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Brenton moved towards Steve and Derby, forming sentences in his mind to brake this news to them. Both men were looking at him with hope, masqueraded with seriousness. Hope, which was just a disastrous way to console heart

Steve was the first one to stand up. He quickly swallowed the distance between them. Brenton stared deep into his eyes and it was now that he realised, Vista had inherited his eyes. He didn’t have the heart to give such a dissapointing news, therefore, he asked his assistance to continue further.

Understanding his boss’s dilemma, Phillips took it on himself to tell. Trying to maintain his stiff professional tone, he spoke, ” I’m so sorry for your loss Mr. Hart. Autopsy reports have confirmed that it’s your daughter’s corpse. ”

Like a solar eclipse, this news galloped all the brightness from Steve’s life. With only difference being that it wasn’t momentarily. It was permanent. His heart played an ugly, horrific tune of an elegy. His body trembled while tears brimmed down. His shoulders shook violently as he cried his heart out. Contrary to Steve’s shaking figure, Derby was numb. Irritating beep sound swirled in his ears which kept prompting.

When cops told that she could be dead, he denied to believe it. He denied to believe all those stupid clues, allegations, with possibilities but now, what was he supposed to do?
Any sane man would have asked so many questions, like cause of death, how old the body was and etcetera, etcetera but Derby was just numb. He didn’t want to know anything, he didn’t want to listen to anyone. Even his tears gland were numb as they refused to leak.

Brenton and Philips had witnessed these kind of gloomy response from family members and it was part of their job but that didn’t make it any easy. Awkwardly, Brenton lightly cupped Steve’s shaking shoulders. He didn’t speak any comforting words, just stood there.

When cries subside, anger rises and it’s intense. With same intensity, Steve shouted at Derby, ” you killed my daughter! You fu*king basta*d! ”
He marched in his direction in a threatening manner but was held back. Derby didn’t even care about anything, and was unresponsive to Steve’s threats. He didn’t even hear them.

′ Vista is dead. ′

He didn’t know that whether it was a question, a statement or simply, a cruel reality. Nobody held his shoulder to console and frankly, he didn’t even care. Nothing would make Vista alive. It was he who committed the sin but then why was she punished ? Why was she dead?

′ He can’t fake it all or could he? ′

He questioned himself from a distance, Brenton eyed Derby up and down. He wanted to take him under custody once again but after seeing the man’s condition, decided against it. He went near Derby and cleared his throat, ” Mr. Morris, you can take the corpse for funeral but under our scrutiny.”

Derby could see officer’s lips moving but he was immobile to what it meant and he was in that state until he felt harsh shake on his shoulders.

Brenton repeated again, “Mr. Morris? I said that you can take the corpse for funeral proceeding. ”

′ Funeral, Vista’s funeral! ′

Something inside him shuddered hard at imagining the visuals and it was then, when silent tears started falling down through his eyes. His face turned red with intense silent grieving, unlike Steve who was screaming and yelling.

With tearful eyes, he looked at Vista’s father who was throwing cuss at him, blaming him for her death. He had no freaking idea about the base of these allegations but that suddenly reminded him of the autopsy report. He looked at the cop and after trying his level best to subside throat’s heaviness, asked, ” What does the report say? ”

Brenton inhaled loudly before speaking, ” well, her death had happened around twenty days before on the day we found it. No major cuts but we’re looking at it with a murder angle and you’re.... ”
He didn’t have the heart to continue, letting him know that he would be in custody soon as he was already trembling.

On the other hand, Derby’s eyes went wide. Was everyone around him high on drugs? At first, DNA reports matched and now, Vista was dead already? Then who the f*ck pleaded him ?

Getting up, he went near Brenton screamed, ” No, it can’t be, it’s impossible. ”

Brenton and Philips exchanged a look before Brenton asked him with a raised brow , ” What’s impossible? ”

He held Brenton’s hand and explained to him in desperately, ” I saw her that day, she was there! She asked me to not leave her. Oh my God! You aren’t believing this shit of her being dead, are you?”

Brenton flared his nostrils in anger before removing Derby’s hand and spat, ” How more low will you stoop ? DNA reports have confirmed her death and still, you’re continuing with your drama? You’ve no remorse whatsoever! ”

Derby took few steps back and palmed his forehead. He sat down on the bench again and shook his head. What was he supposed to believe, things which he saw with his own naked eyes or reports? He spoke once again, ” I’m not doing any drama. I swear on my mother! ”

He looked at everyone’s face but found a disgusting expression. Nobody believed on him and it was infuriating. He clutched his hair tightly and suddenly, a thought crossed through his mind and he couldn’t help but voice it out, ” I feel like it’s her who’s doing all this drama to get attention. She was alive and she was there. She pleaded me to not leave her and when I didn’t listen to her, she’s doing all this to ruin my li...”

Even before he could complete his sentence, Steve roared, ” You disgusting pig! You killed my daughter and blaming her. The moment you’ll step out of this police station, I’ll shoot you and ruin your dead body. ”

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