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Not So Sweet

Her eyes asserted the photos with a keen interest but soon, interest vanquished, leaving behind bitter hatred. She couldn’t blink eyelashes due to the anger surfacing in them.

‘She’s the one.’

In the back of mind, she kept repeating it. Her skin burned with a new wave of hatred gushing through veins. Automatically, her hands fisted tightly on edge of the photo, crumbling it a bit. She wanted to penetrate in and beat the hell out of that home wrecker. With gritted teeth, she looked at Rachel and asked her, ” Does bimbo smuggle illegal stuffs ? ”

A cunning smile adorned Rachel’s thin lips and smugly, she answered, ” this Miranda girl is a druggie. Once in a while, she do get high on them. ”

Her enthusiasm perished away after listening to Rachel. She gave her a bored look and spoke, ” Really Rachel? More than half of college students do drugs. What will police do? Press light or no charges against her. ”

This wasn’t what her desired. She wanted to roast Derby and Miranda in hellfire but this piece of news was dead wood.

Rachel took a sip of coffee and stated ” It’s just one of the degrades which she has. I know something else which is definitely more dangerous than this. ”

Listening to Rachel’s confident voice really spiked her interest more and she raised her brows.

" I got to know through my sources that Miranda carries an unlicensed gun. ”

She frowned at Rachel’s remark.

′ A fine of few hundred dollars and maximum two years jail for keeping an illegal gun. That’s it. ′

But instead of voicing it out loud, she let her continue.

" And here comes the best part. In first year of her business study, she used to live in the college dorm but she didn’t get along with her roommate. They used to have arguments often but it was always pacified. But one major fight broke between them which was witnessed by other students and Miranda was heard threatening that she would kill that girl. After five weeks, that girl went missing and till date, no information about her. Miranda was initially questioned by the police but you know, she has a rich daddy and then, she was let off the hook. ”

She frowned at this informarion ” But wait! None of this makes sense to me. Do you think that Miranda is involved in this? ”

Rachel exhaled out and continued, ” i’ve no proofs that it’s her but she is a fishy girl. Police didn’t do the proper investigation last time but now that dog of a boyfriend is in mess, we have to do something about her. ”

A strange smile made it’s way on her lips after hearing this and finally, that prickling sensation was overtaken by something pleasant. She lifted her coffee mug and so did Rachel and they clicked it together.

After taking two sips, Rachel stared at her. It was strange that she could feel her hollowness and it was disturbing. She held her hands and spoke with utmost seriousness , ” Is it necessary to do what you’re going to do next? ”

For a second, her hollowness changed into a shining glint ” It is and I’m way too deep in this to back down. I’ll do anything even if that costs my life. ”

Rachel tried to reason it with her but she was hushed down immediately, ” No Rachel, nothing can stop me. Absolutely nothing. ”

That cryptic determination was scary enough to haunt monsters of night and they could feel it that things were about to get scary.


Brenton kept a careful eye on two gentlemen sitting on the bench infront of his table. Well, ′ gentlemen ′ was really not the term for Derby Morris and Steve Hart. Though two policemen were there to hold them down but he couldn’t risk having another fight infront of him.

Steve had reported three days back here and after knowing the complete matter, broke down to tears. He said that he had no bond with Vista but afterall, she was his daughter and there was nothing worse than giving DNA samples in order to identify a dead body. It was weird to see a bulky man cry so bitterly but this is life, strange things happen. The moment he learned that her husband could be Vista’s possible murderer, his all anger and hatred was directed towards Derby.

Today, it was the day of Vista’s autopsy report and both men had arrived way too early than they were called. The moment Steve saw Derby in the morning, he was gracious enough to punch him directly on the face but policemen caught him before he could do more harm.

It took a minute or two for Derby to understand that what happened to him but when he got to know that the man who had punched him was Vista’s father, scared him.

Currently, he was sitting at an arm’s distance from Steve Hart with a bandage on his bleeding nose. In morning, he was worried about the reports, in fact, he even prayed that it shouldn’t be of Vista but the punch and stares of this man had him worried for his own life.

After fifteen minutes, Phillips appeared infront of Brenton’s desk and eyed two men sitting. Ignoring them, he turned towards Brenton and said, ” Good morning sir. Autopsy report has just arrived. Should I continue it here or somewhere else? ”

Brenton gestured him to move outside and even he stood up to follow him. When they were at good distance from Steve and Derby, Philips and continue, ” Well, the death happened about twenty days back . No internal wounds, apart from cut in veins of wrists and most probably, cause of death is excessive blood loss.”

Brenton asked after hearing it, ” cut on wrist veins? Could it be a suicide? ”

Philips shrugged his shoulders and said, ” but sir, at the crime scene, there were deodorants and full cover up plan. If it would have been a suicide, why would someone try to hide it ? ”

Brenton hummed in response and continued, ” maybe the culprit want us to believe that it was a suicide? Well, what about the DNA reports. ”

" Sir, DNAs of the body and Steve Hart has matched ,confirming that corpse is of Vista Morris. ”

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