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" What nonsense are you speaking? I wanted divorce from Vista. It was her, who didn’t want it! ” at this point Derby had lost his lose due to utter crass words of the cop. His temperature was rising with ridiculous allegation of murder put on him. Moreover, the very thought of Vista being dead, ushered a wave of chill.

He didn’t want her dead! Heck, he never wanted her sad, instead wanted her to continue and move on in life. She had already suffered a lot and it was killing him that she was not there.

" She didn’t give you a divorce? Since when was she aware of it? Are you by any means insisting that she wanted to give you a chance or something? ” Brenton bombarded his questions.

Again! He was trying his level best to avoid talks he had with Vista but this snotty cop was hell bent on poking his nose. He clenched his jaws and spoke, ” it’s twisted. ”

" Not more than inspecting an unidentified corpse. Isn’t it Mr. Morris? ” Derby was smashed back with this question.

" Now be co operative and answer my questions. ”

′ Should he tell him every thing?

He dared to counter attack, ” you don’t have a warrant against me and you can’t question me like this. ”

Brenton’s lips curved into a smirk while his face held a superior look. He fisted his hands around Derby’s collar and spoke smugly, ” asking questions is still a decent thing which I’m doing. I can press instant charges against you right at this instant. ”

Derby never had such a scary interaction with police and the way Brenton threatened him, really scared him to the core.

In the end, he decided to tell the events which took place as he didn’t want to land more trouble. ” She came to know about it today. um.... Around 7 P.M. in the evening, I came here.. ”

" Today? ” Brenton’s skeptical voice chimed in. His looks screamed that he didn’t buy it but let Derby continue.

" I told her about my affair.. ”

He was again interrupted by Brenton, ” more like your cheating. ”

Derby glared at him but wasn’t he correct? He tried to look past it and continued further, ” and asked for a divorce. ”

" I see. It must have been followed by her curses and yellings at you. ”

Now how would he explain it to this cop that his wife begged him to stay with him ? He was under the eyes of authorities and that’s why he decided to spill out the truth, ” She held my legs and begged a lot to not leave her. ”

One out of two policemen standing behind Brenton, let out a chuckle. He was amused by the talks of the man who was sitting on the ground. According to him, his wife begged him after knowing about his cheating. What bullshit!

Brenton on the other hand, threw a derisive look at him and snorted, ” and who do you think you are ? God or a fu**ing billionaire that she would beg you? Stop lying and tell me the truth. ”

Derby let out an exasperated sigh. He palmed his temple and cursed himself. It was past 3 A.M. and he was sitting on the ground, being questioned by cops. How was he supposed to explain his wife’s behaviour to them when he himself didn’t understand? He knew that he was screwed up badly as there was a dead body in his house. It was futile to have a conversation with these cops. His phone continuosly vibrating since past five minutes and it was irritating him. He took it out and found Miranda’s name flashing on it.
He completely forgot about her with all the happenings but he couldn’t pick up the call and tell her about the deep Shit he was in.

He switched off his smartphone causing the beep to die down. He looked at Brenton, ” it’s not even proven that it’s Vista’s body, then why are you hell bent on accusing me? Heck, it’s not proved that a murder too place. ”

On a cue to his question, another policeman emerged out of the house with something sealed in transparent plastic. He spoke to Brenton, ” Sir, we found these empty bottles of strong deodorants and the smell resembles to the one which we got when we opened the room. This clearly eliminates our theory of suicide. Everything was planned. ”

Brenton and him shared a look and he spoke ” It’s a murder. The culprit used to spray this deodorant in order to remove pungent smell. So, Mr. Morris, now what do you think? Clothes which belonged to your wife and these deodorants? ”

At this point, Derby was too numb to speak anything. This explains the reason why he didn’t smell anything when he visited before but the biggest question that where was Vista? He still couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that she was dead. He had met her just few hours back while the corpse was quite disrupted, indicating that the death had happened before.

In a single night, his life had turned upside down. He didn’t know what to do anymore.

Brenton ordered all the policemen to go inside to zip up the corpse for post mortem. When all of them went inside, Brenton again took out his small diary and scribbled down more facts.

Derby was still on the ground but he expanded his vision all around the ground but terror struck his heart when he looked at the boundary near gate.

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