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For a timid Aaron Woods, it was love at first sight when he encountered dutiful flight attendant, Clara Watson during a flight trip. However, the smooth sailing trip turns upside down into a terrifying ordeal when they are held hostage by three heavily armed hijackers. It is now up to Aaron to fend her and proclaim his love to Clara by the end of it..

Thriller / Romance
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His menacing voice echoed through the cabin as his knife inched an additional millimetre towards my throat. Sweat droplets started trickling down my face as my heart started to palpitate faster each second.
The aircraft was dead silent as I slowly tilted my eyes straight her terror filled eyes. The woman was breathing heavily as if she was gasping for air, her glossy golden hair firmly pulled by the ruthless monster with vice-like grip. Fear was written all over her face, as she whimpered in pain with her eyes non-verbally begging for life mercy straight at me. It was as if invisible daggers were shot at me to instantly drop the gun. Her pitiful state tugged right at my heart strings like the arrows of a bow.
How could I possibly kill her?
She was my angel. Ever since my eyes laid on her, I just can't seem to get my eyes off her. She was like a magnet, attracting all of my attention. She was that beautiful. More importantly, her dilligence and helpfulness as a flight attendant spoke volumes of her kind-hearted nature. Every minute, every second I spent with her was like being in a paradise. In an otherwise doomed plane comprising of 3 hijackers armed heavily with weapons, she seemed to be my only source of motivation. And now, grim reaper has decided to snatch that kind soul from me, possibly forever, from the face of this earth?
Fate left with me with little choice. Well, actually no choice. I was severly running out of options and time. The onerous decision of life and death for her now depended solely on the trigger of the gun I was clasping with clammy hands. Similarly, my life was hanging by a thread - a few more inches of the knife and I am gone.
It only seemed like 2 simple scenarios.
Pull the trigger, lose the love of my life forever and I survive.
drop my gun, spare her dear life and sacrifice my life for my love.
Choosing 1 from 2 doesn't seem like a big deal, does it? Well, not if your held hostage by goons threatening to blow up the plane.. The dilemma pounded my skull heavily, leaving it utter pain.
The pain of seeing your loved ones suffer and die live before your very eyes is even more painful than oneself dieing on the spot. Yet, when given the choice, who wouldn't want to save their own life? It isn't being selfish but its rather about self-defence.
"I give you 10 more seconds!" one of the hijackers erupted with a frown creasing his forehead. His fierce words were like rubbing salt to the wound, forcing me to come to a decision rapidly.
Tears started to cascade down her rosy cheeks, her whole face turning sulky and pale like a withering flower. I stood there, still as a statue, unable to come to decision.
"10, 9" He started the dreaded countdown and that was when everything started to move in slow motion for me. My entire fate was going to be sealed within a matter of seconds from then on.
I took a deep breath, making up my mind for the one last time. My ice cold and trembling hands started to raise itself as her eyes widened in utter disbelief. I was now pointing the gun straight at her. The hijacker nudged her forcefully as if to signal her to stand upright. Sobbing heavily while in pain, she tried to stand straight while her pitiful eyes were fixated on mine. By now, her whole face seemed to be as red as a tomato.
All this scene stirred up a myriad of emotions in my body and I immediately took in a deep breath while closing my eyes, trying so hard to not let the tears that had welled up on my eyes flow down. Breathing out, I pulled the barrel of the gun at snail's pace, loading the gun with the sinister bullet. In my peripheral vision, I could see the woman sealing her eyes shut, bracing herself for the worst to come. It was all like the climax scene of an action movie as some of the passengers looked away, covering their eyes and ears from the murder that was about to happen. At that point, I knew that was it. The time had cometh.
"Sorry Clara.. but I've got no choice" words laced with grief emanated from my lips, my voice breaking down. Closing my eyes, I sensed myself applying greater and greater pressure on the trigger. As I did that, I could sense my mind sinking quickly into utter blackness, leaving me partially unconscious. That was when all the events leading up to this deadly predicament crashed into my mind like a gigantic wave.. all the events aboard this odious aircraft. Otherwise known as...


All events and names of people, places, airlines and airports of this book are fictitious and are not intended to represent/target any individual/country. This book contains some violence which should not be replicated.

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