee said, speeding up. The tornado turned around, heading for Trimar. The group had to outdrive the tornado now. After exiting Acago, the group went far off the road, so they could go back to chasing the tornado, instead of the tornado chasing them. After the tornado passed the group, they started to chase it all the way to Trimar, which was when it strengthened to an EF2 tornado. Lee quickly looked at the time: it was 4:10 PM. The tornado quickly downed a powerline in front of the group, the group then found a way around the line and continued the pursuit. The tornado ripped through an abandoned shack, throwing chunks of wood at the group. Dale’s car took a few hits. “I’m hit!” Dale said. “Is it bad?” Dex asked. “Just damaged my car’s armor,” Dale said. “Are you able to go on still?” Charlie asked. “Oh yeah!” Dale said. “Good!” Lee said. The group and the tornado were almost in FairField! The tornado started to weaken and disappear. “ Storm is over,” Lee said. “Time to head home” “I gotta get my armor fixed!” Dale said. Everybody but Dale went home.

Lee went into his apartment room to relax. The time was 4:20 PM. Lee sat on his couch and started watching TV.

When Lee got up the next morning, he looked out his window and saw a Mammatus cloud group, he then got ready for the day. After Lee got ready for the day, he looked at his weather radar on his laptop. He only looked at the next hour. It showed a group of storms near Nime. Lee then sighed, then looked at the weather warnings for Liver County.


Severe Thunderstorm Warning

For Liver County. The Locations are, Limar, Nime, Vlonard, Yartown. Storm contains a funnel, making a chance for a tornado to drop in. The storm also contains Hail, wind speeds of up to 40 mph, and wind gusts of up to 60 mph. Storm can damage trees and powerlines. If you see a downed powerline, report it to the utility company. Warning active until 10:00 AM.

Tornado Watch

For Liver County. The Locations are Limar, Nime, Vlonard, Yartown. The weather team has spotted a funnel in a storm, making a chance for a tornado to drop in at any time. Watch active until 10:00 AM.

The current time was 9:00 AM. Lee then met up with his team and headed to Limar.

It was 9:20 when the team arrived at Limar. “No tornadoes yet,” Lee said. Then Lee saw 2 different tornadoes drop down at the same time. One being an EF1 tornado, and the other being an EF2 tornado. The tornado sirens started to go off. “Uh oh!” Dex said. “Dual tornadoes!” Dale said. “It’s been a while since we have gotten one of those!” Charlie said. “The tornado is moving towards Nime!” Lee said as he stepped on the gas. The EF1 tornado was heading for Yartown. “Dale and Dex, I need you two to chase the EF1 tornado, me and Charlie will chase the EF2 tornado!” Lee said, “Follow me charlie!” “Coming,” Charlie said, “Should we go offroad to avoid traffic?” “We can’t,” Lee said “Don’t you remember that there is a forest where we are going? We have to take the road”

The traffic seemed more dangerous than the storm itself. Lee had already seen a car crash from the traffic. “You think we will get out of this traffic?” Charlie asked. “Heh. I hope so,” Lee said “This is why I like going offroad” “Lee, Charlie, The storm ended in Yartown, we are going to cut through Bury to get to Nime quicker!” Dex said. “We might be a while, this traffic is insane!” Lee said.

After a few minutes, the traffic cleared up and Lee and Charlie got to Nime. The time was currently 9:30 AM when they got there. The tornado was still going. The tornado shredded through a mobile home, picked up a few trash cans, and then threw them at the group. The group avoided them though. The tornado then tore off the roof of a house. The tornado picked up a big sign off a business building, then threw it at the group. “Watch out!” Charlie shouted over the radio. Lee dodged the sign, but barely: it chipped his car. The tornado started to weaken, then it stopped. “It’s over,” Dale said. Lee looked at his gas. “I need some gas, I’m almost on E,” Lee said.

After getting gas and going home, Lee looked at the weather on his laptop. The storm was weakening. Lee did not see anything severe on his radar for the rest of the day, only a thunderstorm or two and some rain clouds.

The next day did not have anything bad. But on the day after that, Lee woke up to a treat. Lee woke up at 10:00 AM to a loud thunderstrike. After getting ready and eating breakfast, Lee looked at the active warnings.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

For Liver County. The locations are Fairfield, Coalfell, Silato, Trimar, Acago, Limar, Nime, Vlonard, Yartown. The storm contains half dollar-sized hail, wind gusts of up to 60 mph, and wind speeds of up to 40 mph. The storm can damage trees and powerlines. If you see a downed powerline, report it to the utility company.

Tornado Watch

For Liver County. The locations are Silato, Trimar, Acago, Limar. The weather team has spotted a funnel in a storm, making the chance for a tornado to drop in at any time.

“Let’s do this!” Lee said to himself.

After meeting up with the team, Lee and the group started to head to Silato. After arriving in Silato, the team started to split up and wait for a tornado. After a few minutes, Lee spotted a tornado drop down near a warehouse. “Guys, an EF3 tornado has dropped down near the abandoned warehouse!” Lee shouted over the radio. “We are coming your way!” Charlie said. The tornado picked up a dumpster, then threw it, making all of the garbage spray out. Then the tornado went over to a house, tore off the wall, and then launched it at Lee, but he avoided it. The tornado then picked up a large tree, then threw it at a powerline. The tornado started to head for Trimar. The group went offroad. The tornado started to pick up trees and throw them at the group. One of the trees hit Dex’s car and shattered his windshield. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HELP” Dex shouted over the radio “THE GLASS” “I’m coming!” Lee said, then turned around. Lee got out of his car, then ran to Dex. The airbags had popped out. Lee could see a few glass shards stuck in Dex. Lee slowly dragged Dex out of his car. “Are you ok?” Lee asked. “What does it look like?” Dex said “I’m not” “I’m going to get you to the hospital,” Lee said. Charlie drove up to Lee and Dex. “I’ll do it,” Charlie said. “You sure?” Lee asked. “Yeah, I will. I will let you know when I leave the hospital, if the tornado is still going, I will come back” Charlie said. “Fine” Lee said, then went back to his car and sped up to Dale. “We are entering Acago now,” Dale said. Lee could see one of the big buildings. The tornado picked up a car and tossed it at Dale, but he dodged it. The tornado and the group had now entered the neighborhood area. The tornado shredded through a house and launched a few remnants at another house. Then it picked up a mobile home and disintegrated it. It then started to weaken, then stopped. “Tornado is over,” Lee said. He then called Charlie “Hey, Charlie, what hospital are you at?” “The Fairfield hospital,” Charlie said. “Me and Dale are coming,” Lee said.

Lee and Dale were outside Dex’s emergency room, waiting for the news. A doctor walked out of the room. “So what’s the news?” Lee asked worriedly. “He is going to be ok. It will take some time for the wounds to heal.” the doctor said. “Thank you,” Lee said.

After Lee got home, the time was 11:45 AM. Lee was just sad. He hoped it was a nightmare.

The next week, a tragedy happened. A tornado warning was active in FairField, Coalfell, Silato, Trimar, and Acago. Lee, Charlie, and Dale started going to Acago, where the funnel was. There was half-dollar-sized hail. An EF4 tornado dropped down. The storm summoned a wind gust of 80 mph. The tornado started throwing cars and tearing through powerlines. Lee started to record the tornado. The tornado turned around and started heading for the group. Lee quickly switched to reverse and backed away from the tornado. The tornado chucked a sign at Dales windshield, making a large crack. “NO!” Dale had to stop his chase so the hail would not shatter his glass. “Only me and you are left!” Lee shouted on the radio. Still backing up, Lee and Charlie pulled into a parking lot.

After the tornado passed, Lee and Charlie started heading after the tornado again. The tornado strengthened into an EF5 tornado!. Lee’s eyes opened wide in shock as the tornado ripped through a small building. The group started to enter Trimar. The tornado and duo had entered a nice neighborhood that was soon to be a ruin of homes. The tornado picked up an SUV, turned it into a missile, then threw it at a house, exploding it.

Lee was horrified. “The first EF5 tornado since 2013!” Lee said, his voice shaking and his heart going a mile a minute. Charlie spoke over the radio “This is insane. All of these homes… destroyed,” Charlie sounded like she was about to cry.

At this point, the group was almost in Coalfell. The tornado picked a house up and disintegrated it. Both Lee and Charlie’s hearts were racing. How could this happen? Is this real? Is this a nightmare?

The tornado was ripping through houses, throwing cars, downing powerlines. Then the tornado picked up a trailer home and threw it at charlie. She got hit by it. “CHARLIE!!!” Lee jumped out of his car and ran over to Charlie. She was severely bleeding.

The tornado started to weaken. “Charlie?” Lee pulled Charlie out of her now smashed car. “CHARLIE” “SAY SOMETHING PLEASE” tears were pouring down his eyes. The tornado stopped. Lee carried Charlie to his car and drove to the FairField Hospital.

Charlie was going to be fine. The storm had destroyed thousands of homes, killed 10 people, and severely wounded 15 other people. Lee’s storm chasing video went viral online.


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