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The night was fast enough in gathering it's darkness, allowing day to illuminate but irony died it's own tragic death as that illumination was synonym of dark. His black shoes tapped impatiently on the ground as anxiety shot up. Something was ill, terribly ill and he could feel that in pit of his stomach. Just two weeks back, had he been told that he would be getting ready to attend his wife's funeral, he would have had ridiculed the utmost idea as a theory given by a maniac but life is weird and he learned it in a hard way. Here he was, clad in all black in order to attend a funeral.

Gulping down the remaining coffee, he looked at Miranda who had sadness lingering in big blue eyes. It was awkward to even speak something in this mourning situation. After keeping down the cup, he finally stood up and smoothed his black pants. Before he could take a step ahead, Miranda spoke in a soft tone, " are you sure you want to go? I mean..... "

She was harshly interrupted by Derby's stiff voice, " Yes! It's my wife's funeral. "

Miranda flinched at his anger and clenched her teeth in order to stop from voicing out her thoughts.

' Some loving husband you were! '

She rather kept her mouth shut as it wasn't the correct time to even answer.

Guilt overpowered Derby's conscience looking at his girlfriend's fallen face but ignoring it, he went out of the apartment. A thunder welcomed him in full fledged glory as soon as he stepped out of the building. Weather had taken a three sixty degree turn from a luminous star to the Dark Lord.

He jogged towards his car and sped off on the path which was going to lead him towards the darkest journey of his life.


It was deadly silent around in the graveyard while handful of people had their head bowed down. Apart from Steve and cops, there were few neighbours who had come to attend this mournful event. Since weather had casted a spell of rain, everyone had umbrellas clutched in hands while the final proceeding took place.

Brenton was quietly observing the depressing atmosphere and his heart cried seeing Steve whose hands were void of an umbrella as he let rain drench his old form. Life had played a sick game on him but this is what it is.

' Poor guy. '

Tears trickled down through Steve's eyes when finally, his daughter's coffin was Burried six feet under. A numb feeling cradled his chest which ruptured his sanity. He had never seen grown up Vista alive, never had the opportunity to be an overprotective father who would chase away boys away from his beautiful girl nor was he priveliaged enough to play with her in childhood, yet, the pain was immense.

His little girl had to go through God knows what sort of tortures and he wasn't there. She must have craved for a person to be near her while going through hell, she must have needed a shoulder to lean her head on when that bastard decided to cheat. Alas! He could not. Fresh tears gushed at the mere thought that there's nothing he could do change the past nor did he have an opportunity to rectify future. She was gone, forever.

Thunder and rain accompanied him when he couldn't stop his sobs. He cried violently

He wanted to strangle himself to death for the choices he had made in his early days which had deprived him of being with his daughter. He was ashamed that he never searched hard enough to look for Vista because she had become a distant memory till the time he got his life sorted but now, that same memory was haunting him.

A faded memory of a little girl wrapped in sky blue frock with a serene smile flashed infront of his eyes. He remembered that day, around eighteen years ago when he had come straight away from jail to pay his daughter a visit. He felt like a dissapointement when instead of hugging him, she stumbled back in fear. That's when he decided to let go of her because she had a better life with her mother rather than him.

Now here he was, attending her funeral. That little girl's funeral. It was horrific, traumatizing and astonishing sight to witness her tombstone. Few people came and paid their condolences while few shot him a judging look. He felt relieved with judging looks because in a way, he wanted to be punished for being a careless, shit father.

After an hour, he was escorted outside of the graveyard by Brenton who was generous enough to drive him to the hotel he was staying in.

On the other hand, Derby watched this gut wrenching view from afar. He had come determined to be there but something awful pulled him back to be rooted outside graveyard's gate. His conscience was constantly slapping him with unknown guilt and he couldn't muster up the courage to let his presence known. Just like Steve, he was also drenched in rain while tears cascaded down. He hid himself behind pillars when cops and Steve left the graveyard.

Finally, after few more minutes, he took slow steps towards the graveyard, his hell hole.

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