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Who Called?

Derby took fast steps towards the door and pulled it hurriedly. Fright settled on his face after looking at the smiling man standing infront of him.

" Hello Mr. Morris!”

The man whose guts was hated by him, was standing in all his glory infront of him. Though he was in civil clothes, yet he made sure to show off his badge with a smug look. There wasn’t anything which he hated with a passion than annoying voice and supercilious look of this particular officer. His jaws clenched when he remembered about the threat he gave him in the morning while he was heading out of the police station.

What was his name again? Ben, Trent or Kent. He was too lost last night to even register his name. He didn’t realise that he was staring at him for too long and suddenly it clicked him. What was he doing at his apartment? More like his girlfriend’s apartment.

Brenton chuckled internally at gaping from of douche bag standing infront of him. His wife’s supposed corpse has been found and he, without any remorse was in his girlfriend’s fairly expensive apartment. He assassinated him and there wasn’t a single slip of tear on his face. He looked tensed, angry and somewhat curious but definitely not sad.

He had followed the police car which escorted him till here as he wanted to make sure that he won’t run away. He clicked his fingers to bring him back from his La - La land.

" Officer ? ” it was quite evident from his voice that he wasn’t in for this unpleasant surprise.

" Yes, Mr. Morris. I’ve to talk to you regarding your wife’s documents which can give us some clues regarding her father. ” Brenton’s voice was devoid of any sort of non sense.

Derby sighed but nonetheless, he nodded his head in understanding.
” I’ll give you all the documents but I want to know that who informed police in the first place? ”

" Mr. Morris, you’re not given an option, it’s an order. ” Brenton did make sure to clear his motive which made Derby fist his palm in order to retort back.

" I get that officer but I want to know that who reported it. ”

His chestnut orbs bore into Derby’s mystic grey ones and he took a step ahead in an intimidating manner.

" Why, so that you can murder him or her too? ”

Derby was appalled with the direct accusations put on him. He shouted out loud, ” what the f*ck man? ”

Before Brenton could put him him on his place, a feminine voice chimed him from behind, ” you can’t say that!”

Miranda was scared at first, seeing the police badge and decided to not intervene but couldn’t keep quite when her boyfriend was alleged.

Brenton smirked and tilted his head to look behind Derby’s shoulders. A beautiful woman with disheleved blonde hair was glaring at him. He looked back at the douche and mocked, ” so, she’s the lady of your dreams? Scarlet of your coloured life? Oh wait, here you’re the scarlet, ain’t you? ”

Derby frowned at first but soon, he realised that this crappy officer was passing a satire on him as scarlet letter was related to adulterers. His temperature sky rocketed and he shouted again, ” Officer! Be in your limits! You’re no one to pass comments on my personal life. ”

" Oh really? You’ll decide my limits? Huh? A marred corpse is found in your house, still you have the audacity to question my limits? Should I show you my limits? ” His voice was as calm and cool as breeze but his words definitely had storms brewing up in them.

" Investigation is still going on, corpse isn’t even recognised yet and here, you’re directly accusing my boyfriend. ” it was Miranda who tried to put up a brave face.

" yes, your boyfriend who was the last person to meet Vista. Your boyfriend who hadn’t told her till last night about you. Your boyfriend, who is the prime suspect of the crime. ”

This was enough to zip up the couple’s voice as they were pulled back by the gravity of the situation. They had no choice other than putting up with humiliating comments. Miranda came forward to rub Derby’s back which made him smile. He glared at the cop and spoke, ” still, it has nothing to do with my personal life. ”

" Really? Seems it has to do with your personal life because you had a motive and a chance or maybe, she came to know about some dark secret of yours. ” Brenton’s voice went hushed when he spoke the last line as if it was a top secret which couldn’t be revealed.

" There are thousands of people who cheat on their partners everyday, that doesn’t mean that each one of them murder? ”

" I don’t know about others but it appears that you probably have. ”

′ Here comes in his arrogancy and stubbotrness. ′

Derby couldn’t understand that why this cop hated him so much. He was pretty sure that he had no encounter in the past with him but here he was, accusing and torturing him mentally.

He heaved a sigh, ” I work in HR department of a multi national company which pays me fairly good enough. My history is clean and I haven’t been into any fight, lest a murder. I don’t know why you’re doing this to me but I haven’t got a chance to blink my eyes in relaxation since last night. My wife is supposedly dead and I’m in no mood to tackle your words.”

Brenton snorted mockingly before speaking, ” oh yes! It’s very much evident that you’re grieving so hard. Ain’t you? ”

This was just too much! This officer was getting on his nerves now but wasn’t he speaking the truth? He wasn’t really sobbing but his heart was clenched. Alas! He couldn’t show it and before he could reply something, he heard his girl speaking, “well! At least tell us that who had informed the police department? ”

" we try to keep our investigation undercover which doesn’t allow me to share any information regarding this case and definitely not to one of our prime suspect. It’s confidential, ma’am.”

The word ‘ma’am’ was coated with such pseudo sweetness that it made Mirand cringe.

" Anyways, this reminds me that Mr. Morris has to accompany me to his home from where I could fetch, Mrs. Morris’s documents. Our one team is already investigating people in the closest neighboruring. ”

On a cue, his phone rang and he excused himself from the couple to take the call. It was from his junior police officer who was assisting him in the case. He picked up and responded, ” Hello, Philips? ”

" Good morning sir, we are at Mr. Morris’s house and have already found the lady who had called, informing about the dead body. ”

This made him smirk and he commented, “Interesting. I’ll be there soon. Don’t let her go and record her statement. ”

" Sure sir. ” after the curt reply, the line was cut off.

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