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" what? Vista is, Vista is dead? ” Miranda couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It felt as if thunder had striked her down.

Derby had an exasperated look on his face. Recent incidents had creeped him out but gathering up all his courage, he narrated the horrendous spiel to her. Situation was already adverse and he couldn’t afford hiding things from her. He excluded the creepy incident which happened in the lift along with him seeing Vista, outside the fence. He wasn’t sure how to break down these weird happenings and probability was that he would look maniac for co relating everything..

On the other hand, for first five minutes, Miranda wasn’t reacting to a thing and after that, she could just palm her forehead. Tears brimmed down from her eyes and she could feel her world collapsing. She was Derby’s girlfriend and she would be definitely questioned by the cops and this mere thought was enough to send her into a panic mode. Cops, murders, investigation were very foreign word to her and she didn’t know what to do.
She was screwed up badly and it frightened her.

Derby was shit scared after seeing his girlfriend panic so badly. He spoke desperately, ” baby, it’s aright. I haven’t murdered Vista or anyone and they can’t do anything. ”

" but she’s dead! She’s dead. Oh my God! I feel like her culprit. If you would have been with her, this wouldn’t have had happened ” Miranda cried bitterly after thinking that a lady, more precisely, his boyriend’s wife had died.

" Hey, hey! You’re not the culprit Miranda! I agree that piece of cloth belonged to her and even hair looked like hers but the corpse was marred beyond recognition and, and it’s not even proven that she’s dead. ” Derby exclaimed anxiously. Though his part of his heart believed cops but he was desperate to console Miranda.

Sun was shining intensely but not strong enough to cure darkness of the young couple.

′ was she murdered so brutally? ′

Her body was sweating while she weeped her heart out.

Half an hour or so passed before she glared at Derby, ” I can’t believe that this is happening to me. A month back, you did the favour of telling me about your wife. I was devastated after knowing that I was a second woman and a homewrecker. I wanted to leave but you pleaded me to not leave you as you were going to divorce Vista. You told you loved me and wanted to marry me but now this! A murder! A freaking murder has happened. ”

Derby was heartbroken as he saw her crying and thought of Vista being dead wasn’t helping either. He wanted to rip apart his hair with utter frustration.

Suddenly, a thought occured in Miranda’s mind which passed a current of horror through her body.

′ what if he’s the murderer ?′

She stepped back further and gulped down before asking him in a meek voice, ” are you? ”

She tried to maintain the eye contact with him but failed due to fear.

Miranda’s question puzzled him at first, ” What are.. ”

But later it clicked him. He had never imagined that Miranda ask such a ridiculous question. He was disappointed, shocked but most importantly, he was hurt beyond words. He leaped forward and clutched her shoulders tightly. He could clearly see that she was scared but that didn’t stop him from shouting, ” Are you seriously asking me this? Do you think I can do such a hideous crime of killing my wife? I had stopped loving her but she had and will always have a soft spot in my heart. I can’t imagine harming her. ”

Miranda was scared but that didn’t stop her from commenting, ” Haven’t you harmed her by lying to her? ”

Derby’s heart skipped a beat and he wanted to defend himself but was there any line created by any author which could justify his actions? He admitted that he had a soft heart for her but hadn’t he shamelessly cheated on her and that also when she was trying to conceive?

Tears rolled down his eyes and his hold loosened up on her shoulders. He could just murmer, ” I didn’t kill her. I really didn’t kill her. Please believe me Miranda.”

She smiled with twisted mix of pain, ” i just asked you a question and it hurt you so much. Can you imagine what she must have gone through when you confessed cheating behind her back? ”

Being a woman, she could feel Vista’s pain but she was helpless. She looked at him whose face reflected regret but suddenly, something clicked in her head, ” Derby, don’t you think that we’re missing out on something important? ”

" what? ”

" You met Vista and came back. When you went for the second time the corpse was in the bedroom Right? ”

He imply nodded as he had no idea what she was speaking about.

" Deodorants were sprayed so that nobody can smell the pungent odour and it looks like a full set up by the murderer. But if deodorants were used then how come cops came to know about it so early and who told them ? ”

Derby’s eyes went wide with shock because he didn’t think of it before. Seriously, who reported about it to cops? And how could that person smell it ? But just as a suggestion, more like a question, he spoke, ” Maybe neighbours? ”

Miranda rolled her eyes at such a ridiculous answer, ” common babe! Your house is secluded in woods and you don’t have neighbours closely around it. And let’s just say that even if a neighbour reported, how could he or she smell the odour? ”

Derby palmed his mouth because something very fishy was going around. How could he not think of it before?

" Oh yes! How something so important slipped out of my mind? I need to go to the police station. ”

Before he could even turn around towards the door, their door bell rang.

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