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Slow sips of coffee were soothing his nerves and he was thankful for the less work load. Apart from few paperwork, nothing much was up his sleeves. He was not in a mood to deal with boring files when something interesting had caught his interest.

Spring pen bounced on and off with every press, just like his thoughts. There were no new cases and that gave Philips ample amount of time to ponder over his senior's behaviour. Just on their own accord, his eyes fell on the Brenton who was submerged in paperwork. How calm he looked! Unlike his behaviour since past few days.

He had never seen him riled up to this extent. Certainly, he was an honest Police Officer but something peculiar has changed in him since Vista Morris had come up. Brenton had a good record of maintaining a good professional behaviour even with proven criminals but he had crossed the line of professionalism with Derby. He taunted him openly regarding his girlfriend and stuff.

It felt as if he had made up his mind that Derby was the murderer and he would punish him at all the cost. All of theses thoughts were messing up with Philip's head and he got up to throw the disposed glass of coffee but suddenly, his steps halted due to surprise.

He revived the crime scene on the very first day of Vista Morris case. Derby claimed to have seen Vista just few hours before. which was absurd but what of the silhouette he had seen while getting into the car?

Within a flash, he dismissed the very thought because it was all arbitrary, wasn't it?

There were DNA report which couldn't be declined but Philips's gut feeling was shouting something else. He didn't know why but he had a strong intuition that Derby was the innocent one here. Maybe, there's an another angle to the story. What if Vista was alive? He felt like an idiot for these useless thoughts.

Even if she was, a dead body had been found and murder has been committed which makes it crystal clear that there's a murderer. It wasn't like that Derby was a man with a clean reputation. He had cheated and lied but the fear and surprise which shone in his eyes after seeing the corpse was real. But then again, he could be faking it all. Still, if there was even one crazy percent of Derby's claim to be true, then this case was going to be fucked up beyond limits.

" Hey! Wassup Phil? "

Phillips was startled with the sudden voice and came out of his imaginary world. He looked behind to see amused brown eyes of his colleague ,Kevin.

It was then when he realized that he was standing frozen like fools in middle of the path.

Philips tried to sound as normal as he could, " Nothing much, Kevin. You tell? "

Kevin let out a chuckle and said, " Yeah, really nothing much. I can see that with you being standing between me and the dustbin since last five minutes. Are you alright? "

Philips was about to brush it off with a simple shrug because he couldn't just vomit his made up notions without any solid proofs.More over, he would be in deep trouble to doubt his senior if authorities would get to know it but he tried to take risk as Kevin worked in forensic department and he shared a good rapport with him. He won't snitch on him, would he?

Biting his lips, he decided to share his doubts with him, but with caution. He and Kevin moved near a secluded corner and after taking a deep breath, Phillips asked Kevin, " Umm.. Were you involved in Vista Morris's DNA test? "

Kevin's face held confusion before a slight recognition hit his face, " Vista Morris? Like, the corpse which was destroyed beyond recognition? "

Phillips desperately nodded a yes encouragin him to spill further but to his dissapointment, Kevin denied, " No man, I wasn't involved but got to know about it from my fellow colleagues. Why though? "

Philips released a sigh and asked Kevin with hesitation , " Can I trust you enough, bro? "

Kevin nodded with assurance, " of course, man. What is it? "

It was a huge risk which could cost him his job, still, he mustered up the courage to confess. " This case isn't as easy as we think it to be. Vista Morris's husband is the main suspect of the murder but I feel otherwise."

Kevin interrupted in between, " you mean to say there someone else who killed her? "

Phillip shrugged his shoulders, " could be but her husband claims to have seen her the night of her murder but in DNA reports, corpse was around ten days old. The way he said makes me believe that he's speaking the truth. " He was clever enough to not tell about Brenton's behaviour to Kevin because no matter what, he didn't trust him enough.

Kevin was stunned with Phillip's talks because now he himself was contemplating the whole scenario. " Now, what do you suggest? "

Philips was fast enough in saying, " Is there any chance of samples of the corpse and Steve Hart still present in the laboratory? "

" Fifty - fifty chances. "

Phillips nodded and looked at Kevin with determined, " I want you to re test the samples if they are there. "


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