Indian Queen of Roman Crown

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Looking for a strong female character? Check. Love ,conspiracy and action? Check. Want to see two great cultures of history ? Check Want to know about story of an Indian princess and great prince of Florence who was a widower? If it's yes , then peep inside to see what secrets it beholds. Here , blood is not thicker than water. People will even go to hell if it's about the crown and power. Craving of being a ruler surpasses every height. Conspiracy, betrayal and what not just to win Rome. Amidst of it, beautiful relations would also blossom. Dive deep into the story to find what it has to offer.

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Chapter 1

Sun rays glistened on her sweat covered body making her look ethereal yet fierce at the same time. Moving sword with the speed of lightning, eyes like a hawk set on the target and face flushed not because of shyness but because of anger was none other than the princess of Chittaurgarh, Rajkumari Rithambara . She was an epitome of beauty but with a fierce attitude which made men bow down to her with respect. Fighting with three warriors at the same time was no joke. On top of it, she used her left hand because she injured her right hand last night fighting with robbers when she was patrolling alone.

With the sword weighing thirty kilograms in her hand and fighting fiercely, no body could guess that she was a princess and daughter of Maharaj Vikram Singh Rajput but again she was born to break bonds and rules. With one swift motion, she threw away the sword of one of the warriors making him eliminate from the fight. Now two warriors were circling her, trying to create a confusuion in her mind but they knew very well that confusing the princess was as tough as creating a hole in the water. Impossible! Just like her name she had a supreme state of mind which never diverted but in order to try their luck, they attacked her at the same time. She dodged both of it effortlessly and another round of clashing of swords began which created a thunderous sound. At the end, without any surprise Rithambara won. All the three warriors bent down on their knees keeping their swords in her feet as a sign of respect.

53 years old commander in chief of the army, Arjun Singh who was observing everything from afar, had a proud smile on his lips. It’s not usual that an eighteen years old girl who can afford all the luxuries of the world chose to fight and lead from front setting up an example to the contemporary princesses of neighbouring kingdoms.

She came and touched his feet in order to seek his blessings and show her respect. It was a rare sight for people to see a princess touching feet of a person who is not royal by blood. He blessed her with all his heart and praised her skills but at the same time told her weak areas where she needed to work and this was the quality Ritha adored the most about Arjun Singh. After few more discussions about her technique and kingdom, she went inside the palace.

As soon as she entered, she saw her mother standing in all her glory with a kind smile lingering on her face. Rukmini kissed her daughter’s sweaty forehead when she touched her feet making Ritha a bit annoyed.

Ritha gave her mother, Rukmini an absurd look as if ridiculing her for kissing her forehead but Rukmini had other thoughts going on in her mind. She was proud of her as she was an obedient daughter and a sister . She, just like her father, considered whole kingdom as her family and looked after their well being.

Rithambara went away as she had to treat her wound, bath , worship Lord Krishna and then to take classes of literature, art and shastra Gyan. Rukmini prayed for her daughter’s bright future unknown to the darkness which was coming to engulf her as she has already caught the attention of someone.

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