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Brenton was fast enough to intervene and pull away both raging men.
” Mr. Hart! It’s a police station and I don’t appreciate use of such violent language. ”

After throwing a stern gaze at Steve, Brenton turned towards Derby and stared for a proper minute. He wanted to dive deep into this man’s psychie to understand it’s functionality. He couldn’t believe that someone would be so harsh at a dead person but then again, it’s humans we’re talking about. Everything and anything is possible! Exhaling deeply, he spoke, ” Mr. Morris, seems like you don’t want to arrange funeral of your wife. We do have other options then like handing the body to Mr. Hart. ”

Derby gritted his teeth frustratingly. His blood had turned cold and it seemed as if everything around him wanted to add in his agony.

′ Funeral of your wife. ′

What a tragedy! Though he had shouted that Vista had done all this to trap him but a part of him shuddered that what if she was really dead? What if she was the innocent girl with whom he had fallen in love with? Even before he could speak, Steve’s angry voice boomed, ” I won’t allow this bastard to even attend my daughter’s funeral, let alone arrange it. It’ll be a disrespect to her soul. ”

Derby’s looks turned murderous and his hand shook with anger. He was done with this man’s bullshit and he chortled back, ” You’re a perfect father to a daughter who didn’t exist for you till yesterday, ain’t you? Vista never saw your face when she was alive and now, you’re posing as a doting father who was there all her life. Bastard! ”

Steve leaped forward with an intention to break this filth’s jaw but he was again pulled back harshly by two policemen but this didn’t stop him from commenting, ” you knew her from quite a long time and yet, you cheated. She’s dead you fucker and I won’t spare you . ”

That was a low blow in guts for him and his face turned red with shame because he couldn’t deny the crude accusation. In fact, it wasn’t just an accusation, it was a practical crime which he had committed. Even before he could come with a counter attack, Brenton’s voice boomed who was witnessing the drama since a very long time, ” Enough! This is a police station for God’s sake and you two need to behave. Mr. Morris? ”

Derby shifted his attention towards Brenton when he called his name and murmured, ” Yes? ”

" Just few minutes back you were saying that Vista has set up all this to frame you even though autopsy reports have confirmed that it’s her body and therefore, Mr. Hart will arrange her funeral under police’s scrutiny. Now it’s up to him whether he allows you or not. ”

Derby couldn’t believe what he just heard and his body shivered. He wasn’t even allowed in his own wife’s funeral. Surely, he had said all that but now it burned his own soul like acid. Everything was absurd. He didn’t know which thesis to believe on but he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if it turns out that Vista is dead. His dumbness snatched away the last chance of saying a goodbye to her. ”
He grabbed Brenton’s hand and tried to reason out , ” No! You can’t do that...”

He was cut down by Brenton who shoved him away, ” I’ve other cases to look. Excuse me. ” He ordered Philips to escort Derby outside making sure that he and Steve don’t get indulge in a fight. Steve was asked to sign on papers in order to take the body along with him.

A read trickled down his cheek and he wiped away it furiously before making it crystal clear to Derby, ” This is worst a man can ever feel, arranging for his child’s funeral and you’re making me go through this. I curse you to rot in darkest corner of hell. You’ll never be happy. Tomorrow, my daughter will be burried six feet under for eternity. I didn’t know vista all her life but this grief is unbearable for me, it’s stabbing my heart and I curse you to feel the same stab. Moreover, don’t even think of stepping inside the graveyard or else, I’ll dig you alive sixty feet beneath. ”


Anything apart from silence was giving him comfort, even honking of cars calmed down his nerves and he closed his eyes to savour it. Traffic was there but road looked lonely to him. What happened, what was happening, what was going to happen, was out of his mind’s dimension. A sigh eluded from his lips after familiar building came into sight. Getting out of his car, he carried his legs forward to go inside his girlfriend’s apartment, ignoring few stares thrown at his way.

Miranda was quick to open the door and the vision infront of her was completely heartbreaking. Her boyfriend’s grey tee was soaked in sweat and his dishelved brunette hair was reciting the saga of distress. He walked in like a zombie and threw himself on the couch. She hesitated for a minute but managed to ask, ′ what happened? ”

′ What happened? ′

As if he understood what happened? He was also searching the answer of the same question but nonetheless, he told what he was being told. He closed his eyes and Steve’s warning of not attending the funeral flashed in his mind but he was adamant to attend and nobody was going to stop him. Who knew that this would be worst decision of his life?

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