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" Actually, she’s still a student. Last year business student in Miami university ” Derby answered back.

" oh? Being a student, she makes a lot of money, I see. Are you sure that she doesn’t have any secret job ? ” Brenton was quick enough to throw a dark shade. Philips, his junior, tried his best to hide his smile at his senior’s dark and offensive humor.

" No, officer . I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t have a secret job She is a daughter of a wealthy businessman of
of Miami, Kent Reece. ” Derby spoke through his gritted teeth.

" daughter of a wealthy businessman? Was this the reason you started dating her, in the first place? ”

It was getting just too much now! Derby didn’t care even if he would go in a deep trouble for this. He looked deadly in Brenton’s eyes and spoke, ” none of your business. But just so you know, that I love her. You want Vista’s documents. Take them and get out. Don’t try to intrude my personal life. ”

Instead of getting angry, Brenton let out a laugh. ” love her? Didn’t you love Vista or your love interests keep changing with every season? ”

A pained look crossed Derby’s eyes while his heart chained with guilt. ” I and Vista were college sweethearts and got married straight away after finishing college. I only loved her since past five years, but recently, there were issues between us which is none of your concern. ”

Brenton smirked at this and challenged, ” We’ll see what concerns me and what not. The moment I’ll find evidences against you, I’ll make sure that you rot in jail or hell. ”

Though Derby was shit scared, yet he held the cop’s gaze with boldness, trying to put up a brave face.

They moved upwards where Derby went inside the bedroom. He threw a glance at the bed where the corpse laid. A shudder ran down through his body but neglecting it, he opened his cupboard. After rummaging through it for five minutes, he finally found Vista’s birth certificate and their marriage certificate. He quickly gave it to Brenton and waited for his reaction.

Brenton looked at the birth certificate where Vista’s name was printed and read it out loud, ” Vista Hart, daughter of Mr. Steve Hart and Mrs. Cynthia Hart. ”

He raised his eyes and asked Derby, ” do you know the address of Vista’s mother’s house ? ”

Derby immediately nodded and spoke, ” oh yes! She was from Los Angeles and I have been to her house.

" Cool. Tell us the address. ”

After noting the down address, Brenton excused himself from Derby and turned towards Philips, ” Contact LAPD ( Los Angeles Police Department). Ask them to look at any public record of Steve Hart. On top of it, tell them to visit at this house and look for divorce papers or any other documents which could help us in the investigation. We need to find Steve Hart for DNA testing. ”

" Sure sir. ” Philips nodded.

" Has body gone for post Mortem? ” Brenton asked him.

" yes sir and autopsy report will come in two or three days. I’ve already contacted forensic department for DNA testing of the Corpse. ”

Brenton patted on his back and spoke in a serious voice, ” we need to keep a strict eye on this man. He knew that he would get that house in LA if Vista would be dead and we all know that a house in LA will get him a good fortune. My doubt on him is turning more firm with each passing minute. ”

Philips blue eyes asserted Derby’s demeanour and he hummed in response.

Her feet were vibrating with fear of getting caught and that automatically made her take long strides. Once in a while, her fearful eyes turned backwards just to make sure that nobody had traced the path which she was walking on. Her chest was tightening with those big fat lies which she had just uttered in front of the police. A sweat trickled down her neck imagining frightening scenarios of getting caught and she sniffled hard to stop more tears from falling down.

She clenched her fist tightly and reminded herself that she had to be strong for her son. Her insignificant savings were not even a dime’s worth infront of the amount required to let him enroll in an expensive college of New York. She didn’t want him to suffer due to her incompatibility of meeting his college expenses. He was a bright student and even after a scholarship, it was impossible to survive in New York without a stable support.

′ I’m not a bad person. No, not at all. I’ve not killed anyone, it’s just that I lied. Nope, nothing else. ′

She tried to console herself with these lines while trying to calm down throbbing nerves. Her hands shook while she taking out that miracle note from skirt pocket which was about to end her financial problems. She had no freaking idea that who sent it but last night, she found a note on her doorstep. It was written that in morning, she needed to go at Morris residence and tell cops that she was the one who discovered a body in bedroom. She didn’t want to be a part of this but the amount offered in return, made her do that.

She re read it again to confirm whether she did all correctly or not.

′ Perfect! ′

She had exactly lied the same way about her discovering a corpse as it was written on that page. She turned around the page to see if there was any name but nothing. It was anonymous and though it was scary, it was her only hope. Holding it tightly, she literally ran to get inside her safe abode. A sigh of relief escaped through her lips when she finally reached at the main door of her house.

With a thumping heart, she went towards couch to rest. No sooner did she slump herself on the couch than an envelope caught her attention. She leaped forward to pick it up from the table and stared at for a complete minutes. Mustering up her courage, she opened it and her eyes shone with happiness looking at twenty thousand dollars inside it.

This gave her the strength to face up the cops and lie about a corpse where in reality, she was on leave as granted by Mrs. Morris. Cops were saying that it was her dead body and that crushed her heart. She was such a lovely lady with a kind smile. Who could possibly kill her?

She didn’t have any idea of incident which had happened over there but she tried to keep all of it aside and focus on positive side.

Her dream of seeing her son graduating was there, those twenty thousand dollars were the jackpot which would let her son, Mark, pursuit his ambition. A gush of fresh tears cascaded down. She had lied but looking at the money, she knew that it was worth it. There was another note inside and for a second, her heart stopped.

′ Do I’ve to lie again? ′

Hesitantly, she opened that note, expecting worse to happen but she relaxed after reading the content,

′ Thank you, Anna. You don’t know but your help means a lot. There is the amount, as promised . ′

Reading it, Anna heaved a sigh and prayed that to not regret doing this.

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