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Old Wounds

Impatient hands pressed the door bell, waiting for the response from another side. She retrived her hands in the hoodie pocket and turned around. Though hoodie wasn’t woolen or warm, yet it was too hot for Florida’s temperature.

Heaving out a sigh, she looked at dark clouds, which were staring back at her with casket full of their own secrets. She had heard that many people experience pareidolia while gazing at clouds, just like her.

The clouds which are peaceful like white puffs, at times, become dark and monstrous, rupturing peace, just like humans. She was soon teleported to present surrounding after hearing click of the door knob. She turned around real quick with a smile and heard an enthusiastic but a muffled squeal, ” Rachel! I was waiting for you. ”

Soon, she was enveloped in a warm hug, making her smile even harder. With all the chaos happening in their life, it was a much needed one. After being impluvious in comfort, they broke apart. Rachel couldn’t be as my happier after seeing her but soon, it was replaced by worry.

Those tired eyes were reciting a tired saga, still Rachel couldn’t help but ask, ” How are you? ”

She sighed ” Trying to cope up with all these estranged happenings. At times, it becomes just too much but then, I think about the purpose behind it. Anyways, come in. ”

Making some space for Rachel, she moved aside. A smirk danced on her lips after watching the line written on the back of her hoodie.

′ Sins strike back with interest. Be prepared for yours. ′

She laughed loudly at this and remarked, ” nice hoodie. ”

Hearing this, even Rachel chuckled, ” You should have seen Derby’s face. It felt as if leeches had sucked out life from his body when he read it. ”

Hearing his very name made her ears bleed. She couldn’t help but point out the distaste, ” That pathetic excuse of a dog is nothing but a scared pig. ”

Rachel could understand her pain and the effect it had on her. She went near her and kissed on forehead. ” Everything will be fine. What you’re doing requires courage and strength. Not everyone does that sweetie, fighting for justice. ”

Hearing such soothing words from Rachel made her eyes tear up and she nodded at her with a crooked smile.

Trying to vanquish the tension, Rachel changed the topic and chirped, ” Well, may I’ve the honour of having a cup of coffee made by you, Brooklyn ? ”

The name ‘Brooklyn’ confused her but soon, she realised that she was faking her identity. Chuckling at her stupidity, she replied, ” Yeah, yeah! I totally forgot about being Brooklyn. Seems like I’ve to get used to this name. ”

She went inside to get some coffee while Rachel made herself comfortable on the couch. This house, amongst dense woods was perfect to hide. She remembered how tough it was to get a house so aloof. All thanks to their friend who had been such a great help.

Soon, brewing aroma of coffee hit Rachel’s nostrils and she smiled. It was so long since she had a coffee made by her. Since. Past few years, she was so into her job and marriage that she didn’t get time to visit but this incident was such a low blow.

Crossing her legs, she bent forward to pick up an old magazine to read but soon, Vista’s photo frame caught her eyes. That figure hugging black midie made her look so stunning. Truly, black was her colour and it suited on her so much. She didn’t know how old that photo was, maybe ,three or four years, she guessed. Her radiating smile was so contagious while that black puffy hair was perfection but now, it looked like a mirage.

How cruel humans are! She didn’t deserve any of the shit which Derby had put her through. Soon, a cup of coffee came in her vision and she looked up. She stared at the lady standing infront of her. Everything was same in comparison to the photo except for the radiance and happiness. Rosy cheeks of photo were in contrast with pale ones, and blue eyes were drowning in an endless ocean of grief.
She was so overwhelmed with those eyes full of laconic sorrow that she couldn’t help but speak lowly, ” it’s unimaginable to lose a child and that also because of someone else’s mistake. ”

Hearing it from Rachel was last straw to her resentment. She fisted her palms to stop the tears but only if it was so easy to forget! She looked helplessly in Rachel’s eyes, trying to understand God’s cruelty. When she couldn’t, she fell down on the adjacent couch with a thud. Tears streamed down through her eyes thinking about the unborn child. Her hiccups filled in the surrounding while Rachel
went near her to hold her down.

" I, I, was so.. .. I was.. going.. to become..” her hiccups were not allowing her to speak. The pain resting on her chest was too much! She palmed her face and grieved for what felt like an eternity, letting winds carry her message to Almighty about his gruesome act.

Rachel held her tightly and weeped along with her but she had to stop her, ” hey, it’s painful, I know but this is not good for your health. Crying won’t punish that bi*ch. His karma is about to strike back. Shhh.. Think about white lies ahead of us.”

After constant consolation of Rachel, she finally wiped away her tears and nodded. After making sure that her tears had subsided, she spoke, ” i’ve found something about her sweet blondie. Want to have a look? Brooklyn? ”

She deliberately added it to make her familiar with this new name of hers.
After getting a positives nod, Rachel took out few photos and laid it on the table.

Brenton blew out the air of relief after winding up all of his office work. He couldn’t wait to get home in order to get a sound sleep. As soon as he put final file in order, he heard Philips voice, ” Sir!”

′ Way to go in order to have a rest.′

Trying to put aside the tardiness, he looked up and asked, ” Yes Philpis? ”

" Sorry to disturb you sir but finally, LAPD has found Steve Hart, Vista’s father. He also lives in LA and it made their task easier to find him. ”

" Whoa! They’re super fast to locate him within few hours. ”

" Yes sir, Steve Hart had few police records in past of shoplifting and trifle violent fights. Apparently, in his teenage days, he was involved in some small gang but now, he’s all clean. ”

" Oh, I see. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t given the custody of Vista. ”

" Yes sir but he wasn’t ready to give DNA sample before knowing the reason. When LAPD told him about the possibility of his daughter’s murder, he wanted to fly down here. ”

It was going to be a tiring process, for sure but nonetheless, he thought that it would be better if he would meet him in person.

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