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Death Do Us Apart

Her blank stare directed towards open night space was making even stars uncomfortable. Her face was void like a blank paper but dried tears showed that her heart was burning with fire. Fire which was as lethal as Derby Morris’s sin.

She cleared her throat to subside down heaviness and then collected her flowing hair in a top bun.

Standing up with self confidence, she retraced the path where she begged and even dragged her body but this time, she crumbled the ground with her footsteps. Red puffy eyes held undying anger of revenge. Her black georgette night wear was gushing with wind while she took her steps towards sitting arrangements of hall.

She came and sat on the couch like a queen, letting her right elbow rest on the armrest. Picking up several tissues from the table infront of her, she dabbed her face and nose softly .

Her face was aching with heavy drops of her tears and two drops trickled down when she looked at the decorative photo frame which was kept stylishly on the table. How happy and lovely they looked !

That particular photo was captured when they completed their one year anniversary. Her glow looked heavenly and was radiating happiness while Derby had squeezed her in his strong masculine arms. His chin was resting on her shoulder and his beautiful charming smile always used to melt Vista’s heart.

All of it was a big sugary facade! That two tears turned into full blown hiccups but those were real this time. When her cheeks rejected to be sojourn of tears, they started falling down on the glass of photo frame smothering it making it blur just like their marriage.

Tissues paper in her hand were crumbled down by her and her nostrils flared when her eyes read the cursive line down on the photo, ′ Till death do us apart. ′

A humorless smirk surfaced on her lips and her eyes went stoic on Derby Morris’s picture. ” You’ll pay for this you motherfu***r! ” it was an inevitable promise and she would make sure of it! Her eyes shined with vengeance when she thought about the whole plan she was about to execute.

Without removing her stare from Derby Morris, she picked up the land-line phone and dialed 911 and waited for someone to pick up the call.

" Hello, this is Charlotte from Miami Police Department How may I help you? ” a female voice spoke from the other side of the speaker.

The humorless smirk suddenly got mixed with malice when she heard the voice. It was now again time for a full blown pretense.

" Hel... Hello! ” her pretentious voice was trembling like that of a scared hostage.

" Yes Miss, may I know your name? ” the female officer asked courteously.

" There’s.... there’s a dead body! “oh the fear she had in her voice can never be thought as fake !

" dead body? Are you safe? Can you hear me? ” the female officer tried to maintain the calm but at the sane time, some rustling was going in the background which confirmed that they were already alert.

" Please, please come soon... ” she wondered how many times will she beg without her fault.

" Please hide somewhere if there’s danger around you. ” the officer directed in order to assure her safety.

Her vicious mind laughed listening to the officer.

′ I’m the danger ′

She didn’t speak anything, therefore, officer Charlotte again enquired, “Don’t worry Miss. Will you tell me what’s your name and do you recognize the dead body? ”

She craned her head towards wall clock. It was half past eleven in the night and she spoke in a strange calm voice, ” Come soon Charlotte. ”

She had cut the call fully aware of the fact that they would trace the phone number. She winked at the photo frame and whispered in hush tone as if it was a top secret, ” Till death do us apart, Derby Morris . ”


Derby was standing outside Miranda’s apartment but his fingers were shaking uncontrollably. His mind was still crumbled with all the begging and pleadings of Vista. He didn’t know whether to worry about her cries or deadly stare which she gave him.

Nonetheless, he pressed the doorbell and took out a handkerchief from his back pant pocket. He wiped his forehead and released a heavy sigh to compose his form. Withing few seconds, Miranda opened the door and her face was telling a lot about her distressed form. Without exchanging any pleasantries, they hugged each other tightly releasing the pressure.

Miranda closed her eyes in relief as Derby had returned back to her whereas Derby was gaining emotional strength through the hug. After a minute or so, they both separated and went inside their cozy apartment.

He removed his coat, kept the key on table and palmed his face while making himself comfortable on the couch. Meanwhile, Miranda went into the kitchen to fetch him a glass of water. She threw a look at Derby over the kitchen slab and found him quite stressed. She knew that something horrible happened between them.

‘Did she ask for a heavy alimony which he couldn’t afford ? ’

She couldn’t help but think of all the negative scenarios because it was Derby who cheated and therefore, court would favour conditions of Vista.

She came back to her senses when the glass overflowed as she didn’t close the filter tap. She flinched back when coolness of water touched her skin.
” Damn! ” she cursed inwardly and picked up a kitchen towel to dry herself.

She went near Derby and forwarded the glass of water to him. After taking two sips, Derby looked at Miranda and passed her a small smile but his nose and eyes were red. She knew he had cried and her heart broke. She controlled her tears because the very thought that he still loved his wife, pierced daggers into her heart.

She scooted closer to Derby while her eyes helplessly moved around his face while a sob was threatening to brake out but she didn’t want to reach on any conclusion without conversation. She bit her lips and asked in low tone , ” how did it go? ”

Tell her how she begged you even after the fault was yours ′

His conscience was playing this line on repeat like a recording tape while his eyes clenched shut but he knew that he had to tell the truth.

" She was begging me to not divorce her. ” he confessed this to Miranda and waited for her reaction.

Miranda couldn’t contain her tears thinking that Derby would not divorce Vista but he was quick enough to pull her in a comforting hug, ” hey babe! I will divorce her and you don’t need to cry. It’s just that I’m scared for her future. ”

Listening to this, she calmed a bit and went to peck him. Derby on the other hand, wanted to reciprocate her gesture but an image of Vista’s eyes where she begged him silently, broke into his mind. He pulled back a back and uttered, ” I’m sorry. ”

He didn’t know why he did this but his mind was jumbled since he had left his crying wife on the threshold.

Miranda didn’t expect this move of Derby and it hurt her but she concealed it with a half hearted smile.
” It’s okay, I understand! ”

He too reciprocated her smile and removed his masculine arms.
” You hit to bed, I’ll join you after my night shower. ” Saying so, he removed his watch straps and stood up to take his shower.

" Sure ” Miranda added to it but she could sense his stress and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it! She felt bad for Vista but she was in love with her husband. It was twisted but it was the truth.

In the shower, Derby let his body drench in water just like his soul drenched in Vista’s tears. She even held his shoes, literally begged him and even dragged her body on the ground. She loved him so much!

" F*ck!” he banged his fist on the nearby wall. This guilt was really messing up with his head.

It would have been happy, had she slapped him. At least, he wouldn’t be experiencing this nerve racking guilt which was going up by every second.
He didn’t know for how long he stood there under running water but he was immune to his surrounding. Vista’s pleas and eyes had suffocated his mind.

" Babe, you ok there? ” it was more than an hour since Derby was in shower and though Miranda wanted to give him his space, she started to fret.

Derby’s trance broke when he heard Miranda’s voice. He closed the shower tap and wrapped a towel around his waist. Stepping out, he said, ” yeah! I was stressed about the events which happened today. Nothing to worry about. ”

He slightly tapped her left cheek and went to wear his night dress leaving behind an upset Miranda. She wanted to talk about ′ events ′ which stressed him but at the same time, she didn’t want to sound as an annoying girlfriend.

Both of them retired to bed with their own set of guilt and questions. Miranda went into sleep within half an hour but for Derby, sleep sounded as a very foreign word. He kept on twisting and turning while guilt kept slapping his mind.

It was around two in the morning when his phone rang. He frowned because it was a very odd hour for his phone to ping. He cleared his throat and pressed the green button and spoke in a hesitating voice, ” Hello? ”

" Hello! Is this Derby Morris? ” he hear a man speaking from the other side.

" Yes? Who’s this? ” the anticipation could be sensed in his voice .

" I’m speaking from Miami Police Department and we’re inside your house. We need your immediate presence as we’ve found a dead body here. ”

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