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He Saw Her

His breathing turned erratic when face of Vista, white washed in torch light,invaded his vision. Since there were no street lights, only her face was visible making it even more horrendous. She stood there, still, with torch in her hand which radiated witch vibes.

Her puffy eyes were blank without any emotions and they were solely fixed on his face while her red nose was flaring with intense emotions. They were several metres apart but he could feel her stare penetrating his soul. For the second time in a single night, his body went numb.

The lady whose death was being discussed, was standing outside the boundary. When his eyes met hers, there was an instant change in her face. Her lips curved in downward parabola as if accusing him for her misery. A shrill scream escaped through his lips when her tongue poked out lunatically, just the way she did few hours back.

Brenton abruptly looked at Derby after hearing his scream, ” Mr. Morris? You okay? ”

He exhaled loudly while stiffing his yawn. He was working non stop since hours and this man was getting on his nerves now. He scooped down to his level and once again asked, ” Mr. Morris? ”

Derby removed his eyes from Vista for a fraction of second and looked towards Brenton. He pointed his fingers towards her and spoke in a tone which was barely audible, ” She’s here. ”

" Huh? ” Brenton’s face had an utterly confused expression but nonetheless, he looked in direction where Derby was pointing but it was as dark as fur of black leapord. Nothing was visible to him. He turned on his torch light but in vain. The light wandered around aimlessly before being galloped by the black hole of darkness. He spoke squinting his eyes.
” Who’s there Mr. Morris? I can’t see anything. ”

Derby was appalled. He saw her standing outside the boundary but she was gone within a blink leaving behind night aa clean as black slate. How should he explain this to him? His head was bursting with tension and it was just too much now! He had to catch her and without replying to the cop’s question, he stood up and ran in the direction where he saw her. On his way, he kept shouting, ” Vista! Vista! Tell them that you’re here! Vista! ”

Brenton was bemused with the audacity of this silly man. He leaped behind him and screamed, ” Mr. Morris! ”

Nothing, absolutely nothing mattered to Derby in that particular moment apart from holding her tight.

Before he could reach till the boundary, Brenton held him tightly.
” What the fu*k was that? Are you trying to run away? ”

′ Ahhh!! This snobbish cop! ”

He was so close to find her but this idiot let it go down the drain.

" You dumb! She was there! What you doing. Let me go. ” Derby was going berserk. He was panting hard, gasping for air. If he would have caught Vista, he would have been free from allegations of murders.. ”

And before he could continue, a hard smack landed on back of his head by Brenton. He gritted out, ” I’m not your colleague or friend, I’m a police officer in uniform and there are certain rules to how to behave with me. ”

Derby bottled down the humiliation and clenched his jaws, ” but she was here! ”

" Oh please! Stop with this nonsense of yours. Who she? Well, scratch that. I’m done with you. You’re coming with us to police station. ” Brenton’s voice held firmness which left no scope for further debate.

Derby’s body shook with terror after listening to it. He never had any encounter with police, let alone going into a police station and being investigated.

" Police station? What do you mean by that? Why? I have done nothing and you’re torturing a wrong person. ”

Firstly, he just saw his wife who’s dead according to this cop and now, he had to go through investigation. He was yet to understand the basis on which he was being accused.

′ Great! Just great! ′

Brenton rolled his eyes at his rants and didn’t bother to reply. He asked Derby, ” Give me number of family members of Vista. I need to inform them and it’s necessary to take their DNA samples for confirmation. ”

′ F*ckkkkkkkk ! Here comes the problem of century for him. Stars were definitely against him. ′ thought Derby.

" she... She.. ” he couldn’t frame this sentence.

" yes, she ? ” Brenton’s dubious voice encouraged him to speak ahead.

" She doesn’t have any family. ” Derby finally blurted it out inspite knowing the fact that it’s going to smother him into more troubled mud.

How badly Brenton wanted to hit this idiot. Had he been not in uniform, he would have definitely punched some senses inside him. He exhaled and asked in serious voice , ” oh! I never knew that you are the one who had adopted her from childhood. ”

" What? ” it took a complete whole minute for Derby to understand Brenton’s sarcasm. It was getting impossible for him to keep his temper in check in presence of this officer but he tried to ignore it and focus on context of conversation, ” I meant that her parents divorced when she was very young and she shifted to California along with her mother. They were not in contact with her father. Her mother passed away last year and she has no siblings.”

Now that he was reciting it to to Brenton, he realised how lonely Vista was. When she needed him the most, he wasn’t there. He was a jerk to leave her to dwell in misery and now, destiny had played it’s even game making him suffer. Tears brimmed down through his eyes thinking about her.

“You have mastered the art of cooking up stories Mr. Morris. Isn’t it? Within minutes, you perished all chances of DNA testing. You won’t spill beans easily and I’ve a way for it. ” Brenton remarked and pulled him up from the ground.

He dragged him till the car with force and stuffed him inside. Derby banged on windows, pleaded to get out but all of it fell into deaf ears. When Brenton was about to get on the driver’s seat, his phone pinged, indicating an arrival of message. An instant smirk graced his lips after reading the content inside it. He opened the door and went inside. While putting on his seat belt, he looked at Derby through rear view mirror and spoke, ” Hell is waiting for you. ”

Four policemen emerged out of the house with the corpse which was laid on the stretcher and headed towards the ambulance. The house was sealed and ambulance along with police cars, went away, returning back the silence to woods.

The lady who had hidden herself in woods at a safe distance, was watching the whole drama with tears in her eyes. Few drops were of sadness, few of satisfaction but together, they were of revenge. She whispered, ” you’ll be absolutely alone Derby and there would be no one to wipe your bloody tears. No one! Karma is about to hit you. Hell is waiting for you. ”

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