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Blissful marriage with a handsome man who loved her was all she ever dreamt of. Her heaven laid in his embrace. Little was she aware of his scandalous affair with the other woman. She thought he had her back but he was cheating behind her back. Fire of his sins burnt her heaven. Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman. Now that she's reduced to rags, she has become fearless. She's in for a very twisted revenge. A very twisted one! Read to find out but one thing is for sure, it started with cheating and it'll end with revenge.

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Cries In Night

Her body was being dragged alongside sole of his sleek shiny black shoes which were tampering the ground beneath. Her sobs were skinning alive the night while her wailing shook the marbled floor beneath. Her breaths had turned erratic and nose was blocked with excessive crying but she kept trying to utter, ′ please ’.

Half of her body was pressed against Derby Morris, her husband, more like sinister husband who had his eyes closed and was fighting tooth and nail to free his legs from her lamentable form. He wanted to jerk her body off but guilt of his sins had trapped his hands and all he could do was to stand there and let his soul get drenched in her tears.

He had to go back to love of his life while his wife was raining on his parade with pitiful cries. He had hardly walked two more steps when she decided to cling on his legs. Her hold tightened as if trying to rip apart the cheater inside him.

The night was shaken up with horrors of her begging and pleading which exceeded when she started banging her head on his legs in self failure.

" Hey! Stop it. What you... ” he had to stop her forcefully by removing her head from his legs.

He was appalled, to say the least and didn’t know what to do. Either to console her and weep along with her on his sins or detach her frame from his but he opted none because his body was plastered with her self demolishing demeanor. Her pleas were terrifying and the emotions in them were so raw that he pondered, ′ Is this how people beg in hell to save their souls from punishment? ′

Never in his life had he seen a woman beg so pathetically and now he wondered that was this the reaction of women if their husbands admit that they have broken their heart and trust.

If scenario was to be reversed where his wife would have commited such a hideous crime, he, for sure would have killed that son of a bi*ch followed by outrageous behaviour and introspection towards his wife.

His jaws clenched listening to constant ringtone of his phone. His girlfriend must be so worried about his whereabouts. She was already tensed when he told that he wanted to face his wife today in order to end things officially and admit his cheating behind her back.

A smile formed on his lips thinking about her jealous lover. How lovely she looked with that red angry tint on her face! She was scared that he might go back in arms of his wife if she would ask to or if she would demand heavy alimony but his body only wanted his lover’s arms to engulf him.

He knew that he would go to hell or worse, not even there because his sins were twisted beyond curves. His lawfully wedded wife was begging him but his heart didn’t feel an ounce of love for her. Sympathy and pity were the only two emotions his heart was oozing towards her body clinged to his legs.

This morning, after a long love session with his girlfriend, he looked at wedding ring on drawer which he had removed. He never wore that while making love to his girlfriend.

′ How faithful. ′

He felt as if shine of the ring chuckled and passed a satire at him and that’s when he decided to let go of this marriage and confront his wife the following evening.

He had committed a brutal crime and was ready for his share of punishment but the meeting didn’t turn out as he assumed it to be. He expected her to shout and vent out her anger on him. To be honest, he had prepared himself to face her wrath and even slaps but none of it happened. The moment Derby confessed his crime of cheating and told her that he was going to divorce her, she started crying and pleading.

Not even once she accused him or threw derogatory words, instead, she kept pleading to not leave her. She never asked about the lady or time span of this adultery. It felt as if all of it never mattered to her. For a minute, a frightened look crossed her face followed by loud sobs.

She instantly joined her hands and went down on her knees and kept repeating, ” I’ll do anything for you. Please. Please. Please don’t leave me. I promise. ”

Her hoarse voice was so painful to his ears while his conscience started crawling his soul.

It was tough for him to witness the lady whom he once loved, cry so devastatingly. He promised a heavy alimony to grant her but she wasn’t having any of it. She was hell bent on leeching along with him. When he started walking towards door to get out of the house, she did something shocking! She trapped her hands around his left leg and kept apologizing like prayer verses.

He sighed heavily seeing his wife and ran his fingers through his blonde hair while his amber eyes looked helplessly at begging body which was stuck to his legs. They had smooth five years of marriage, in fact, seven months back, they celebrated it in grand manner but somewhere not having a child affected their relationship brutally.

At least, this was the only reason which he could think of in order to back his sins. His wife was loving, caring, dependent on him and had put so much effort in running this marriage smoothly but her low fertility turned out to be spread breakers. His conscience mocked him at such low thoughts. Was her low fertility the speed breaker or his infidelity ? In tough times, when her wife was inserting injections into veins, he was out there enjoying with his girlfriend. Times where his wife
was gulping medicines down her throat, he was busy gulping alcohol.

His head started pounding with guilt and he screamed while clutching his head, ” Vista, leave my legs! ”

Vista stopped wailing listening to intense scream of her husband. She raised her head slowly but her hiccups denied to subside. Her face was showing the terror her heart felt at his shouting but instead of leaving, she pressed her bosom further and lay her head more firmly on his legs. Now, she had stopped sobing but still had to breath through open mouth as her nose was blocked with excessive crying. She had stopped pleading but the begging look which she gave Derby, melted his heart with guilt.

He clenched his fists to control emotions. He wanted to hold her in his arms for one last time but controlled the urge. After a long pause, he spoke , ” honey, we were not meant to be forever and our happy ending is with different people. You know what I mean? ”

Vista’s cerulean eyes shone and brimmed more at same time listening to his endearment. She bit her lips and gave him a hopeful look and whispered like a broken chord, ” please. ”

Derby turned his head away and shed a tear of guilt. His heart was getting heavier with guilt and he knew that he has to go away from here or he would lose his sanity.

He used all his manly strength to drag his legs till threshold but the begging feminine body was making it difficult for him. When he reached the threshold, he exhaled loudly to let go of guilt. He turned towards Vista and without meeting her eyes, he pushed hard on her shoulders to free his legs. He heard the thud sound of her frame falling down on the ground but didn’t dare to look behind. He practically ran to get inside his car and get the hell away from there.

Derby was feeling horrible leaving her in such a state but he had surrendered himself to his heart and as saying goes, ′ Heart wants what it wants ’. His heart wanted only his Miranda. Oh her beauty! Curves protruding through right places were just Invincible. What started as impromptu collision, turned so beautiful for him but collapsed her life.

No doubt he felt bad but was guilt enough for him to stop him from exploring his love life? No, not a chance. Making himself comfortable inside his car, his shaky fingers finally rotated the keys which made the car roar. For the one last time, one last time, he dared to look in the direction where he had pushed his wife down.

Vista, on the other hand, raised her bent head slowly when she heard BMW’s engine roar while her body hung half out of the threshold in a pathetic manner. Her red puffy eyes stared directly into Derby’s and he could bet on his life about the sinister look in them which were as deadly as his sin.

Her lips slowly and gradually rose to one side while her nose and eyes kept streaming down. Her dishelved raven hair was making her look lost, pain struck, trapped and agonized but all of those pitiful expressions started to fade away when she tilted her head to left side and protuted her tongue out.

Derby’s hands left the steering wheels looking at her messed form. He squinted his eyes further to clear the mist and defy what he was seeing. His eyes couldn’t believe that the woman who was begging him pathetically was now looking at him in somewhat weird way. Heck! He didn’t even know how to describe her. Messed, crying or lunatic? She wasn’t laughing like insane people but her stare was spine chilling and though he was gulping, it didn’t help him.

He closed his eyes and huffed loudly. Maybe stress and guilt was making him see weird things. No way in a hell can a weak woman like Vista look so vengeful. Without glancing at the threshold where his wife was weeping or more like staring at him, he turned the steering wheel and drove himself out of the boundaries of his house which was according to Vista’s taste. She never liked having helpers invading their privacy which made him settle for a small but cozy accommodation away from hubbub of chaotic city. It was their flourishing heaven in not so thick woods but it seemed as if fire of his sins burnt the heaven to charcoal.

Back in the burning heaven, lady laying on the threshold, pulled back her hanging body and sat properly taking the support of food frame. Wiping away her tears, she rubbed her red face with palm and used her fingers to brush away the hair sweeping on face. She turned her head in the direction of departing car. Finally, when the back light of the car wasn’t visible anymore, she laughed heartily and whispered groggily, ” dumb bi*ch. ”

So, how was the first chapter? Let me know your thoughts on it. ❤❤

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