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‘Vista is the one whom I’m searching.’

" Err.... Umm...she was here ? ” Derby dragged the word ′ Here ′ with a pinch of inquisitiveness.

" And where is ′ here ′ ? ” Brenton retorted back with his raised eyebrows.

Derby tried to speak something but nothing came out of his mouth. What should he tell the cop, he himself didn’t know where she was and the fact that she was his wife and yet, he didn’t know about her whereabouts was skeptical in police’s scrutiny.

Brenton held Derby’s shoulder and asked a question which raised his heartbeats , ” Who is she to you? ”

" My wife. ” he was amazed at his caliber of not stuttering in such a pressing situation.

" Intresting ! So, you don’t know where your wife is? ”

His cheeks turned red with embarrassment and shame. He shook his head sideways and lowered down his eyes. Though he wanted to ask numerous questions about the corpse but the officer wasn’t letting him shoot any question.

Brenton’s eyes moved around the house for a moment. He scratched his light stubble and chewed the cud before speaking, ” Okay, so let me put it out like this. This is your house and neither you nor your wife were here when we came and to make the situation more twisted, there’s a corpse in the house.”

Derby gave a slow nod and just thinking about the horrendous scene he watched, his stomach churned.

" Mr. Morris, may I ask you where you were when we called you? ”

Ah! The most dreaded question of the night! Though Florida’s temperature was quite moderate, still, Derby shuddered when a wave of wind gushed past his body. He just couldn’t tell the cops that he was staying with his girlfriend while his wife was missing. His lips had turned dry with dread and he internally prayed to Lord to let this pass, ” I was with a, ” he dared to look into cop’s eyes before completing the sentence

" a friend. ”

Brenton raised his left brow in doubt. Years of experience with criminals had made him well versed in detecting lies but he played along with him , ” Boys night out with your friends ? ”

Derby’s heartbeat rippled while his fists clenched. He spoke or more like whispered, ” No. ”

" Then what kind of a friend? ”

Derby had goosebumps all over his body bur he didn’t reply to this, instead, kept his eyes glued to the ground.

" What kind of friend Mr. Morris? ” Brenton’s voice was much louder and firm this time which ultimately made Derby confess.

" My girlfriend. ”

Truth to be told, it wasn’t something which shocked Brenton. He had dealt with enough cases and infidelity was a common angle in many crime scenarios. He chuckled in a mocking tone, ” What a colourful life you’re living Mr. Morris! A wife and a girlfriend. So, your wife knows about your girlfriend? ”

Derby had sensed the mock in cop’s voice but he wasn’t in position to throw a fit over here. ” yes. ”

Now this spiked Brenton’s curiosity.

" She knew about your girlfriend and she still didn’t divorce you? ”

It felt as if brain would explode with stress and anxiety casted by this interrogation. He didn’t know whether it was correct to share all the information of the conversation which he had with Vista. He chose to keep mum and looked in other direction.

Brenton sat down to Derby’s level and took out a piece of bloodied cloth which was sealed inside a plastic. He flashed it infront of him and asked him, ” Do you recognize this? ”

Derby squinted his eyes to look at the bloodied floral printed piece of cloth. The yellow colour with small red roses looked quite familiar to him. He pressed his temples in order to remember and that’s when it flashed him! It was of Vista! He remember this one because on one routine checkup with her gynecologist, she had worn this. He remembered how she forced him to accompany her and that’s when he noticed this dress.

His face paled. His mind went numb before whispering ” It is of Vista. ”

" This was worn by the corpse. ”

Though Derby was sitting down on the ground, still, he felt as if he needed support to listen.

′ It’s of Vista? But she was there with him just few hours back.′

"Though we’ve to conduct a post mortem, the raven hair and cloth are directing towards one possibility. ”

Derby knew what Brenton was about to speak, yet he asked, ” and that is? ”

" that corpse is of your wife. ”

The impact of this sentence was quite bigger than he anticipated it to be. It felt life being sucked out of his body and his body was covered in sweat.

Lookimg at Derby, Brenton smirked, ” Don’t be so shocked yet, Mr. Morris. You’re the prime suspect behind the murder of Vista Morris. ”

Derby was still in shock with the previous news and the utter bullshit of cop agitated him.

" What do you mean? Why will I do that? ”

Brenton laughed out loud at this, ” I don’t know. Maybe because you’ve a girlfriend and you wanted to get rid of your wife. ”

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